My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 5

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“Could you stop being such a bitch?” I heard Felicia say on the top of her voice as soon as I entered the canteen area.

“Sweetheart! I don’t want to talk to you right now. You are still a baby so don’t get in this mess.”

I have heard that voice before. But I couldn’t recollect who it was. It sounded so familiar.

“Do you really want to have this fight here bitch? I don’t mind, but you might start crying by the end.” I heard Racheal’s voice echo in the canteen area.

From where I was standing, I couldn’t see anything that was happening. There were lots of people jammed up there. I tried to squeeze myself in the crowd and after a lot of struggle, I finally reached my destination. There were only three people there - Racheal, Felicia and Tessa. Every student had their mobile camera on and they were busy shooting the show in front of them.

“I am going to fucking kill you today,” Racheal said and slapped Tessa. The whole crowd gasped.

“What the hell is happening here?” I yelled and everyone turned to look at me.

“Here comes the queen, Adaline Williams how are you my highness?” Tessa said and started laughing.

This girl is seriously getting on my nerves right now. Tessa and I are like sworn enemies. We both mutually hate each other. Back in preschool, we were best friends but later we just drifted apart. I don’t remember the exact moment when things started to fall apart but I did miss her a lot earlier. Now things have changed, after our big fight in front of the whole school last year we don’t even glance at each other. Every time we pass each other we just act as if the other person is invisible. I wonder what new game she is playing to spoil my reputation at school again.

“What happened? Are you scared of me?” I heard Tessa say.

“Of course not. You bitch,” Racheal replied from my side.

“Can we please stop this? Rae, please control your temper,” I said in an attempt to calm her down. She just gave me a look and stayed mum after that. I turned to face Tessa and said in a firm voice,“Can you just stop whatever drama you are trying to do?” I was the President of this school, I couldn’t let things like this happen and jeopardize my position.

“You are such a pussy Adaline,” said Tessa with a smirk.

“Mind going to your class everybody?” I yelled at the crowd. I didn’t want an audience to witness my fight with Tessa again. Everyone started giving me irritated looks but eventually, they dispersed.

“Where is your fuck buddy? I forgot his name. What was it? Oh yes! Eric, I think. Enjoyed your new year’s with him babes?” Tessa continued speaking.

This is too much! She was crossing the line now.

“Could you please fuck off Tessa?” I screamed at her.

“Oops. Sorry babes. Now everyone knows about your fuck buddy. I am so sorry,” she said innocently.

What is she doing all this? Does she seriously want to have a catfight with me right now?

“Bitch you know wh-” before I could shower her with profanities, I heard Mr. Bradley call for my name, I turned to look at him with a startled expression. “Adaline I want you in my cabin right now,” he said and left.

Tessa started laughing like a maniac. I guess this was her plan. She was trying to put my position in danger. But I won’t let that happen, I worked way too hard for this, and I will do everything in my will to protect my position.

I made my way toward Mr. Bradley’s cabin, the moment I entered I saw him fuming with rage. He was definitely very angry with my behaviour. I did not know what to say so I just told the first words which came to my mind.

“I am sorry Sir.”

“I am very disappointed Adaline,” he said while getting up from his chair.

“Tessa was just creating a scene and I couldn’t le-”

“I don’t care about that Adaline. All I know is that you are the President of this school and you can’t use abusive words like that. Do anything you want to do outside this school but the moment you enter here you have to know your responsibilities and work accordingly.”

“I know. I am sorry.”

“I am not taking this matter to the headmistress this time but if you repeat it, I might have to take strict actions against you.”

“I know Sir and thank you for giving me a chance. I won’t ever disappoint you.”


I hurried back to my first class which was history. I was a little late but Mrs. Kingsley allowed me to enter in. I saw Felicia and Eric but did not have time to wave at them so I quietly made my way to the last bench. The lecture was pretty dull but I had no other option than to attend the lecture. Mrs. Kingsley was saying something about World War ll but I was busy staring at the wall. A few minutes later I received a text message from someone. I opened my cellphone to see a message from Felicia.

Eric is so in love with you. He is checking you out since the minute you entered ;) Xoxo

I immediately turned around to see Eric and yes! Felicia was right. He was looking at me and the weirdest thing was that he didn’t turn around when he saw me looking, instead, his eyes were fixed at me. This was new for me, usually, guys turn around when they are caught staring but Eric didn’t do that. Our eyes were locked for a few seconds and then he just smirked and looked away.

