My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 22

Adam’s P.O.V

“Run Adam. The ball is coming towards you.” I heard the coach yell on the top of his voice.

I started running towards the ball as fast as I could but I couldn’t reach on time and we lost the golden opportunity of making a goal.

“What’s wrong with you Carter. Where’s your mind today? Concentrate on the game.” Coach yelled again.

“Are you okay Adam? You seem a little distracted.” Ethan asked with a concerned look in his eyes.

“Yeah I’m fine. You guys practise, I’m going to take a little break.” I said and started walking towards the bleachers to take a seat.

The moment I took a seat coach came running towards me and in his shrewd voice said, “Carter what’s wrong with you? Tomorrow we have a big game and I don’t want my best paper to play like this tomorrow.”

“I’m sorry coach. I don’t know what’s wrong.”

“50 laps.”


“You heard me right Carter! 50 laps of the ground. Come back only when you figure out what’s wrong with you.” He said and went to see how the boys were playing.

I got up and started to jog around the ground, simultaneously I kept thinking why I was so distracted today. After a few laps I knew what was wrong. Alex. He was the reason for this. I couldn’t concentrate on my game because of the stupid talk I had with him this morning. He had called me home for breakfast so I agreed to it, little did I know about his actual intentions.


“So strawberry or vannila what do you want?” Alex asked with a cheerful smile on his face.

“Vanilla will be good.” I replied


“Where’s Addie? I thought she would join us for breakfast too.”

“Well I sent her early to school today because I needed to talk to you.”

“Talk to me? About what?”

“About Ad.”

“Why? What’s wrong? The last time we met she was perfectly normal. Did something happen Alex?”

“No. She’s doing fine. It’s just that..”

“Just what?”

“How long are you going to pretend as if everything is normal between you two?” Alex said and for a second I was actually surprised because I couldn’t understand what he was trying to say.

“I don’t understand anything.”

“I know you love my sister Adam. I can clearly see it in your eyes. The only thing I don’t understand is that why don’t you just tell her about it.”

“Alex I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Please Adam stop acting like a kid and just man up to tell her about your feelings.”

“I don’t have any feelings for her.”

“Someone else would believe you but not me Adam. I know how much you care for her and she feels the same way about you, it’s just that you both aren’t ready to accept this.”

“I’m not really having this conversation with you right now. I need to go, I’m getting late for practise and thanks for the breakfast.” I said and got up from the chair to leave, my mind couldn’t really process all the things that just happened. How does Alex know about this? I thought I was good with hiding my feelings but I guess I failed. Now that Alex knows about this, Addie will know too and then everything might change between us. I couldn’t let that happen. I can never even think of losing her. She meant the world to me, without her I’m nothing.

It was the second grade when we first met. I was a shy boy back then and was often bullied by the other kids. It was Addie who saved me from those kids and also kicked their butts to teach them a lesson for never troubling me again.

“You need to be stronger boy else you can’t survive here!”

This was Addie’s first advice to me. After that day we became bestfriends, she used to always protect me from bad boys and I used to do her homework instead. From morning breakfast till going to her sleep, I knew each and everything that happened in her life, I was her personal diary. Around fifth grade she dated a boy called Brad, I used to hate him but it wasn’t like I could do anything about it. A few years later they broke up and though Addie felt sad about it and cried a little but I was the happiest person on Earth that day.

It’s not like I never tried to tell Addie how I felt about her, there were numerous occasions when I had thought of expressing to her about my true feelings but I just couldn’t. I know she loves me but I also know that she loves me as a friend and nothing more than that. Expressing my true feelings could spoil the bond that we shared and I would never trade that for anything in this entire world.

Though it has been around eight years of crushing on Adaline Williams still I haven’t had the guts to tell her about it prolly because I’m too scared​ to lose her. Scared that things won’t ever be the same way if I tell her what I actually feel.

“Carter come back here.” I heard coach say and immediately ran towards him.

“Yes coach?”

“I hope your head is clear now. I just want you to concentrate on the game and nothing else tomorrow.”

“Yes coach!”

“You are the captain and I want you to set an example for the other boys.”

“I will coach.”

“Now go take some rest and get ready for the big day tomorrow.”

“Yes coach.”

And with that I left the ground to go take some rest but deep down I knew that I needed to clear my head first so I did the only thing which my heart wanted me to do and that was to meet Addie. I wanted to see her for one last time before the match. I just wanted to see her beautiful face for once.


Window. Door. Window. Door. Window. Door.

My mind was confused. If I choose the door then I have to face Alex and if I choose the window there will be no such problem. But going through the window is kind of wrong and I’m pretty sure Alex will be pissed if he found out about this. But right now I was really not in a mood to talk to him so I followed my heart and used the window to get in.

