My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Sequel: Chapter 4

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“No way! I don’t believe you. Did Tessa actually come to the party?” Racheal asked while sipping her mojito.

“Yeah she did. Honestly it felt a bit weird to see Adam and Tessa together,” I confessed.

“We all feel the same way Adaline,” Ethan added.

Those words somehow comforted me. It was good to hear that it’s not just me who felt uncomfortable with Adam and Tessa around but everyone else too.

We had been sitting in this restaurant since two hours but our conversations were never-ending, I hadn’t laughed this much in a long time. Looking at all their smiling faces I suddenly realised how badly I treated our friendship the past three years. I didn’t try to keep in touch with Racheal, Felicia, or Ethan even though they kept contacting me all the time. I always took my own sweet time to reply, I used to give them the same excuse that I gave to my family members - ‘I’m sorry, I was caught up with a lot of work.’

My friends should have honestly abandoned me by the way I had treated them instead they were so happy to see me. Felicia almost suffocated me with her bear hug and Ethan had to literally pull her away from me so that I could breathe.

Once we sat down at the restaurant, they gave me all the updates of their lives. Ethan and Fel were finally dating now and the cupid in their love story was Racheal. It sounded implausible to me at first but then they told me how Racheal found out about Felicia’s feelings towards Ethan and she herself took the responsibility of bringing them together. Racheal’s whole plan sounded so much fun and I felt content to know that Rae and Fel had finally become best friends.

“Are you and Eric actually dating? It was a bit hard for me to believe when Adam told us that,” asked Felicia.

“Yeah. I’m sorry for not telling you all, we wanted to keep it low-key,” I said without making eye contact with any of them because I was afraid that they’ll find out I’m lying.

Racheal chuckled and said, “Too bad! I was hoping to flirt with Eric. But now that he’s your guy, he’s off-limits.” I just gave a nervous laugh because I didn’t know what to say to that. In my opinion, Eric and Racheal did make a good couple but right now I just need him to be my fake boyfriend in front of Adam.

“Adam’s reaching in five minutes,” Ethan announced which got me out of my reverie. My heart started beating really fast. I thought he wasn’t going to come tonight. With Eric not around, I was scared that I would look weak in front of him. Why did Eric have to be busy today? I’m going to kill him when I meet him next.

“Is Tessa coming too?” Racheal enquired.

Felicia made a sickening face and said, “I hope not. I don’t even know why Adam likes her if it wasn’t for the b-” before she could say something else, Racheal smacked her arm and pointed towards the door indicating Adam’s arrival. Ethan instantly got up to give him a hug followed by Racheal and Felicia while I just sat on my chair, taking a bite from my delicious lasagna.

“I don’t see your boyfriend around,” Adam commented while taking his seat across the table.

I looked up from my plate and said, “He’s busy. He had some work.”

“What took you so long? We thought you wouldn’t come,” said Felicia.

“I was stuck with some work at the office. Dad’s trying to expand the business, so the workload is way too much these days,” replied Adam.

He works with his dad? What about the club he got selected in? What about football?

“Woah! Expansion of business equals more money. You are becoming rich Adam Carter,” said Racheal.

Adam laughed and said, “If everything goes as planned then definitely.”

We ordered some more food and stayed in the restaurant for another hour and then decided to leave as it was almost eleven at night. Ethan and Felicia were going to drop Racheal home so they left after bidding us goodbye. I immediately pulled my phone out and dialed Alex’s number because he was my ride home for tonight. The phone kept ringing for a while but he didn’t pick up. Did my brother actually forget to pick me up? I’m sure he is sleeping peacefully right now.

“Need a ride home?” I heard Adam ask from behind.

“No you can leave. Alex is going to come soon,” I replied firmly.

He looked at me for a few seconds, a smile spreading across his face. “We both know Alex has forgotten to pick you up tonight. I’m guessing he’s probably asleep by now.” Even though I hate this guy but every single thing he said was true. Alex did forget to pick me up and is definitely asleep by now.

“Come on Adaline, it’s late. I’ll drop you home,” he said and opened his car door for me.

I stood quietly and contemplated the scene in front of me. Adam and I alone in a car. Should I really go with him or just book a cab home?

“Adaline. Get in. Now.” he said in a stern voice and I don’t know what came over me but I quietly got inside his car. He closed my door, walked to the other side of the car, and sat on the driver’s seat. “You are still a stubborn kid,” he said before starting the car. I didn’t reply to him and kept quiet the entire time. We were almost five minutes away from my home when I decided to ask him a question which was bothering me since we were at the restaurant.

“What about football?” I asked out of the blue which surprised him a bit.

“What about it?” he asked as if the topic wasn’t of his concern.

“You were selected by a club. You were supposed to play for them. How did you end up leaving your passion for a mundane job at your dad’s office?” I asked. Adam’s grip on the steering wheel tightened, it felt like I touched a sensitive issue which he didn’t want to talk about.

After a few seconds, he calmed down, gave his usual smile and said, “My priorities changed. I like the business. I’m making a lot of money. It’s fun.”

Liar. Football has always been your priority.

“Good for you,” I said since I didn’t want to call him out for lying to me and just end the topic.

“I loved all your albums by the way. You and Eric make a good duo,” he said.

“Yes a lot of people have told us that before,” I said and looked out the window to see my home approaching. I searched for my purse which I had kept under the seat and got ready to leave when Adam called my name. I turned my head towards him and realised he was already looking at me.“You are happy right?” he asked staring deep into my eyes.

What’s wrong with this guy? Is he suddenly concerned about me?

“Yes I am,” I said and he nodded his head in return. “I hope you are happy too,” I said. It was less of a question but more of a statement because I already knew that he was happy. He is going to marry the love of his life. Why wouldn’t he be happy?

“Absolutely,” he said with a big smile on his face.

Why does this smile look so fake to me? Maybe I’m just overthinking.

“Great!” I said and made my way out of his car.

“Goodnight Adaline,” he said before turning his engine on and leaving in full speed.

I wish someday he calls me Addie instead of Adaline.


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