My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Sequel: Chapter 1

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The sun seeped in through the windowsill directly hitting my eye, I instantly opened them and realised that I wasn't in my room. Shit! Where the hell am I? I turned my head to see a really hot guy sleeping next to me. He was a fair skinned guy with an oval shaped face and sharp features. I admired his serene face for a little while longer before rolling out of the bed and searching for my clothes. I got dressed and quietly opened the main door to avoid waking him up. "You leaving already?" I heard him ask in a husky voice. I turned to look at him getting out of the bed and walking towards me. He was only wearing a pair of boxers and bloody hell, he looked no less than a model. I internally complimented myself since I made a good decision last night by sleeping with this handsome hunk.

"Yes I'm leaving. I have to get ready for my shoot," I replied casually. Even though this guy was freaking hot and I was somewhat attracted to him but it still doesn't change the fact that I'm not interested in dating him. Honestly I don't even remember his name, all I know is that I met him at my celebration party last night where he flirted with me a lot. By the end of the party when I decided to leave with Eric, this guy suddenly asked me out and I happily obliged. We went to a cheap bar and had lots of drinks and Voila! I opened my eyes to his beautiful face the next morning.

"I'll pick you up after your shoot then?" he asked with a lot of hope in his eyes and I honestly felt bad that I will have to break his fantasy bubble now.

"Honestly this was just a one night stand to me. I have no intention in dating you," I said to clear the air. He looked disappointed with my reply but tried his best to not reflect that on his face. "Ouch that hurt! You are too straight forward Adaline," he laughed.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to hurt you but I don't date."

"Well that sucks. I really liked you but it's cool, I'm not one of those guy who'll keep running behind you to have your attention."

"Great then! I should get going now," I said and opened the door to leave when he said, "As you wish, Goodbye Adaline."

I literally sprinted from that place when I heard that statement because it reminded me of someone who I'm trying to forget since the past three years. Adam. These were the exact same words he said to me before leaving my life. My heart started beating really fast and it felt like someone just put a dagger inside my heart because I was unable to move. I felt weak. I didn't want to feel this way but I had no control over it. Everytime I got reminded of Adam, this is how it felt like. It felt like a slow painful death.

My reverie was broken by the buzzing of my phone, I glanced at it and saw Eric's name flash on the screen. After two more rings I decided to pick it up, "Hey Thompson," I said in my chirpy tone.


"Take a chill-pill Thompson, I'll be there in ten," I said and hung up the phone.


It's been three years since I left my home and decided to stay in London. Earlier I had just come here with Eric for the shoot of my first music video, It was supposed to be a six months trip after which I was to return home but everything changed when Adam decided to break up with me. I didn't have the courage to face him again hence I did what I do best. Run away from my problems. I transferred myself to a Music school in London along with Eric and we have been living together ever since. Neither my family nor my friends were happy with my decision of transferring schools but I had no other choice. I needed a fresh start, away from Adam.

Everyone back in town still believes that I am the reason behind our break up. That was the last favour I asked from Adam before he decided to leave me - 'to not tell anyone that he cheated on me, instead tell them that I broke up with him before leaving for London.' I just asked him to do this to save myself from the embarrassment of people finding out. I didn't want that to happen. I didn't want people to find out because that would make me weak. Alex and Sienna were so furious with me and they kept pestering me to get back with him but little did they know that I wasn't the one to walk away from that relationship, it was him.

"Madam we have reached your destination," The car driver said and stopped in front of a low sort of white, cinder blocked building. I took some money out of my purse and paid him for his service, he flashed a big smile before leaving. I hardly walked a few steps from the car to see an exasperated Eric who just got out of our building and started walking towards me.

"Hey Thompson. You look mad," I said.

"You're late Adaline. NOW GET IN THE CAR," he said angrily.

I quietly followed him and sat on the passenger seat of his car. He started the engine in full speed and we were off to our shoot site.

"Did you sleep with that guy?" he asked, his eyes still focused on the road ahead.

"Yes I did," I replied coyly.

"When are you going to stop doing all this Adaline?"

"Doing what?"

"Flirting around with random guys, sleeping with them."

"I don't want to talk about this."

"It's high time Addie. Stop behaving like a wild child," he said in a furious tone.

"Please don't ever call me by that name. I hate the sound of it," I said totally annoyed after listening the word Addie from his mouth. No one ever called me by that name except Adam. I didn't want to hear that name ever again in my life.

"Okay I won't but you gotta stop running away."

"I'm not running away from anything Eric."

He laughed and said,"Who are you trying to fool Adaline? I know you made everyone believe that you broke up with Adam but I'm sure that's not the truth."

I gasped listening to him. No one knows the truth. No one except Adam and I. "What makes you say that?" I asked in a calm manner so as to not raise his suspicion any further.

"You look fucking miserable all the time Williams. I know he has hurt you very badly, that's the only reason you decided to stay back with me."

"That's not true."

"You and I both know it is. You can fool everyone but not me. I have been living under the same roof with you since three years, I know what's going inside that head of yours."

"Okay so tell me what's going on inside my head?"

"You are hurt Adaline. You are running away. That's why you chicken out everytime I mention about going back to our town. You didn't even attend your own brother's wedding Adaline, you excused yourself by saying you had shows to perform but the truth is you are scared to meet Adam again."

Every hair in my body rose by now. Eric was right. Every single thing he said was true. I am running away. I have been doing this since three years and God knows how long I'll continue doing it. Till you don't get over Adam. The voice in my head answered.

"You got nothing to say now?" Eric asked.

I stayed quiet for a few minutes but eventually decided to tell him the truth, "You are right. I'm scared to meet Adam again."

"What the hell happened between you two?"

"I don't want to talk about that Eric."

"Okay. You don't have to tell me now but eventually you have to because I'm the only one who can help you."

"What do you mean? Why will I need your help?"

"Because Sienna is pregnant and she wants us to visit her." I was elated by hearing that news but within seconds I realised that going back meant seeing Adam again.

"Eric I don't thin-"

"You can't excuse yourself this time Adaline. I have already booked our tickets for tomorrow and I spoke to our manager to not keep any shows for the next two month so we are free to go," he said.

"Wow! You didn't leave a single stone unturned," I said in a sarcastic manner.

"Yes. Sienna wants you to be there so I had to do it."

"Why didn't she tell me about this first?"

"Because she knows you'll find some excuse again. That's why she asked me to bring you back home."

"Sienna is smart. I don't think I have any excuse to give this time."

"That's great. We are heading straight home after our shoot since you need to pack."

"Yes okay," I said and turned to look at the window. I was definitely scared to go back home. I didn't have the courage to face him yet.

"Everything will be fine Adaline. I'll make sure he comes nowhere near you," said Eric. His words calmed me down a bit. I hope everything will be fine too. I hope he doesn't come anywhere near me.


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