My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Sequel: Chapter 10

Adams P.O.V

Mr Peterson looked delighted today, sitting comfortably on his seat he was reading the contract papers of the deal I just cracked. This was an unusual scenario for me since he hardly ever smiled. Even when Sophie was born he didn’t look that ecstatic about it. I wonder when was the last time he smiled so much, probably when I agreed to date his daughter after all the mess my dad created.

“We should celebrate, let’s have a party this weekend,” Mr Peterson said with his lips curved up into a smile. He couldn’t stop smiling since the moment I informed him about the deal.

“Yes we should definitely do that,” dad joined in. I was sure from the look on my dad’s face that he was extremely proud of me and couldn’t wait to brag about this news to everyone else in the town. I simply nodded my head with a smile, before taking the contract papers back from Mr Peterson’s hand and placing it inside the envelope. I bid them goodbye and made my way towards my cabin. I saw John sitting on his usual desk, working on some papers. He looked up and said, “Congratulations Adam, I heard you got the deal.”

I laughed realising how fast the news had already spread at the office. “Yes, there’s a party this weekend. Keep yourself free,” I said and he nodded his head in acknowledgement but before he could say something further, my phone started ringing. I pulled it out of my pocket to see Adaline’s name flashed on the screen. My whole body went numb. After three years of not keeping in touch, she finally decides to give me a call. I turned my back towards Josh, blocking him from seeing my facial expressions and hurriedly pressed on the answer button. “Adaline, is everything okay? I didn’t expect you would call,” I confessed.

There was silence for a few seconds and then she answered in her squeaky voice, “I miss you.” Initially, I was stunned to hear those words from her mouth but moments later I realised she was drunk. “Where are you? Are you drunk?” I asked in concern. I was hoping that she wasn’t alone at some random bar.

Instead of telling me where she was, she giggled, which was enough for me to comprehend that this girl is totally sloshed. “I can’t recall where I am,” she said which made me so mad. “What the fuck Adaline! Why did you have to drink so much?” I asked in an angry tone, this girl can be so reckless at times. She was quiet for a few seconds but then she answered in her usual authoritative manner. “Fuck you, Adam Carter!”

I couldn’t suppress my laugh after hearing those words. Adaline always got very dominating after getting drunk. At least some things haven’t changed.

I suddenly heard someone snatching the phone away from her and she yelled at him. “Hello stranger, can you please come and pick your girl up? I don’t think she can drive home in this state.” A man said in a husky voice.
“Who the fuck are you?” I questioned angrily. I heard him chuckle which pissed me off more. Who the fuck was this guy? And what is he doing with Adaline?

“Jealous much, aren’t you?” he added. I snorted in reply, waiting for him to answer my question. “I’m the bartender here who served seven tequila’s to your girlfriend.”

What the fuck? Seven tequila? Is this girl out of her mind?

“She’s not my girlfriend,” I corrected him. Even though, deep down, I wished that was true.

“Well, you are the first person she called so I guessed that,” he said which immediately brought a smile on my face. The first person she called after getting drunk was me and not her boyfriend, Eric made me extremely happy. I asked the guy to give me the address of the pub and requested him to take care of Adaline until I come to get her.

“Is everything alright?” Josh inquired. Damn, I forgot he was here the whole time.

“Yes, it’s nothing. Just a friend I need to go pick,” I said and rushed out of the office to get to my car. I ignited the engine and started the car in full roar. After ten minutes of driving in full speed and breaking a few indications, I finally reached the pub. I got out of my car and rushed inside to get her. The place was swamped with people who smelled of alcohol and weed. Why did she have to come here out of all the places in the town? I kept pushing through the crowd and made my way towards the bar at the corner, where I saw Adaline peacefully napping with her hands folded on the counter and her head resting on it. How the hell can she sleep so peacefully with such loud music?

“Glad you came so early,” A man said with a smile on his face and I guessed he was the bartender I spoke to earlier on the phone. “I was expecting this girl to create a scene but she turned out to be a sleeping beauty.” He said pointing at Adaline and I couldn’t stop myself from grinning. She definitely isn’t less than a ‘beauty’.

