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How do you cope with the loss of loved ones? How do you manage to move on with your life when the people that made your life were tore away by death? Will the pain disappear? I can't bring myself to forget about them? I can't bring myself to open up to people? I can't do it. Until I met him, he's everything I'm not, sexy and dangerous. I can't let myself fall for him. I can't let myself love again, and if I do, would he love me back? Can he make the pain go away?

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The change

Here I am... I’ve finally arrived to the new house I would call home for sometime, or maybe the rest of my life.

I landed in Chicago 3 hours ago, to say that I was LOST is an understatement. I’ve never been to the states before, this is my first time.

2 weeks ago I jumped on the first opportunity to leave everything behind, the life as I knew it, my family, friends... my comfort zone, I had to leave, I needed the change, I needed to be as far as possible from Paris, from France, from everything I knew. I was tired of pretending that I moved on after what happened 4 years ago.

I recall, a week ago, as I had to tell my loved ones that the american branch of the company I work for, offered me a position in Chicago with a raise, a house and a car. how could I say no? right?

My mom cried and whined about how her only daughter would leave her, my dad and older brother said they were happy for me, even though they would miss me, I hugged everybody , told them that I loved them and that we would keep in touch. My best friend was there too, she was happy for me and joked about american hotties. Little did she know, no one can help me forget, No one.

So back to the house, it was huge, yeah compared to my apartment in Paris, it was a real change. I stood inside the house for a minute to take in my new home. Everything was white and bright, just like I wanted it, a huge kitchen, a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a walk in closet, 2 other bedrooms, a small home office, a bathroom, and last but not least a leaving room with an L shaped sofa.

I always wanted a big house, but now I wish they were here so we can enjoy it, I would give everything to see them again, to tell them that I love them. I wish I died this day, I wish I was the one buried six feet under.

Once my suitcases unpacked, I strolled to the leaving room, as I was about to sit, the doorbell rang, and I went to open the door.

Behind the door, a blond with the most wonderful blues was smiling to me:

“Hello neighbor, I’m Jessica, I wish I’m not disturbing.”

“Hi Jessica. Nice to meet you, I’m Ambre, and no you’re not disturbing me. Would you like to come in?”

“Another day for sure, but for now I came to invite you to our barbecue, all the neighbors are gathered and I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet all of us. What do you say?”

“I.... I.... don’t know, I mean I would love to but... I don’t know if I should?” Actually I didn’t know if I wanted to be questioned about myself, I hate the attention so, I was kind of scared to be the center of it since I was “the meat” around here.

“Oh darling come on, don’t worry we won’t bite” she said grabbing my hand and dragging me with her, I smiled to myself and let her drag me to her house.

Once we entered her backyard, every pair of eyes were on us. I wouldn’t say they were on me since I don’t consider myself as hot, I mean I’m 32 years old, 5′7" tall and sadly 154 lbs so you can imagine all the curves I carry. my waist length hair is dark brown and my small eyes are hazel almond shaped.

Jessica started with the introductions :

“hey honey, this is Amber our new neighbor, Amber this is bobby my husband, and this gentleman here is Lorenzo, bobby’s boss and actually your next door neighbor.”

My god... He.... wow.... no get a grip, you can’t do that, even if this guy is the sexiest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Trust me, everything about him screamed masculinity, virility and power, from his dark hair, brown eyes, straight nose, full lips, broad chest and let’s not talk about his biceps, or, GOD, his strong thighs... I was checking him out! damn, I cleared my throat and introduced myself.

“Hello, Thanks for inviting me and Nice to meet you. Actually Jessica My name is Ambre (O-MBRE) not Amber.”

“Oh sorry dear, you’re not from here right?”

“Nope” here we go with all the questions.

“You have a slight accent, if I didn’t know better I would say you’re french, but you don’t have the french accent” Bobby said.

“Well, bobby, it’s because I’m only half french”

And then what happened kind of hurt my ego, Lorenzo just left. Yeah, I was hurt even if I knew he’s WAY out of my league plus I’m not looking for a relationship, not now, not ever.

So I stuck to Jessica, and we got to know each other, she promised to show me the city and help me settle, to what I was really grateful.

We ate, I chatted with a lot of people, even made plans with a few of them. And for the first time in 4 years I felt normal, I even laughed without feeling guilty about it.

I went back home tired, and all I was thinking about is sleeping. And that’s what I did.

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