Her room was pitch dark but that wasn’t a big problem for me because I was damn familiar with her room. I knew each and every step I was taking.

Two more steps to the right and I’ll reach her bed.

It was three steps actually. My calculations were a little wrong this time. I lied down on her bed and started scrolling through my mobile phone. I had a lot of messages from my school friends wishing me good luck for tomorrow’s game. One of the messages’s was from Jessica.

Hey Adam! It’s been so long since we met. I miss you also good luck for tomorrow, I know you will make us proud. Love you <3

Jessica Robert. The perfect girlfriend that anyone would want. She’s really cute with brunette hair and big brown eyes. I tried so hard to fall in love with her but my heart never agrees to me, it’s still stuck on my bestfriend Addie. Past few months I went out with her so many times and she’s a really good person from heart but even though I tried to love her as much as she did but I just couldn’t. So eventually I started ignoring her because I didn’t want to break her heart by telling her the truth.

I scrolled through my phone a little more to read the other messages that I received but slowly my eyes started closing and I didn’t even realise when I went into a deep slumber.


I heard the doorbell ring followed with some faint voices of two people talking. After a few minutes the door to Addie’s room creaked signalling her arrival. I was too tired to open my eyes and go hug her so instead I just kept my eyes closed to wait for her to come and sit beside me. I expected her to yell in my ears to wake me up but instead she was caressing my hair with her fingers. I was a little shocked at first but then I just kept my eyes closed because I didn’t want her to stop what she was doing. A part of me just felt like pulling her towards me and kissing her but then the other sane part inside me told me that it’s a wrong move so don’t even think about it. She continued doing that for a few more seconds and then left to go and wash herself up. I felt a little sad when she left because I was liking what she was doing to me but it’s not like I could tell that to her so I just got up and waited for her to come outside.

“Hey sleepyhead.” She said and gave me a glass of water to drink.

“The football practise was so tiring today. How did your practice session with Thompson go?” I asked while taking a sip from the glass.

“It was nice. Why are you here but? And why didn’t Alex tell me you were here?”

“That’s because he doesn’t know I’m here. I came inside from the window.”

“And why would you do such a stupid thing?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t feel like entering from the door.”

“That’s isn’t a valid excuse Adam.”

“Okay fine. I was just avoiding the thousand questions Alex would ask me on why I wanted to meet you so late at night.”

“Awww. Is Adam scared of my brother?” I asked and pulled his cheeks.

She seriously looked so cute right now but I had to control my mind from thinking about all the stuffs that it wanted to do to her.

“No. I’m not Addie. Alex just keeps questioning me a lot these days and its annoying.”

“Okay I get it. He does the same thing with me.”


“Yeah. He keeps telling me that I should date you and I’m tired of explaining him that you are my bestfriend not boyfriend.”

Damn. That hurts. Life would have been so much better if I was both for you Addie.

“It’s so annoying right?” I asked

“Yes it is. He should just stop assuming all this stupid thing.”

I knew you would find it stupid maybe that’s the reason I will never have the guts to tell you about my feelings.

“I know. Let’s just leave it Addie. Let Alex think whatever he wants to, he’s stupid. He doesn’t know anything.”

“Yes you are right.”

Please say I’m wrong. Please just say that you love me and want to be with me.

“I just came here to wish you all the best for tomorrow Addie. You are going to be amazing don’t worry.”

“Thanks Adam. All the best to you too, the whole school is excited for tomorrow’s match and i know you guys will make us proud.”

“I wanted to say something more Addie.” I said in a low voice without meeting her gaze.

I should just tell it to her man. I can’t keep this inside me any longer.


“I just wanted to..”

Oh God! Why is this so hard?

“Tell me Adam.”

“I had to tell you th-”

I can’t. I guess I’ll never have the balls to confess to you Addie.

“What’s wrong with you? Just tell me what it is.”

“Addie it’s nothing. I think I should just go.” I said and turned around to not meet her eyes. I wish I could tell her but I can’t. She has her second round of auditions tomorrow and I have my match, I can’t spoil our big day just because of a stupid confession. I’m sure Addie won’t be able to focus in her auditions if she comes to know about this, so it’s better that I keep it within me for a little more time.

“Wait. I’m definitely sure you came here to tell me something now just spit it.” She said adamantly.

“No it’s okay. Some other day it’s not that important right now.”


“Yeah I should leave now.” I said and started walking towards the window.

“Heyy! You can use the door if you want to Adam.”

“No it’s alright. I’ll use the window.”

“You are acting so weird today Adam.”

I love you so much Addie... And someday I’ll definitely tell you this..

“Yeah I know. I’ll see you after match tomorrow. Goodnight Addie.” I said and left after hugging her once.


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