My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 2

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Today is my most favourite day of the week. It’s Monday. I know a lot of people hate this day but for me, it’s the best day of the week. I love going to my school because it’s damn fun.

Elite school is the most popular school in our city and every child wishes to be in it. The fee is a lot and so one can only find the rich kids in that school. Some students have joined through scholarships too but the rich kids harass them a lot. It’s fun for them to pick on kids like that but I hate it. Ethan enjoys it too.

Anyways today is going to be a very exciting day for me. I enrolled my name for the student council and I just hope I get selected.

“Excited for today?” Mom asked while setting the table for breakfast.


“Don’t worry! You will win the election.”

“I hope so too.”

“How was the party yesterday?”

“It was fun.”

“Nothing illegal right?”

“No mom.”

“Did you do that in any case?”

Oh god! My mum can be so annoying at times. After every party, we had this talk about whether I lost my virginity or not.

“No mom I am still a v-” before I could complete my sentence Adam entered the house and smiled when he saw me. He then took a seat next to me and asked, “You are still what Addie?”

My mom laughed at his question and he turned to look at my mom because he had no idea about what was happening.

“She was saying she is still a little tired.” Mom answered in my place. Thanks, mom.

“Do you want to skip school then?” He asked looking at me with concern.

“I can’t. They are going to announce the results today.”

“Oh, Shit! I totally forgot about that.”

“Want to have some sandwiches, Adam?” Mom asked

“Thanks but I am full. I think we should go Addie, I don’t want to be late today,” He said turning towards me.

“Okay. Bye, mom. I love you,” I said giving her a small hug.

“Good luck sweetheart.”


“Are you kidding me? We just have one class together,” Racheal said while we were getting our schedules.

“It’s okay Rae, we can always meet during lunch,” I replied

“But classes will be boring without you Ad. Last year we had all our classes together. Then why did these bastards change the schedules?”

“At least we have one class together. Something is better than nothing Rae.”

“We have three classes together,” Felicia said with happiness. Racheal gave her a back-off-from-my-best friend look and Felicia just kept quiet then. Racheal and Felicia sometimes had this clash thingy. Racheal always takes time to make friends. You have to pass through her cold side to become her close friend and Felicia being the person who had joined our group just a year ago was not that close with Rae yet. It’s not like Racheal hated Felicia but they weren’t that close either.

“Let’s get going guys. I don’t want to be late for the first lecture,” I said to change the atmosphere in the room.

The first lecture was of Mathematics, Felicia and I were in the same class. Racheal went for her drama class and I had no idea where Adam or Ethan were. The moment we entered the school today, Ethan came running towards Adam whispered something in his ears which completely changed his facial expression and he left without saying a word.

“I am sorry about what happened earlier,” I said while taking a seat next to Felicia.

“What happened?”

“Don’t act so dumb Felicia. I know you felt bad. Rae can be a little annoying at times.”

“It’s okay. I am used to it now.”

“I swear just tolerate her a little more and then I am sure she going to love you more than me,” I said giving her a small smile.

Felicia chuckled and nodded. The class got over in an hour and we headed to our next class which was English. We were joined by Racheal in the corridor and together we headed to the class. To my surprise, Adam and Ethan were already inside the class.

“Hey, where were you gone?” I asked Adam and took a seat next to him.

“Nothing. Just some stuff.”

“What stuff?”

“It’s not that important Addie. Let me see how many classes we have together,” Adam said while pulling my schedule out from my bag. He looked sad once he scanned the whole paper.

“We just have English together,” he sulked.

“Thank god! I don’t have to see your face the whole day then, only English and lunchtime.” I said and laughed.

He gave me an evil smile and said, “You know you can never get rid of me Addie.”

I laughed at his reply and just when I was about to hit him, someone entered from the door which made me freeze in my place.

This cannot happen. I can’t believe my eyes right now.

Following the student entered our teacher. Adam turned to look towards the door and he was surprised too.

“Hello, students. This is our transfer student and his name is Eric Thompson. I hope you will cooperate with him,” Mr. Bradley, our English teacher said.

All the girls looked happy because he was good looking but my group was shocked. He is that guy. The one I kissed during New Year’s.

Eric scanned the whole room and once his eyes led on me he smiled. He looked cute when he did that but I just stood there without giving any reaction. He went and sat with Racheal and she was pretty happy with that.

“You okay right?” Adam asked

“Yeah, I think so,” I said and started writing the notes Mr. Bradley was giving. A few minutes later there was an announcement which said, ”Good morning my dear children. I know you all are excited about the results for the student council. All of you worked hard and I appreciate that but the student who got the highest votes is Adaline William. Congratulations Adaline, you are the new President of the school. Meet me at my cabin after your lectures and the names of the other students who got selected for different posts are on the notice board. Please go check your names and if you are selected then report tomorrow at nine in the morning. Have a good day everyone.”

I was so happy to hear that news. Finally, my hard work paid off and I got selected.

“Congratulations Addie,” Adam said and gave me a side hug.

The class started clapping for me and Mr. Bradley congratulated me too. After the noise of the claps subsided, Mr. Bradley asked me to do something which I never wished for. He wanted me to give Eric a tour of the campus. Adam didn’t seem happy about it, he was going to say something to Mr. Bradley but before he could, I agreed to the request. I was just elected as the president and I didn’t want to do anything that would spoil my impression in front of the teachers.

The class ended with me agreeing to be Eric’s guide. Eric had a big smile on his face the whole time.

He walked towards me and said, “Long time no see friend.”


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