Fire and the flame

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when young nate moves back to his mother's beach town for summer vacation. can he hope to find is summer love and make a day and night to remember before summer vacation ends. (Story place) - Fictional Credits to the picture owner and font owner [© All rights reserved]

Romance / Drama
Ronaldo Nelson
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I was moving to the most populous city in California. Located on a broad basin in Southern California, the city is surrounded by vast mountain ranges, valleys, forests, beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean, and nearby deserts.

Ravenfield is known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, Hollywood entertainment industry, and its sprawling metropolis. It lies in a basin in Southern California, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, with mountains as high as 10,000 feet and deserts.

I looked up at my mother's old beach house and I saw all the missing spots and chipped paints .

This place used to be bewitching, I said and closed my eyes imaging in it's former glory. Everything has changed expect for this house.

I opened my eyes and walked up the steps, I glanced at the beach just beyond the dunes, That beach just over there used to be my playground ever since I was a child.

I walked down the beach, the sand's warmth shifting beneath my feet.I closed my eyes for a second and felt every rhythm around me, turning the pages of my past but only remarkable ones with my mom.This was the thing that I wanted the most.

As I look up, I could see the fresh blue cloudless sky. I slowly take in the waves that crash on the shore. A strong breeze gusted through my hair opening my all my senses at once.

I turned to the east side of the beach giving all my focus to the group of kids who were pretty much my age. They were following lead of a lifeguard.

I watch in intense as the lifeguard shouts each and everyone of them. All of sudden one particular girl caught my eye as I caught hers.

Enjoying the view huh-----

Suddenly An informal hunky, dishy, hot, gorgeous, drop-dead gorgeous, tasty, fanciable, knockout guy with same uniform has others on the group asked me while turned my back.

My name is Royer Acelin, he added.

Nate Tyrone----

I thought of baywatch for a moment, he says. Oh-- baywatch got nothing on me but-- it's nice of you think that I am hot, I repiled.

That's not what I said, he says and I stare at him for a moment and says don't tell me it's not true.

When I glanced at his deep care free eyes it was pointed towards the lifeguard.

So----Do you know-- how much good work he is doing, he asks. I don't know -- you know him or what--- are you like a thing, I asked.

DUDE---Gross Dude--- he is my brother, he retorted.

Sorry -- so are you a lifeguard too, I asked.

Yea-- I am but not good as him-- but don't worry I am here for tourists like you, says he.

DUHH--- I am not a tourist-- I owns that big house over there.

No way --- you own that place, he asked.

Technically it's was my Mother's-- but now it's mine.

Cool, But I know everyone in ravenfield and I would've definitely noticed you, he says.

Because I outstand myself from the others right.

Yeah you do and I guess your are pretty good at it, by the why are you here now ,asked he ,we are here to fix my house up to her former glory and it's summer vacation too, I retorted.

Sounds like a pretty good plan, it seems like we will be seeing each other more often, he said placing his hand on my shoulders.

Yeah-- Aren't you happy because you can see this pretty face over and over.

It's the one of the reasons, if you need anything -- I am you're man, he said with a smirk on his face.

Duhh--- I don't have you're contact-- before I could say anything he takes out my phone from my pockets and typed is number and that twitched my heart and my dick.

Here you go, he says and leave towards the group.

Wait, I called out aloud.

Huh-- whats wrong? He asked .

I flashed my camera in front him, and said now you can go.

You couldn't resist me either right,with that he turns but still I could the see the sly smile on his face when I told him that .

Suddenly, I felt phone's vibration in my hand, I noticed it was from dad.

Seeing the text from dad, I make my way towards the house and straightens myself to welcome dad.

I opened the door and as I place my first foot on the living room, The past washes over me as I take everything in.

Dad, I take the Jump Start towards into his arms, he teeters for a second and I wrap my arms around him.

Nate--- you're getting bigger and stronger,He says.

We have a lot to catch up, it's been almost two years worth.

Well, it's summer and you are free, A perfect time for the best son and dad bonding time, he added.

I am so glad that you didn't bring them, it would have been awkward and be the biggest buzzkill.

Uhh-- About that nate, I should warn you, before he couldn't say anything I said, Dad I was angry at you for marrying her but now I forgive you.

Nate--- I really need to tell you that I actually-----

Before he couldn't finish his sentences, there was a knock on the door, oh it must be the delivery boy, I said but just as it opens---

Hey honey, we had trouble finding this place, After she steps in following her two sons.

Nate, I did invite them-- because its my wife and my children .

I can't believe it--- I told you that it's just gonna be us, I can't believe they are here, Especially after how she and her sons treated me like that.

Nate, respect her -- she you're mother, my dad says in taut tone.

NO, my mother my ass. MY MOTHER IS DEAD the one that carried me for nine months and gave birth to me.

My thick tight wobbly voice made moment of silence between everyone.

Nate, my boy --- I don't know how many more times that we need to talk about that, says Ralphina .

You could have taken pity for me and loved me like a stepson--- but you didn't instead you and you're children treated me like shit.

On the spur of the moment there was a knock on the front door.

My Rancorous ,Repugnant,Repulsive, Revolting,Spiteful,Stinking twin brothers, Marvin and sharvin opened the huge oval, shiny olive-green wooden door.


I could hear the Disembodied orotund voice--- here you go-- thank you for ordering from our store have a good day.

After closing the door -- they started to dig in, saying thanks dad for the pepperoni pizza---

Help yourself out even though you're dad didn't brought it for you, I said.

Ignoring me they continued to fight for more and dig in.

This wasn't the only time , I have felt pity for them ---epicure, gourmet, gourmand, gastronome step brothers of mine.

Hey-- let's eat together like one family, my dad says.

Yeah-- let it all be in the past, she said supporting his words.

Guess what, it's too late for that and I am not really in the mood to hug it out.

Nate-- learn to forgive others, he says.

Oh--- now I am the sinner 'the one who doesn't forgive others' well I don't care because your bitch never apologized to me, but still I forgave her and yet she tried to abuse me so ways that one could never imagine, NEVER IMAGINE..

I Want To Be Alone, I said these words and stormed out through the front door moving aside those douchebags.

I walked in barefoot, cold sand,most gentle hue of gold, almost earthen and muted. The cool water laps at my feet, fizzing and bubbling like brine, Taking me to my past.

Stars filled the sky . It was the promise of life in the darkness, a sense of warmth springing from the cold, just as my mother promised that she would never leave me---but she did.

Tears filled my eyes ,it felt as if my whole world was about to crumble when she died. I dropped down on my knees and screamed with all might. I sobbed, screamed and tears flooded like the waters rushing down from a waterfall.

Hey Tyrone--- Are you alright? .

I heard it again the softly spoken singsong voice, it was Royer's.

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