After like an hour the lecture got over and I was the first one to get up and rush out of the room, Felicia was busy talking to some people so I just gave her a quick hug before heading out.

“What’s the rush for?” I heard someone ask from behind me. I turned to look at a smiling Eric. He had a very bright smile. The kind of smile which would make the girls drool.

“Nothing. I just have a free lecture so I am going to meet Adam,” I replied while pulling my phone out from my back pocket to call Adam.

“I have a free lecture too. Do you mind if I join you two?”

“Of course not. We will just probably sit in the canteen area. You won’t get bored right?”

“No. So where is Adam?”

“He isn’t picking up my call. He might be busy with his football practice.”

“So what are we going to do?” He asked in an anticipated way.

“I don’t know. Probably just go to some mall.”

“I have a better idea. Want to hear about it?”

“Shoot it!”

“Come with me.” He said and immediately stopped walking.

“Where but?”

“You’ll see,” he said and winked at me.


“Rose cafe? I have heard a lot about this but never been to it,” I said while coming out of Eric’s car. We parked just beside the gate and made our way into the cafe. It looked very authentic. There were a few paintings hung on the wall and the place smelled amazing. It looked like a nice cozy cafe to chill with your friends.

“So I finally get to see you at my workplace,” A girl who was about my age said while hugging Eric.

He laughed and asked, “Did you miss me?”

“Not even a second. You see I have lots of things to do unlike you,” She replied and poked him in the stomach.

“Ouch. That hurts Si.”

Suddenly her attention directed towards me and she gave me a big smile. This time I got to see a clear picture of her. She was really pretty. Her short skirt and blacktop made her look smoking hot, she had the most perfect hair I had ever seen. It was wavy but she looked flawless, not to forget her green eyes. She looked just like a supermodel of Victoria Secret. I had never seen a girl this pretty.

“So what’s the name of the girl we have with you today?” She asked in a teasing tone.

“It’s not what you think Si. We are just friends.”

“So at least have the courtesy to introduce me to your friend Eric.”

“Ohh I am sorry,” Eric said and turned to look at me.

“Adaline this is Sienna my childhood friend and Sienna this is Adaline my new friend at school.”

“Nice to meet you, Adaline,” Sienna said and shook hands with me. She then gave us a seat at the corner of the cafe and after having a little talk with us, she took our orders and proceeded with her work.

“She is really beautiful,” I said to Eric the moment Sienna went to take our orders.

“I know. She has been like this since her childhood days,” he said looking at her with admiration.

“Do you like her?”

“No. Not at all. We are just friends.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Ohh come on Adaline! I don’t like her.”

“I still don’t believe you.”

“You don’t believe what?” Sienna asked while placing a tray at our table.

“Nothing. I was just teasing your friend a little bit,” I replied and chuckled

“Oh boy! I do that all the time,” Sienna said and joined me too.

We were in that cafe for like another hour and yes, we both missed our classes. Talking with Sienna was just so much fun. She is such an amazing girl. She is funny and beautiful and smart. If I was a guy, I would make sure to make her mine. While leaving the cafe, Sienna gave me another cup of my favourite coffee and asked me to meet her again soon. I happily took both the offer, the coffee, and the meeting part too. Hanging out with Sienna would definitely be awesome.


It was eight in the evening and I was so tired after my work out session. I decided to take a quick shower because I was stinky as hell and my entire body ached too. Therefore a hot shower would definitely make me feel better. I was about to go to the bathroom when I got a call from Adam.

“Hey, Addie! You free?”

“Where the hell where you? I called you like a thousand times.”

“I am sorry. Football practice keeps me really busy these days.”

“When is the match?”

“Next month.”

“That’s great.”

“Why did you call me but?”

“Nothing. Just had a free lecture so thought of hanging out with you.”

“I am sorry. You must have been bored then.”

“No. I actually had a lot of fun. I went out with Eric to this cafe and met this girl named Sienna. She is really amazing. I am sure you would love her.”

“Woah! I didn’t know that you and Thompson have become such good friends.”

“Umm...He is nice actually.”

“Okay. So are you free tomorrow?”

“No. I have classes.”

“So screw them. We are going out.”

“Adam I can’t. It’s important for me okay?”

“Come on Addie! I don’t have football practice tomorrow and I am skipping classes. Let’s go and have some fun, just you and me.”

Though the classes were important to me but spending time with Adam would be much more fun.

“Okay. Let’s do it.”

“Yesss! Meet you tomorrow then.”

“Sure! Tomorrow it is.”


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