My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 28

The party seemed like it was never ending. Though it was eleven at night still people were least interested to leave. They seemed to enjoy the ambience and the food. Everyone kept appreciating Mom and Natalie for their amazing cooking skills. I hardly got any time to speak with Alex and Sienna. They were the celebrity couples of the evening, surrounded by fans all around. No matter how much Adam and I tried to corner them, all our efforts were in vain because someone or the other called for the celebrity couple and they had to leave again. Eventually we gave up and decided that we’ll talk with them the next morning when everyone is finally gone.

“You want to go upstairs? I’m tired of pretending to have fun in this boring party,” Adam said in a low voice so that no one could hear about his misery. I chuckled, lightly, “Yeah. Let’s go. I’m bored too.” We then quietly made our way upstairs to make sure that no one notices us leaving.

“Finally I get to spend some alone time with my girl,” said Adam while directly making his way to my bed and getting under the blankets.

“You’re going to stay here tonight?” I asked as he looked pretty comfortable in my bed and it didn’t feel like he was going to leave any time soon.

“Yes. I’m all yours for tonight babe,” he said which made both of us laugh. He then opened his arms signalling me to come and give him a hug which I willingly agreed to.

“I should get changed first, then I’ll join you,” I said and started looking for my comfy pyjamas.

“What was the scene with that Thompson dude? Why did you run after him?” Adam asked inquisitvely. He was trying his best to not sound too nosy or possessive but I could see it in his face that he didn’t like the fact that I ran after Eric.

“It’s kind of a sad story - Eric has been crushing on Sienna since seven years,” I replied.

“What! He didn’t know about Alex and Sienna?” Adam asked. His expression had changed from anger to concern within split seconds. He obviously felt bad for Eric just like anybody else would if they find out about this.

“No. I guess she didn’t tell him about it.”

“That sucks. I feel bad for him.”

“The worst thing is that he was going to confess to Sienna tonight but instead he had to see all this with his own eyes.”

“That’s why you ran behind him?”

“Yes. I didn’t feel like leaving him alone in such a situation,” I said and went to my washroom to change. The moment I came out, I heard my phone buzz. Adam was already busy playing a game on my phone so he read the message for me. It was from Eric.

Thank you for tonight. I hope you take my secret till your grave.

Adam laughed a little and reminded me that I already broke the promise by spilling the secret to him.

“I told you because I trust you, you are supposed to keep this information only to yourself,” I said and got under the blanket with him. He immediately kept the phone down and cuddled with me. My head was resting on his chest and his hands were perfectly circled around my waist. It felt so comfortable to sleep with Adam like this.

“You remember Aaron?” Adam asked out of the blue. I was taken aback by that question because I had completely forgotten about Aaron. He was the guy I had felt a real connection with when I met him at the masquerade ball. I tried so hard to find him but I couldn’t. I did doubt on Eric later because he had given his pen name for the singing competition as Aaron but I had no actual proof to support that he indeed was the guy behind the mask who I had met that day.

“Why are you suddenly bringing that up?” I asked Adam because I clearly didn’t understand the point of this conversation.

“I don’t know. Just like that I guess.”

“I completely forgot about him since the day I realised I had feelings for you,” I said and gave him a light kiss on his cheeks. “I did doubt that Eric was Aaron by the way,” I added.

“You were wrong about it though,” he replied.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I was Aaron,” he said with a big smile on his face.

“WAIT! WHAT? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THIS BEFORE?” I was totally pissed at him. I remember ranting and going all crazy in search of Aaron but Adam never even considered to tell me about this and kept enjoying my wretchedness.

“I guess I wanted you to figure out on your own but you are way too dumb,” he said and laughed.

“So you were the one who sent me those flowers?”

“Yup. That was me,” he said with a slight blush. “You should have guessed it during the first round of your singing competition. The moment you introduced yourself as Eva, I had sent you that text.”

Oh shit yes! I was so dumb to not notice that.

I instantly remembered the conversation I had with Aaron that day.


“Tell me something about Aaron.” I asked him

“Well..Aaron loves girls.”

“Shut up.”

I then bent towards him and in a very low voice whispered in his ear, “I want to know his deepest secret.”

He looked shocked at first but then he gave a small smile and said, “His biggest fear is rejection. That’s the reason he does not have the balls to confess to the girl he loves.”

*flashback ends*

“The girl you were afraid to confess to was me,” I said and smiled, softly. It felt so good to know that Adam was in love with me way before I even realised my feelings for him.

“Yes. I was scared to death to confess to you,” he said pressing his lips on my temple. “I’m glad I finally did it though.”

“Yes. Me too,” I said and scooped closer to him.

“It used to be so difficult all these years,” he said in a low tone. “I always thought I was just a bestfriend to you, nothing more than that.”

“You are so much more than that Adam. I cannot imagine my life without you honestly. It does sound a bit cliche but it’s the truth.”

“I can’t imagine that too Addie. Even the thought of it scares the shit out of me,” he confessed.

“I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. We both are too much in love with each other so this is never going to end,” I said in an affirmative tone which instantly brought a smile on his face. But in a few seconds it vanished and I could sense fear all over his face.

“What if this does end? What if you fall out of love someday Addie?” he asked.

It sounded like a stupid question to me because I know for a matter of fact that I’m never going to fall out of love. Adam is the only guy I want to spend all the time in this world with but looking at his expression I knew he needed a serious reply for his question. “How about we make a secret code?” I asked.

“What secret code?”

“Okay so imagine this.. we have broken up and decided to go on our separate ways, but if suddenly I miss you a lot and want a second chance I can anytime call you and say LET’S RUN.”

“What do you mean Addie?”

“LET’S RUN is our secret code stupid. It means no matter how angry you are with me or vice versa, we are supposed to forget all of that for a day and spend time with each other as bestfriends so that the other person gets a chance to clear all the misunderstandings.”

“Hmm. That does make sense. One final chance to redeem ourselves. I like this idea,” he says

“I know I always give the best ideas,” I say in a teasing manner.

“Just so you know, I want to marry you someday,” he says which literally makes my heart race. How can this guy so casually slide in the topic of marriage!

“Wow. Calm down Adam. It’s way too early to discuss marriage.”

“I know. I just wanted to put it out there. You should know I’m never going to leave your side.”

That statement made me blush like crazy. Adam definitely has a way with words. It’s so smooth but not even a slight bit cheesy at the same time.

“I love you Adam,” I say and press my lips to his. He instantly kisses me back and pulls me closer. What started as a sweet soft kiss turns into a passionate one within seconds. His hands start circling my back and slowly he lifts my t-shirt up, revealing my bare stomach to him. He starts kissing my body and before I know my t-shirt has fallen to the ground. I laugh and ask him to raise his hand because now it’s my turn to remove his shirt. He willingly agrees and we both laugh awkwardly. I trace his chest with my hands and pull him closer to me. “I want to take things slow with you Addie,” he says and gives me a kiss on my neck which sends a shiver down my entire body. I need more. I want more. But I also know that this is my hormones talking and not me so I decide to agree with what Adam just said.

“Yes let’s take it slow.”


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