My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Sequel: Chapter 7

Tessa’s P.O.V

Adaline was back in town and I don’t know why this thought made me so anxious. I mean it was pretty obvious that someday she would return still I didn’t expect it to be so soon. Adam and my relationship had barely started developing, but the minute I heard the news of Adaline returning, my stomach swirled. I was scared that everything I built in these past three years would shatter into pieces with her return.

I still remember the day I had last seen Adaline, it was in our school’s washroom. I was sobbing like a baby and she held me close to her without asking any questions. I was grateful to her for giving me warmth and comfort at such a vulnerable point in my life. Even though we weren’t the best of friends yet she decided to stay by my side. She had always been this way, ever since she was a kid she used to support any person in need. Along with being extremely beautiful, she was also a very strong and fierce girl. I envied this quality of her. But the thing I most envied about her was Adam.

Adam and Adaline had been friends since their second grade and their bond was inseparable. No matter how many problems came between them but they always found their way back to each other. That’s something I was so jealous of since that didn’t happen with Adaline and I. Even though we were best friends during our preschool days but due to one small issue, we drifted apart. I missed her initially but then my ego overpowered. After that, I never made an attempt to mend our friendship.

Do I regret that choice now? Definitely not. Because if we would have become friends again, then I don’t think my conscious would have allowed me to date Adam. I still can’t figure out why would Adaline break up with a gem of a guy like Adam but thanks to her, I got the courage to face the world again. When Mike left because he didn’t want a child with me, I was devastated. I know I got pregnant pretty young and that was definitely a mistake but I couldn’t make the cruel choice of killing my baby. I just couldn’t. Even though my dad was against it yet I made the decision to keep my child.

The only thing I feared was people’s reaction. What are they going to think of me when they find out that the father of my child doesn’t want this? This thought kept me awake all night. I did want my baby to see this world and not have a painful death but at the same time, I was scared of bringing it out in this world without a father. What explanation would I give to my baby? You were a mistake? Your father hates both of us and that’s why he left!

Unexpectedly, Adam came into my life like a ray of hope. He was my angel. We weren’t good friends at first yet he tried to bridge that gap and took great care of me once he found out about my pregnancy. It wasn’t something I told him on purpose, he just happened to guess that after spending a lot of time with me.

Initially, I couldn’t really understand why he was putting so much efforts to hang out with me but then he confessed to me about his break up. He told me how devastated he was because of everything and I was his distraction. I helped him to forget Adaline and that’s exactly what he needed at that moment. Though it felt like he was using me, but in a way, I was using him too. The more time I spent with him, the happier I felt. I slowly started forgetting about Mike. Unknowingly Adam had healed my wounds and I would be forever indebted to him.

Since Adam and I hung out a lot, and my belly had also started to grow, everyone speculated that the child was his but he never made an attempt to clear that misconception. Later he admitted that he wanted things to go exactly the same way. He told me truthfully that he wasn’t exactly in love with me but he wanted to continue taking care of me. He said he liked me. I was a little apprehensive at first but then I realised that Adam had been my biggest supporter and agreeing to be with him meant my baby would finally have a father. So that’s when we decided to move in together.

In front of the entire world, we started pretending to date and Adam even claimed to be the father of my child but he and I both knew the truth. This was all a pretence. We just held on to each other because we both needed support. We both had a past we wanted to forget and together we were helping each other grow.

When we moved in, everyone thought that we were a real couple but the truth was that we were just friends. We slept separately and never tried to intrude in each other’s personal life.

Adam was the happiest when he held Sophie in his arms for the first time. Since day one he had always showered Sophie with all the love that she deserved. Not once did he ever treat her differently, it felt like Sophie was his own child. Everyone in town was jealous of my happy family. My colleagues told me I was the luckiest girl to have such an amazing daughter and a supportive partner who loved me dearly, but little did they know the truth. This was all a facade. Adam definitely was my biggest support but he wasn’t in love with me. He was still in love with Adaline.

This thought of mine changed when he asked me to marry him. I was stunned. I can’t disagree that I had started developing feelings for him but I never tried to do anything about it since that would ruin our friendship. Nevertheless, when he proposed, I accepted it in a blink of an eye. Adam was all mine now. I felt like the happiest girl in the world.

And nearly after a year of our engagement, Adaline decided to come back in town. We together went to her welcoming party and that’s when I realised that Adam was still in love with her. His eyes searched for her the entire time. I had excused myself to go to the washroom and when I came back he was nowhere to be found. I started looking for him everywhere and then my eyes landed on them. They both were standing together and talking. He stared at her like she was the most precious thing he possessed. I got a weird feeling in my stomach. The feeling of losing him to Adaline.

Today after he came back from the mall, I asked him if he still had feelings for Adaline. He replied with a No. But I knew that was a lie. I knew he still had feelings for her. What I didn’t understand was why would he want to get engaged to me, if it was Adaline he liked?

I felt stupid. Did I make a wrong decision by agreeing to marry Adam? I didn’t want to be the girl who came between two lovers but Adaline had left Adam years ago. Why did she have to come back? I can’t let her play with Adam’s feelings again. She had already destroyed Adam once and I won’t let that happen again.

I then picked up my phone and decided to do something which I hadn’t done in years. I dropped a text to Adaline.

Can we meet?

Within minutes, I got her reply.


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