My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 6

“So where are we off to?” I asked Adam while sitting on the passenger’s seat of his car.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” he winked at me.

“Hey! That’s not fair.”

“Everything’s fair in love sweetheart.”

With those words, Adam started the engine of the car and we went ahead at full speed.

Adam told me that it would take us almost an hour to reach our destination so I decided to do my favourite thing while traveling and that was - sleep. He did complain to me that i shouldn’t sleep because he’ll get bored driving alone, but I didn’t give in to his request and closed my eyes to enjoy the rest of the ride sleeping.


I don’t know where I am right now, the moment I opened my eyes I expected to be in Adam’s car but surprisingly I am on a bed which is very comfortable, also there is a small soft toy kept next to me. Where the hell am I?

I immediately got up from the bed and started to look for Adam but he was nowhere to be found. Suddenly I heard a few voices coming from downstairs so I begin making my way towards the voices. I see Adam standing with some boy, both of them laughing like maniacs. I call for him and swiftly both the boys turn around to look at me.

When I see the face of the other boy, my happiness knew no bounds. I sprint and directly jump on him.

“You are back? How didn’t I know about this?” I said while giving him a tight squeeze.

“Adaline. My neck hurts,” he says.

I laugh and then pull back. I have missed him so much these past few years.

“When did you come back?” I asked in an anticipated way.

“A few days ago. I was going to come to meet you but then I had this urgent work so I couldn’t make it.”

“Do mom and dad know that you are here?”

“No. I am going to surprise them.”

“That would be amazing Alex,” I said and hugged him again.

Alex had been living with us since he was in fifth grade. He lost his parents during a car accident and since then dad took his full responsibility. I still remember that dreadful day when I lost my most favourite uncle and aunt. It was Alex’s birthday and they had gone out to get his gift but they never returned. Alex was completely heartbroken. Though he wasn’t my real brother yet he meant much more than that to me. For a week, Adam and I just stayed with him and tried to comfort him in every way possible but somethings just need time to heal. His life took a turn when he got an internship in Paris. He wasn’t ready to leave but dad forced him to. We wanted him to have a fresh new start, away from the place which continuously reminded him of his parent’s death. He still doesn’t celebrate his birthday’s but Adam and I make sure to send him a gift every year.

“Where are you lost, Addie?” Adam asked while snapping his fingers in front of me.

“Nothing, I just zoned out I guess,” I replied with a smile.

“So? You liked my idea?”

“Why didn’t you tell me that we were coming to meet Alex?”

“The surprise would have been ruined then.”

“Can you two stop talking and help me in the kitchen please?” Alex shouted while cutting tomatoes on the kitchen counter.

When did he go to the kitchen? He was standing right next to me, right? Oh yes! When you were daydreaming silly.

“What are you making?” Adam asked Alex while picking some more tomatoes.

“Pizza. Ad loves it right?” He said and kissed me on my cheeks.

“Yes! I will help you too,” I said and wore the apron kept on the shelf.

The moment I picked up the knife to cut the tomatoes both of them started laughing hysterically, Adam almost fell on the ground.

“What is wrong with you two?” I asked because clearly, I had no idea why they were laughing so much.

“You will cook Addie? When was the last time you did that?” Adam asked while getting up from the floor. He still couldn’t control his laughter. Alex had to literally help him get up.

“Umm..last year? During your birthday,” I said

“And do you remember what happened Addie? You were nearly going to burn my whole house.”

Oh yes, now I remember. Though I didn’t want to agree with what Adam just said, but it was true. I do suck at cooking and yes, the house would have burned if Natalie didn’t come to my rescue at the right time.

“So don’t try something which you can’t do silly,” Alex said chuckling, and then both the boys started making pizza while I just stood there admiring the beauty of two handsome boys cooking.

“Girls would legit die for this,” I said suddenly which made both of their heads turn towards me.

“What!?” Alex and Adam said in unison.

“I mean look at you two. You guys look so hot while cooking food with so much passion. The only thing missing right now is you both being shirtless and then it would be the perfect way to make any girl drool for you.”

This again made both the boys crack into a series of laughter.

“I seriously mean it,” I said loudly to prove my point. Now it just felt like my brother and my best friend were teaming up against me.

“Yes, we know silly. Now go and freshen up a little bit till then the pizzas will be ready,” Alex said and placed the pizza inside the microwave.

“Okie Dokie,” I said and went upstairs. The smell of the pizzas was so good that I couldn’t wait to put them inside my mouth.


“I heard you became the President Ad,” Alex said while we were sitting on the dining table and having the delicious pizzas made by my two hot boys.

“Yes,” I said while having the first bite of my pizza.

“So how’s it going? The whole President thing?”

“It’s nice. I just got into a fight with Tessa and was given a warning too, I have to be careful from now on. A lot of people want to pull me down from my position.”

“Tessa? The girl who used to come to our house to play domino?”

“Yes. That fatass. She has become thin now, also boys die to get into her pants.”

“Do I smell jealousy?” Adam asked which made Alex chuckle.

“Of course not. Why would I be jealous of that bitch? She is just a whore,” I said fuming with rage. Every time someone mentions about Tessa, it automatically ruins my mood.

“Language Ad,” Alex said sternly.

“Sorry,” I replied in a low voice. Tessa just irritates the hell out of me and when it comes to her I can’t control the urge of showering her with profanities.

“So what’s the plan for today?” Adam asked to lighten up the mood.

“I have some work so I don’t think I would be able to join you guys. There is a mall nearby, why don’t you go there and enjoy yourselves then we could have dinner together before you both leave,” Alex said and started picking up our plates.

“That sounds great.” Adam and I said in unison.


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