Never enough

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Chapter 2

The first time we met was by chance and so were the very few times that followed.

I knew him as the guy who was in the same athletics team as I was. Nothing more and nothing less. I wasn't a 100% sure that he knew my name since I somewhat vaguely remembered his. It wasn't because we weren't friendly to each other but rather that we had never spoken to each other until that fateful moment.

Does anyone believe in "everything happens for a reason?" Because if it doesn't then I must say that I've got the worst of luck ever imaginable.

Excluding the occasional greetings we had when we saw each other, the very first time we met was when I was in desperate need of help. The power has been off when I woke and not only had my mom already left by then but there was also nothing that I could have for breakfast or anything that I could make for lunch or even money to take to buy food at school and so I had decided to hustle the best and only way I knew how. My
friends had pretty much the same morning as me and we were all starving. In the midst of my hustle, I saw Kenny, I was really hesitant to go ask him for help but then I realized that I had no choice but to go and ask him (mind you that my friends weren't helping at all, they were just following me around, suggesting names of people who could possibly help and yet they planned to eat the food that I was gonna buy when I raised enough money). He was standing with some of his friends and I swallowed my pride and I went and I asked for assistance.

He was really confused at first because this was our first encounter away from the track. I contemplated lying to him but eventually I decided to just tell him the truth and I had explained that I wouldn't be asking him if I wasn't so desperate, and that ladies and gentleman, was how he ended up giving me a $10 bill and telling me to buy myself sufficient food and to bring back the change to him (if there was any left).

And that was how we began.

Had I know that this is how this would end, I honestly would have just opted for either starving to death or staying at home that fateful morning, but what's meant to happen will happen....right?

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