My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 24

Adam’s P.O V

WE WON!! WE FREAKING WON THE MATCH. We beat those guys by 7-3. The whole crowd started cheering for us but my eyes were fixed on only one girl. Adaline. She looked gorgeous in her pink dress and black leather jacket. I wanted to just run to her and give her a tight hug. But she was standing way to far in the bleachers so I couldn’t do that. She mouthed to me saying ′I’m proud of you’. That instantly made me so happy. I decided to tell her. I cannot keep this to myself anymore.Tonight was the night. I’ll tell her about my feelings and just end my inner battle. If she says yes that would be the best thing in this world and if it’s a no then I guess I’ll have to live with the fact that my first love was never meant to be mine. So tonight at the after party I’m going to do what I should have done long back.

The after party was arranged at the school auditorium and almost everyone was present there to celebrate our win.

“Carter you guys were great today!” Richard came and told me while offering me a glass of bear.

“Thanks man.” I said and took the bear in my hand.

“The last goal was epic. I can already see you as an amazing footballer in the future.”

“I hope that happens.”

“It will dude.” He said and left to get some more bear

Suddenly I felt a pair of hands hugging me from behind and in an instant I knew it was Adaline.

“I’m so proud of you.” She said and turned me towards her.

I gave her a tight hug and said, “Thankyou.”

“Addie I gotta tell you something.” I said but was interrupted by Ethan and the boys when they started calling me up on the stage

“We’ll talk later Adam. Your team’s calling you right now.”

I was so disappointed. Ethan chose such a wrong time to call me. Nevertheless I went up on the stage and everyone started cheering for us.

One by one all the boys in the team took the microphone and started talking about their experience over the past few months about practising so hard and never giving up. They also thanked me for my constant support as the captain of the team and praised me a lot.

At the end, the microphone was passed to me. I glanced at the crowd and the moment I found my girl looking back at me with literally the cutest smile in this world, I knew what I had to say right now.

Today was our big win and I’m so proud of all my teammates. We worked hard for this and finally achieved our dream but.. for me.. this win seems to be incomplete.

I could hear some people gasping in the crowd.

So there’s this girl. And she has my heart. She actually had it from the start and today I want to celebrate my win with her.

Addie I know you’re going to kill me for this. I’m sorry. I know you hate public proposals but I can’t stay away from you anymore and I need you in my life forever not as my bestfriend but as my girlfriend.
You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever met inside and out. Your kind heart is what awes me every single time. You are funny, talented, smart, loving and generous. I love who I am with you. I need not pretend anything. I can just be myself. I love US. I love our fights, our movie nights, baking cake together, long drives, dinner dates and many other stuffs which I can’t remember right now because I’m shit scared. I love you so much that I’m scared of losing you and that’s the only reason I didn’t tell you about this for so long. But tonight I want to tell you. I just want to take a big jump and ask you to be my girlfriend. So Adaline Williams will you be my girlfriend?

The whole crowd was perplexed. No one expected me to say that. Some girls were going crazy because they thought they had a chance with me but sadly they didn’t.

But my eyes were fixed on Adaline. She looked so confused like she was trying to absorb what I just said in front of the whole crowd.

I started walking down the stairs and made my way towards her. She was still in shock. I finally reached where she was standing and asked her whether she was okay or did I cross my line. She just looked at me and said nothing. I understood that I had crossed my line and now things were never going to be the same. I was about to apologise when she kissed me suddenly. For a few seconds I didn’t know what was happening but then I realised that she loves me too. My bestfriend loves me. I kissed her back with all the energy that was left in me and I could hear everyone clapping for us.

I pulled back from our kiss and said,
" You scared me. I thought I lost you for a second.”

“I just couldn’t believe that you felt the same way I felt for you since years.”

“I love you Addie. A lot more than you think I do.”

“I love you too Adam. Now let’s get out of here and celebrate.”

“No no no! You guys can’t leave us behind like that.” I heard Felicia say and then she hugged me tight.

“I’m so happy for you both.” Ethan said

“It’s time to celebrate guys. Let’s go!” Felicia said

“Where’s Racheal?” I asked

“She’ll join us there. Let’s go before everyone finds out.” Ethan said

“Okay let’s go.” Addie and I said in unison.

I won a big match today and got the girl of my dreams. Today is definitely the best day of my life.


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