“Thanks for taking care of her man, I really appreciate it,” I said and shook his hand. I then picked Adaline up in a bridal style and carefully navigated her outside the pub without crashing onto anyone as that would wake her up. Once we reached my car, I realised it would be difficult to open the door without banging her head hence I asked for help from a passerby. He opened the passenger door for us and I carefully slid Adaline on the seat. She made a small sound when I adjusted her seat but her eyes were still shut. I closed her door and thanked the stranger for his help before running to the driver’s seat. Once I got inside the car, I saw Adaline slowly opening her eyes. “You are here,” she mumbled in her sweet voice and smiled looking at me which made me grin too. “Yes, I’m here,” I answered and her smile seemed to widen more at this point.

“I missed you,” she said and came closer to me, cupping my face with her hand. Her touch electrified me. I wanted to touch her too but I knew it would be wrong. We would have never been in this position if it wasn’t for her little stunt of getting drunk alone at a pub. She’s vulnerable right now and I can’t take advantage of her.

“Adaline you should take some rest, I’ll drop you home,” I said in a low voice.

“Why don’t you call me Addie anymore?” she whispered softly which made my heart skip a beat. I had given her this nickname in the second grade and never allowed anyone else to call her by that name. It was exclusively mine. But things have changed now, she isn’t mine anymore.

I sighed in despair and pushed her hand from my face. I didn’t want to feel her touch, it made me weak and I couldn’t afford that right now. “Get some rest, Adaline. You might regret saying all this tomorrow,” I said and placed my right hand on the clutch to start the car but she stopped me by holding my hand and placing it on her thighs instead. “I want to stay with you for a while, please don’t start the car,” she said and I immediately obliged. Three years and she still has the same effect on me.

“Why were you drinking alone tonight?” I asked because I was curious about it ever since I found out she was drinking alone in such a shady pub.

She seemed hesitant for a minute but then said, “I wanted to forget everything for a while. You, Sophie, Tessa - I wanted to forget everything.” I quivered realising that I was the reason she pulled this little stunt tonight. She wanted to forget me and that’s why she was here but ironically she ended up calling me.

“Why did you have to do that Adam?” She asked which confused me a bit.

“Do what?”

“Cheat on me,” she said and I suddenly felt my heart break into a million pieces. Every time I recalled the incident which happened three years ago, my heart tore. “I was so happy with you Adam. You swore a life with me,” she added and a tear escaped my eye. She was right. I did swear a lifetime with her but I couldn’t keep that promise anymore.

She wiped my tear with the back of her hands and asked, “Why did you break us apart Adam? Did I never make you happy?”

I wanted to say no but I couldn’t open my mouth to speak the truth. She definitely made me happy. Honestly, she made me the happiest man in the world. I wanted the tears to stop but it didn’t. It kept falling down one by one and she kept wiping it with her hands, consoling me.

She then did something which I wouldn’t have expected to happen in a lifetime. She leaned forward and kissed my lips. It was a feather-light touch at first but abruptly it became more passionate. She claimed my lips in such an intense way that my heart started beating frantically. A part of me wanted to stop her because this was wrong but another part of me had longed for her since year’s and was craving for her touch.

After contemplating for a few more seconds, I finally decided to kiss her back with all the strength I had in me. I heard her moan which made me crazier. I began to trail soft kisses on her cheeks and moved downwards to her jaw followed by her neck. She clasped her hands around my neck tightly and bent her head backwards, giving me more access to kiss her.

She surprised me again by lifting her body up and straddling on my lap. I had always envisioned making out with her in my car but never thought it would actually come true. She was now sitting on my lap and kissing my mouth like there was no tomorrow. I pinned her wrists behind her body with both my hands, trapping her between me and the steering wheel. I kissed her lips hungrily, remembering all those years I had missed her like crazy. She returned my kisses with the same intensity which convinced me that she had missed me too. I knew what we were doing was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself from touching her. The only thing I wished at the moment was for everything to go back to the way it was. I wanted my old life back. I wanted football back and most importantly, I wanted Addie back.


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