My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Sequel: Chapter 9

I entered the cafe to see Tessa sitting at a corner seat, casually sipping her coffee. Her hair was tied up in a bun and she wore a simple white dress which ended at her mid-thigh. I was expecting a boiling Tessa who would be ready for a catfight with me but surprisingly, she looked way too calm and composed for a meet with her fiance’s ex-girlfriend.

This is it, Adaline. This is your chance to scream at this bitch for taking Adam away from you. Get everything out of your chest and then leave this damn place!

But then I realised it wasn’t just her fault, Adam was a part of this too. She might have seduced him but the fact that Adam willingly slept with her can’t be overruled. He was the one who cheated on me and I can’t keep blaming Tessa for it. I sighed with disappointment, realising the fact that nothing can be changed now. Tessa and Adam are happy with Sophie and now it’s time to forget the history I shared with him and just walk away. I waited for a long time but there’s no chance of him returning back to me.

I strolled towards Tessa’s chair at the corner, giving her a soft smile, I sat opposite to her. “I thought you wouldn’t come,” she said raising her head from her coffee mug and staring at me with a look of shock.

“I didn’t want to but I couldn’t say no to my favourite person in this world,” I said sarcastically which made her roll her eyes.

“You hate me a lot, don’t you?” She questioned with her eyebrows furrowed, studying my face like I’m some puzzle she wants to solve.

I laughed. That’s got to be the most stupid question to ask the girl whose boyfriend you fucked. Obviously, I hate this bitch for taking away my guy from me. But then again, it’s not like she drugged him to make him sleep with her. My guy was an asshole too.

“I don’t have that much time to hate you, I’m a busy woman,” I said with a fake smile plastered on my face. She smiled back to seem polite but I could see it in her eyes, she hated me too.

“I want to talk to you about Adam,” she said which immediately sent a chill down my spine. Why do I always feel this way when his topic comes up? It’s like a dagger being pierced down my heart.

“See I know you guys have a history together but I want you to stay away from him,” she added stiffly without batting an eye.

The nerve of this bitch! She is the one who should have stayed away in the first place.

“Are you scared sweetheart? That I’ll steal Adam away from you just like you did three years ago?” I challenged glaring directly into her eyes and suddenly her expression distorted. She wasn’t rigid anymore, instead, she looked confused. As much as I wanted to sit down and pour out all my anger at her, I realized it’s too late now. Three years is a long time for holding on to everything. I was the only one stuck in the past, rest everyone had moved ahead. It looked like I was the silly one.

“Look Tessa, I’m just going to close this chapter here. Adam and you seem super happy together so don’t worry, I don’t have any intentions to destroy your beautiful family. As for me, I’m doing really well with Eric so you don’t have anything to worry about,” I said and got up from my seat to stomp off from that cafe. I did not want to spend another minute with that girl. I heard her call for my name but I didn’t look back, I just left.

I wanted to erupt like a volcano but I couldn’t. There were so many things I wanted to scream at her but I couldn’t get myself to do it. I didn’t want to seem like the crazy ex who’s still pining on her guy. Though it’s the truth yet I didn’t want Tessa to know that. I got in my car and turned on the engine without knowing where I was heading. My mind was clouded with so many thoughts that I couldn’t focus on anything.

Adaline, you can’t go home like this, you can’t let Sienna and Eric know that it still hurts.

I needed to escape. I needed something that could make me forget about everything. Within a few seconds, I figured out what I had to do. I pulled up at a local pub and decided to go inside. Music, alcohol and a random boy will help me forget everything for a while. I directly made my way towards the bar counter and ordered seven tequila shots. The bartender smiled foolishly at my order. “You had a hard day sweety?” He asked while preparing my shots.

“Yeah, the past few days have been difficult,” I confessed. I didn’t even know why I was opening my heart to a random stranger but it certainly felt nice. At least this was better than talking to that bitch who stole my guy from me.

The bartender placed my seven tequila shots in front of me and said, “Here you go girl, drink everything at once and flee from all your problems for a little while.” A smile broke into my face, I raised my first shot and gulped it at once. He grinned at me and raised his hand asking me to continue with the other shots. Within a minute, I greedily swallowed everything and with the last shot down, I suddenly felt the hit of my drink. I felt extremely light-headed. I started to giggle like a crazy soul which gained me a look from the bartender. “I was expecting you would cry, but you are laughing.”

His statement made me laugh even more. “Well, I have already cried so much that there aren’t any tears left,” I told and he just nodded his head in understanding. He spoke with me for a few more minutes before leaving to serve some other people who had just arrived.

The room had started spinning and suddenly I regretted the choice of stopping at this pub tonight. I shouldn’t have come here, I’m so stupid. I picked up my phone to give Eric a call, I needed a ride home. I can’t be driving in such a state. I scrolled through my contact list to call him and then my eyes landed on a name who I was dying to talk to. Adam. Should I just click on his number? I giggled before pressing the call button. The phone rang for a few seconds and then I heard his lovely voice. “Adaline, is everything okay? I didn’t expect you would call.”

“I miss you,” I said in my squeaky voice. I hated myself for telling the truth but this was the alcohol talking, not me.

“Where are you? Are you drunk?” He asked in his concerned voice.

I giggled, Adam still cares for me. It feels good to know that after all these years, he’s still concerned about me. I want to tell him where I am, but I feel so nauseous that I can’t seem to remember the name of this place. “I can’t recall where I am,” I confessed

“What the fuck Adaline! Why did you have to drink so much?” he asked with a sense of authority. Who the hell is he to get mad at me? I purse my lips together, I don’t like being talked to like this. “Fuck you, Adam Carter!”

He laughs which makes me madder. I hate this guy. Before I can shower him with more profanities, my phone is suddenly snatched by the bartender. I warn him to return my phone and almost jump on the counter but he holds me down with one hand and continues talking to Adam cooly. I’m pissed at him but I’m unable to move because of his tight grip. This dude is strong. He gives me back my phone after a minute with a big smile flashed on his face. “He has asked me to babysit you until he comes to get you,” he says and loosens his grip on my hand.

I feel electrified hearing those words, Adam is coming to get me. I’m surely mad at him for treating me like a child and asking this dude to babysit me but I miss him a lot at the same time. Why am I feeling all these butterflies in my belly thinking about Adam? Did I make a mistake by calling him tonight?

Yup, you did Adaline. You made a huge mistake tonight!

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