Never enough

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When does it become enough? Does it ever become enough? The giving. The taking. A never ending cycle with one person with more to lose than another and yet we sacrifice the little that we have for love....but is it really worth it? Will it ever be enough? When does it become enough? All my life, I've given more than I've taken and it's never been enough.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

She's toxic" they said, "Skinny and lacks the ass and the tits", "controlling and bitchy","not thoughtful like that other girl" well who needs a man to make me feel loved and appreciated and all those other things that men are supposedly supposed to offer?

In all honesty I don't need a man. I am my own man. My own woman, my own child, my own happiness, my own support system, my own friend and most importantly I am my own person. So why do others feel as though I need someone to make me feel complete?

I was okay before before I met him. That vile and disgusting trash that I used to call the love of my life. Ha! What a joke I was or was I the clown that everyone laughed at?

Was the real me ever enough? Was I ever enough? Was I good enough?

I was living and loving the only way I knew how, building and breaking the only way I knew how, crying and laughing the only way that I KNEW HOW but then I met him. Everything in me rebelled against the very thought of him, warned me that this would not end well for me and even went as far as to show me signs. Signs which I had happily and blissfully ignored and signs which raised all kinds of red flags in my head, heart and soul. Signs which I had ignored because "I was in love".

Yet, looking back, I have no else to blame but myself. I should have known better. I should have been better. I should have taken care of myself better. Most importantly I should loved and protected myself better...but it's a little bit too late for such thoughts.


Firstly welcome to my story. I hope that everyone enjoys it. 😁

Written with love and never any hate.

Yours truly


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