My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 29

Hey guys.. This is just a small chapter where Adaline is updating you with everything that has happened in her life till now..

I hope you like it.. Happy Reading :)

It’s already been three month since Alex and Sienna announced their engagement at a party and a lot of things have changed post the announcement. For instance, Sienna has now become a part of our family and has moved in with us. She didn’t feel that comfortable about moving in before marriage but mom convinced her pretty soon. She basically emotionally blackmailed Sienna by saying things like ″I can’t wait for you to join in our family″,
″Adaline will have so much fun to have a sister like you around 24*7″, ″I don’t want to wait till your marriage. You are my daughter and I want you to come live with us.″
After continuous attempts by mom every single day for two weeks straight, Sienna finally agreed to move in with us. Alex was the happiest when he found out about it. Even I was excited because having Sienna around is always fun. She’s the sweetest and the most perfect sister anyone could wish for.

A lot of things happened at school too. Firstly, Adam and his team had won the Premier league for which they got many prizes. Adam was given the title of the ‘Best Captain’ and received an award by our Principal. He and a few of his teammates also got selected by a club. This basically meant that after school ends he has to devote his entire time in training and preparing himself to represent his club in various leagues. Adam always wanted to be a footballer and seeing his dreams turn into a reality made me extremely proud of him.

The results of the singing competition was also out last month. Emily, Eric and I were the three students who were going to compete in the last round. Our real names were revealed to all the students, we no longer hid behind our pen names. Eric was so happy when the results came out, he had been a little distracted due to the whole Sienna thing and music was the only escape he had from his miseries. He did confess to Sienna after a month from the engagement because it was difficult for him to keep it within himself. Sienna was pretty shocked to hear everything as she never expected something like that from Eric. Later he assured her saying that he just needs some time away from her and that he’ll be fine after that. So currently Eric is maintaining a lot of distance from Sienna because he doesn’t want his feelings to be a burden for her. He spends most of his time with us thesedays. Eric and I practise music together too. He even taught me how to play the piano. We have become pretty close now and I always try my best to cheer him up because though he doesn’t show it, I know he’s hurt and is trying his best to hide it all behind his smile. Sienna also requested me to stay around him a lot more now since he stopped talking to her. Even though she doesn’t like him in a romantic way yet she cares for him a lot, after all they were best friends for so long.

Felicia confessed to Ethan too, it took her many months to finally confront him about her feelings and tell him that she was the mystery girl he had met at the masquerade ball. Ethan was quite surprised to hear about it. He was definitely happy to know that he had finally met his mystery girl but he also admitted that he wasn’t ready for a relationship at the moment. Fel wasn’t that content with his response but nevertheless she agreed to wait for him till he’s ready to take their friendship to the next level. No one knows about this except me, Ethan and Fel want to take it slow and they asked me to not tell about this to anyone including Adam. I don’t know how long I can hide this from him but I’ll definitely try my best.

Next week we have the finale of the singing competition and I’m so thrilled. Eric and I have been practicing together for the last round. He gives me a lot of tips all the time. Sometimes I feel Eric is definitely going to win and there’s no point of me competing with such an amazing singer but he reassures me by saying that I’m not that bad as I think and I do have a chance to win if I practise well. So that’s what I do thesedays, attend school and practise for the rest of the evening.

Adam does come to meet me sometimes in the evening. We just eat together or watch a movie. The other day he gifted me a necklace. It was a plain silver necklace with a star in the middle. It looked so simple but elegant at the same time. I promised him that I’ll never remove it and he told me that he’ll soon exchange it with a beautiful ring. I was so gushed to hear that I immediately jumped on him and kissed him hard. He couldn’t stop smiling then and kissed me back.

I don’t think I’m ever going to stop loving this boy. He has all my heart.

I hope you guys liked this chapter. The next one will be pretty long since a lot of drama is yet to happen ;)

Let me know what you guys think about Fel and Ethan’s journey so far?

Thankyou for reading

Love you all <3

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