My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Sequel: Chapter 3

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You know that feeling when you meet an old friend after years and you think that the meet is going to be super awkward since you haven’t seen each other for such a long time but in reality, when you go and meet that friend you realise that not a single thing has changed and you both are starting exactly from where you both left the last time. That’s how I feel at this moment. At first, I thought coming back to this town would be super weird but now that I have actually reached here, it feels so normal. Not a single thing about this place has changed. The buildings, the parks, the cafes, everything looks exactly the same. It doesn’t feel like three years at all, it feels like it was only yesterday that I left this town.

After almost twelve hours of traveling, we finally reached our destination. Eric and I stood in front of my doorstep, ready to ring the bell and finally meet all my family members whom I had been avoiding since years. “You ready to go in?” Eric asked before pressing the doorbell.

I took a deep breath and answered with a yes. He smiled and rung the bell. The door opened in an instant and we were pulled in for a hug by Sienna. My neck started hurting since she was holding us so tight but nevertheless I didn’t try to loosen her grip on me since I could understand how happy she felt at the moment. “I have missed you both so much,” she whispered to us.

“I missed you too Si,” I said with a huge smile on my face.

“Let’s go inside. Everyone’s waiting for you two,” she said and pulled us both inside the house. The moment I saw the sight in front of me, I was speechless. The whole house was swamped with people. Eric and I exchanged a confused look with each other. I was trying to comprehend what was happening when Alex suddenly popped out of nowhere, squeezed me in his arms, and said, “Please don’t kill me, it was Sienna’s idea to throw a party for you two.” I was too dumbfounded to speak at this point so I simply nodded my head with a smile. Honestly, a party was not something I wanted presently however I had no other option but to oblige.

“Hey, it’s okay Ad. You can go upstairs and rest if you want,” said Alex in a comforting tone.

“No. I’ll just take a round and greet everyone before going upstairs,” I said and walked towards the crowd. Almost every person I knew was present at the party but somehow my eyes were searching for just one person. I scanned through the entire crowd but he was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he wasn’t interested to come to my ‘welcome party’. Maybe he had better things to do than meet me.

“Who are you searching for?” asked Eric with a glass of drink in his hand.

When did he get a drink? I thought he was right next to me the entire time.

“I.. I was looking for our group. Fel, Rae, Ethan.. Where are they?” I replied with a plain face. Eric laughed and shook his head in response. “You are so bad at lying Williams. We both know who you are looking for,” he said while casually taking a sip from his drink.

I just rolled my eyes and didn’t say a word because I knew I was lying too. “They are not here by the way,” said Eric.


“Ethan, Felicia, and Racheal didn’t come to the party, they’ll meet us later this evening. Racheal just called me to inform that.”

“Okay then, I’ll go meet my parents first,” I said and started searching for them in the crowd.

“I’m going to go chill with your brother. I’ll see you around Williams,” he said and disappeared in the crowd.

Every single person I met at the party kept telling me the same three things repeatedly.
1. Where were you all these years? We missed you so much.
2. You have lost so much weight, Adaline. You look absolutely gorgeous.
3. I love your songs, I listen to it on repeat. When are you and Eric coming up with your next album?

Although I was tired of answering the same questions yet I continued doing so, after all these people were here to meet me. The least I could do is be kind and answer all their questions with a smile.

I decided to take a break and made my way towards the kitchen for a drink when I suddenly saw someone who took my breath away. His aqua blue eyes staring right at me. I felt my knees go weak but I stood there firmly, not breaking eye contact with him since I didn’t want to show any sign of weakness. His piercing gaze made the hair in my body rose. The inner me wanted to run towards him and jump at him but I stood frozen at my place. He looked breathtakingly gorgeous in his black long sleeve top and white pants. He walked towards me, not breaking our eye contact even for a second. His eyes held an unreadable expression when he said, “You look so different. You have changed a lot.”

I chortled and said, “Well three years is a long time, people change Adam.”

He stared at my face for a little while longer before pushing a strand of my hair behind my ears. His touch made me curl my toes. I missed him. I missed his touch.

“I liked it when your hair was longer, the short hair doesn’t look that good. Also, why do you look so thin? You should eat some healthy food Adaline,” he said.

Addie. That’s what you always called me. I don’t like to hear my full name from your mouth.

“I’m sorry to dissappoint you with my new hairstyle but I don’t care what you think Adam,” I said exasperatedly.

Who is he to tell me what I should eat or look like?

“I was jus-” before he could complete his sentence a hand grabbed his shoulder, he turned to look at Tessa who had a big smile plastered on her face. “You ready to leave babe?” she asked and then turned to look at me. “Welcome back Adaline. It’s good to see you after so long,” she said half-heartedly. We both knew we weren’t happy to see each other but she still tried to be pleasant with me and I reciprocated the same by giving her a smile. “It’s good to see you too Tessa.”

I felt heartbroken to see the two of them together. Tessa looked happy, she had the biggest smile on her face and she held onto Adam’s arm like they both were inseparable.

“Wow! Everyone’s here. It’s so great to finally see my favourite couple,” I heard Eric say from behind. He walked towards us with a drink in his right hand, he slid his left hand on my waist and pulled me closer to him. Adam’s jaw clenched and he held his breath. Did Eric just piss him off? I kinda liked the sight of Adam getting pissed so I grinned at Eric and in a very cheerful tone said, “I missed you.”

Eric picked on my hint and played along with me. “Come on sugar, I just left you for an hour and you already miss me,” he said and kissed me on my cheeks.

Sugar? Seriously? Who uses such terms of endearment?

“I didn’t know you two were dating,” said Adam.

“You guys look sooooo cute together,” said Tessa joyously.

Eric laughed and said, “We like to keep it low-key.” I just nodded my head because I didn’t want to say anything to ruin the act that we just performed. Even though it was stupid and there’s nothing going on between the two of us, still I did it because I wanted to piss Adam off. He was dating Tessa and looked happy with her, I wanted to show him that I moved on too and I am perfectly content with my life.

“That’s great! Congratulations to you two. I think we should get going now,” said Tessa and looked at Adam.

He had an unreadable expression on his face. It felt like he wanted to say a lot of things but didn’t have the courage to say any of it. “Yeah we should leave,” he said and turned his gaze at Tessa, he gave her a small smile before taking her hands in his. I looked at their interlinked fingers and saw a ring in Tessa’s hand. I gasped in horror. They are engaged? Why didn’t I know about this?

Eric sensed my discomfort and pulled me closer into his arms. “Are you okay?” he whispered in my ears. I was numb. This was way too much for me to process in one day. Adam and Tessa are engaged. He is going to marry this girl, they are going to spend their entire life with each other. Why does this seem so unreal? Why does it hurt so bad?

“Have a good day you two, we’ll see you later,” Eric said before pulling me away from the crowd and taking me to my room.

“What’s wrong Adaline? You look like you have just seen a ghost,” he said and made me sit on my bed.

“Tessa was wearing a ring. They’re getting married,” I blurted out. Eric didn’t seem shocked to hear that. He looked concerned for me but there was no sign of astonishment on his face. Did he already know?

“Are you okay?” he asked, cupping my face in his hands.

“You knew about this, didn’t you?” I asked angrily.

“Yes I did. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“Is there anything else I should know?”

He was quiet for a second. It seemed like he wanted to tell me something but then he just shook his head and said ‘No’.

“You should go now. I’ll rest for some time and see you later in the evening.”

“Yeah I’ll see you later,” he said and made his way towards my bedroom door.

“Eric, thanks for pretending to be my boyfriend today,”

“You can always count on me Adaline,” he said and winked at me before closing the door.

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