My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 23

I’m scared. I’m so damn scared right now. I know this is my second time giving an audition but I’m scared to death. If I screw this up then I’m done. They are going to choose the top five finalists today and also reveal their true identities. We can no more hide behind our pen names and the whole school will know our name if we get in the top five. Eric was scared too but he was acting in a much calmer way than me.

“You need to chill a little Adaline. We can do this.” He said while offering me a sip from his coffee.

“Yeah I know. I’m just ... I don’t know..”

“Don’t worry it’s going to be fine. Now hurry up and go, you’re next.”

The audition room was same as before. It was all dark with a mike at the centre and a spot light. I walked straight at the centre of the room and introduced myself with my pen name Eva. I then started singing my song which was Royals by Lorde. It went pretty well and I was satisfied with my performance. After I came out of the room I saw Adam standing there with a bright smile on his face.

“You were great Addie. I’m so proud of you.” He said and opened his arms for me. I ran towards him and gave him a big hug.

“Aren’t you supposed to be practising right now? You have a match today Adam.” I said

“I know. But this is more important to me. I wanted to be the first one to congratulate you.” He replied and listening to his words made me so happy. I’m seriously lucky to have a best friend like him.

“Thanks Adam. I really appreciate this but I think it’s your time to go and practise. Our team has to win the title this year.” I said which instantly brought a smile on his face.

“We’ll definitely win Addie.”

“Yes I’m sure about that.”

“I’m leaving now. It’s my time to make you proud now.” He said while giving me a kiss on my cheeks.

“Take care. I’ll see you later.”


“You were great Adaline!” Felicia said as soon as she saw me walking in the corridor.

“Ssh! You aren’t supposed to be this loud Fel, people will find out.” I said while giving her a side hug.

“They are anyways going to find out because you my girl are going to win this competition.”

“Wow. You are more confident than I am.”

“Obviously. You are an amazing singer and it’s time that you show it to the world girl.”

“And it’s time that you tell Ethan your truth girl.” I suddenly said which made her face go completely pale.

“We are not talking about this right now Adaline.”

“Yes we are.” I said in a high pitch.

“He loves Racheal. I’m just a random girl he met at the ball who he thinks he’s attracted to. The moment he finds out that girl is me everything will get over between us.”

“I agree to the fact that he loves Racheal but Racheal doesn’t feel the same way about him Fel. Ethan has never been so much interested in any girl before. All he ever spoke about was Racheal. But for the first time he genuinely wants to know a girl and I feel you should give him a chance.”

“And what if he isn’t happy with the truth? What if he decides to never talk to me again?”

“Atleast you won’t have any regrets of never expressing your feelings to him.”


“Okay as in? You are going to tell him the truth?” I asked

“Yes I will.”

“That’s great Fel. I’m proud of you.” I said with a huge me smile on my face.

“Just give me some time but. I want to be completely ready for this.”

“Take your time Fel.”

“Thankyou Adaline! I’ll see you at the game tonight. Bye.”

“Okay. Take care.”


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