My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 30

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The last round of the singing competition just got over and my heart is palpitating wildly. The judges announced that all the three participants gave a tough competition hence they need some time to decide the winner. Eric and I are sitting backstage holding hands as we both are equally scared. Emily, the third participant is nowhere to be seen. She probably went out to get some air since she’s freaking out too.

“You want to go out for some time? I think the results will come in an hour or so,” Eric said while picking up his phone and getting ready to leave.

“Yes. Let’s go. If I stay here I won’t be able to stop thinking about the results,” I replied and started walking towards the door. The moment I open the door Adam was standing there with a big smile on his face. “You two were amazing today,” he said and gave us a big hug. Felicia, Racheal and Ethan were there too with a huge grin plastered on their faces. “I loved both your performances so much. I still can’t decide who was the better one amongst you two,” said Felicia which made everyone laugh.
“Thank you Felicia. That means a lot,” said Eric while giving her a side hug.

“I’m so scared for the results honestly,” I blurted.

“Me too,” Eric replied.

“Let’s stop thinking about this and go out to grab some drinks, what say?” Ethan said to calm us down a little bit.

“Yes. Drinks will definitely help,” Racheal repeated after him.

I was about to affirm to the plan when suddenly I heard the mike turning on, I immediately held Adams hand tightly. Everyone became quiet by now because all of us knew what was coming next..

Hello students! The results of the singing competition is out sooner than we expected it to be. I must say all the three participants did a commendable job but sadly we can choose only one winner who’ll get a chance to make their own music video. So are you ready to find out who the winner is?

The whole crowd started cheering then.

Wow! Everyone seems excited. Let me tell you all that it was tough. We loved all the performances so much that choosing one amongst all was a difficult job so there’s a slight change that we did.

Change? What change? Please don’t tell me there will be another round. I’m already freaking out. Just say the results quickly.

I won’t keep you guys waiting any longer.. The winner of the singing competition and the person who gets a chance to make their own music video is... Eric and Adaline.

What? We both have won? I turned to look at Eric and he was reflecting exactly the same expression that I had on my face. Shock.

We just don’t have one winner but two winners this time. Guys you both are so freaking good that we are afraid we need you both in our music video. So come on up and grab your trophies.

Everyone started hooting for us and Adam gave me a big tight hug before I went on the stage to collect the trophy.

“So I guess we both win,” I whispered to Eric and chuckled lightly while we were walking down the aisle to get on the stage.

“Yes. I’m so proud of us Williams,” Eric said while giving me a side hug.

We reached on the stage and shaked hands with all the judges. They looked so happy to see us. One of the judges even hugged the two of us. “You guys are great singers. I can’t wait to work with you two for the music video,” she said with a huge smile on her face.

“Thank you so much,” Eric and I said in unison.

“Pack your bags you two because tomorrow we are flying to London,” she said.

Wait what? Tomorrow?

“We didn’t know we would be leaving so soon,” Eric said in a polite tone.

“It’s just for six months. We need to train you both a bit before making the music video. You guys have a problem with leaving so soon? Your principal has already given us the permission so don’t worry about that.”

“No we don’t have a problem. Thank you for giving us this opportunity ma’am,” I said.

“Call me Shyla,” she said and gave me a small wink.

We both turned to look at the audience and saw that everyone was cheering for us. Our principal handed us our trophies and also gave a very sweet speech for the two of us. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time because finally my dream of winning this competition had come true and the best part was that both of us won this together. I still can’t believe that Eric and I will be working on our own music video in a few days.

After the celebration got over we got down from the stage and walked towards our friends. Felicia legit jumped on me and gave me a big hug, “I’m so proud of you Adaline.”

“Thank you Fel,” I said while hugging her back.

“It’s time to celebrate guys,” Ethan said in a cheerful tone.

“Where’s Adam?” I asked because he was nowhere to be seen.

“He got a call from his dad so he went out,” Racheal replied.

“Okay. How about we meet at my place for dinner tonight?” I asked everyone.

“That’s an amazing plan,” said Felicia.

“Umm.. Adaline.. I think I’m going to stay home-” said Eric. I knew why he was doing this, he was afraid to meet Sienna again.

“No, Eric you can’t bail out. Please just come home for dinner. Anyways we’ll be leaving tomorrow,” I said to convince him.

“You guys are leaving tomorrow?” Rachel asked.

“Yes. We will be gone for six months,” I replied.

“Then you definitely have to come for the dinner party Eric. No excuses,” Racheal said to Eric in an authorative manner.

“Okay. I’ll be there,” he replied.

“Great. I’ll see you all at 7 then?” I asked everyone.

“Sure. 7 it is,” Ethan replied.

I took out my phone from my backpocket and dialled Adam’s caller ID, it ringed several times but he didn’t pick up. I then left him a message.

I hope everything is okay. Btw dinner at my place at 7. Everyone’s going to be there so please be on time.

He immediately read my message but there was no reply. I wonder what’s wrong with him?

I put my phone back into my pocket and make my way towards the washroom to freshen up a bit when I hear a soft sob coming from inside. I walked in to see Tessa sitting on the floor and crying. I immediately ran and sat down next to her, “Tess.. What’s wrong? Are you okay?” I asked.

She looked up to see who it was and she definitely wasn’t happy to see my face. A sob constricted her throat, cutting off the words she couldn’t bring herself to say. I never thought I would see Tessa in such a condition. She’s always been such a fierce girl that seeing her cry like this was difficult for me to believe.

“Just leave me Adaline. I’m okay,” she said in a low tone. She definitely wasn’t okay. I didn’t know what to say to her because I have always been an enemy to her so I just did the first thing that came into my mind- I gave her a hug. She didn’t move a bit or try to hug me back but her sobs started getting louder now. I just held her and didn’t speak a word. We stayed like that for a few minutes and then she said something which I never thought I would hear from her mouth. “Thank you Adaline.”

“Are you okay Tessa? You want to talk about it?”

“No. I’m fine. There’s nothing you can do to help anyways.”

“I know we are not friends exactly but if you ever want to talk about it..I’m all ears okay?”

She laughed and then nodded her head, “Also congratulations for winning the competition. I heard your name being announced on the speaker, you were great today.”

“Thanks Tessa.”

She gave me a small smile while lightly dabbing a tissue on her eyes. “I’ll get going then,” she said and left the washroom immediately.

I still couldn’t believe what had just happened. Though I hated that girl but I did feel bad to see her in that condition. Something big must have happened for her to cry like this but I’ll never know the reason behind it. I stop thinking about Tessa and start to freshen up when I hear a buzz from my phone, I glance at it and see a message from Adam.

We need to talk. I’ll see you at your place at 6.

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