True Muslimah untold story

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this is the true events

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Chapter 1

hey thank you for reading my name is Zeeshan Ali and 28 years old. This is the real-life untold story.

name =huda gafoor

Birth=September 1981(38 years)


residence=saudi Arabia

height=1.65 m (5 ft 5 in )

Weight=around 85kg/90kg




She married women she 38 now and mother of two girls these true events of our life when we used to live Saudi it’s about more than 15 years ago when I and the hood boy go khaldiya ground to play the cricket we discover that on the day of Friday at 6;00 in the morning Indian group boys also come to play so one day we decided that we gonna challenge them and we did. we used to bet on Pepsi most of the time they win because they were good at bating 6 of them was Muslim and two were Hindu both cousin Kaushik and Suraj they live in khanshirila. around that time my age 14 and life goes like that sometimes we make fun of each other and some times we fight after a few weeks later we became friends with the Indian group. I don’t remember exactly how I became friends with Kaushik he was 18 at that time and I always envy that he has cell fone Nokia n95. we became best friends he always showed up at my residence area shout for me after a few days later my father got angry. I told my father that if he didn’t shout then how I know that Kaushik is waiting for father says to give him his number when he wants to hang out with you. he will give me a miss call then I will let you know. a few days later the same thing happens again. my father got angry again this time he told me to stop him calling all the time. I was so sad when Huda came to my room and she told me that I can give her number to Kaushik. The next day I called Kaushik from Huda’s cell fone. I invite him to my home to play ps2 smackdown here comes the pain. from that, he always appeared in the house without telling me whenever I ask why you didn’t tell me before came here. and always says I did tell your sister that I’m coming. And life goes like that then one day told me that he has a girlfriend but he never told who she is. he always bunked his school I.i.s.r (Indian Internation school Riyadh) and always shows up at girls wing at our school p.i.s.r (Pakistan Internation school Riyadh ). sometimes he told me he has a date tomorrow so I’m not gonna hang out with you. I was so jealous one day I decide I’m gonna find out Kaushik’s cell fone code and try to find that girl who sending SMS him. after a long time, I did manage to fond his cellphone code it was something 8254. I don’t remember now at that time I was 16 and I just wanna know who is this girl he’s fucking. one day we were playing video games at my house when he suddenly pauses the game says I need to go washroom but forgot his cellphone now that was my chance. when I manage to open Kaushik's cellphone code first thing I did was go to the galleries on Kaushik's fone there was nothing just his family Fotos as I expected. so I thought I'm gonna break his ego he was lying to me all that time and acting like a real playboy. but never know that I was about to poke sleeping Hindu sher(lion) in the ass. when he came back from the toilet we went out of my house and we went to the cricket ground and start smoking cigarettes Marlboro red then he starts telling me a story that how today he fuck a Muslim girl in the toilet before he came to my confront him om face telling that I know your cellphone code there was nothing not single message from girl name Sadaf then he told me because it was made up name. he told me that straight on my face he told me that girl he used to fuck that cock sucking Muslima bitch is your sister. I thought he was angry. he was messing with me because I hurt his ego. then he makes me swear on the Quran that whatever he shows me on his cell fone. I won't get mad and support him as a friend because it's his true love stuff like that. so I swear on that then he open hidden folders on his cellphone and there was more than 1000 nudes pic of my sister Huda. from that day I turn a blind eye for my sister Huda and her Hindu lover my best friend Kaushik. I help them a lot I thought it's their true love and now after years later, I find out at that time when I help Kaushik and Huda to go on date. when I made Huda to bunk from her school and sent her on a date with Kaushik. he didn’t come alone he brings his cousin Suraj and working labors who work under Suraj's father workshop as car mechanics they all used to fuck my sister. why workers because they brought a car from them so in return he let them fuck my sister according to Kaushik my sister loved ass fuck do they still her that's Idk because Kaushik moved to India in 2018 may be suraj still fuck my sister idk because I moved back to Pakistan in 2014 my sister got married in 2010 shes still in Saudi Arabia

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