Moon Light in Spring

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Vishaka Everly is an adopted child of the Everly family. After her terrible childhood, she finally found peace at the Everly's. But little did she knew about her original family. Opened the right door to go back in the past. Even before the BC. She traveled back in time to her Hometown. The kings ruled. Queens didn't have many privileges. In the past, she was the hidden princess. The young badass girl changed. Or maybe not! Got so entangled into many relationships. Youngblood got plenty of responsibility. Met her true lover in History. But the saddest part is she had to resolve secrets of the monarchy and face blood in war...

Romance / Fantasy
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“Hey, Vishaka come fast. It’s PE class. Hurry up!”

“I want to sleep longer.”

“Dude it’s our first day at college. You know right? We are now in our fourth year. We are seniors. Teachers expect a lot from us.”

“Ya but, ---”

“No buts! I am the class president and your good friend. So come fast!!!”

“Ok (stretches her hands). Where is my PE dress?”

“Here you go (hands over her dress)”

“Ahha, Snow! You gave me the wrong dress!″

″ No babes. It’s yours. You know right that our uniforms are changed this year?”

Vishaka comes out. “Vish, you look DOPE”

“Shut up! Let us go.”

They reach the PE hall. The hall is too big. It is as big as an 800-meter ground. Girls have assembled one side and the boys on the other side.

“Snow, you are late! And Vishaka any plans of coming early this year?” said the PE teacher.

“Sir, we are sorry. I went in search of Vish since she was not present in the hall and she got lost in the new building.”

“Okay, assemble fast”

A whistle was blown. Students assemble.

“Students, you are all in your fourth year now. Don’t forget that you are the seniors. Be a good example. Don’t forget to join clubs. And finally all the best students. Class disperses.” Students are enjoying their time. Vish was the only one who was finding a way to escape from the new building. The new building was very big. Though the building is too old it called ‘new’ because only the fourth years are allowed to stay there. Vishaka is studying in St. Joseph College of Science and Arts in the UK. Vish is busy searching when the bell rang. Vishaka is majoring in Arts. She is a professional hip-hop, Breakdancing, crump and freestyle dancer. It had been her dream to have professionalism. It is hard to describe Vish. She has a medium size eye and nose. She has a few cheek muscles. She is tall and slim, has a tanned complex. If you are going to a club or dancing streets and you don’t know Vish then you don’t deserve to be there. She is a total badass and an amazing dancer. Due to her amazing tanned body and sexy appearance, she was invited to play in movies many times.

Vish reached to her class. Since it was the first day they didn’t have any class and were left free. They began playing the Dare game. Vish got the dare to dance. Too easy. Isn’t it? But she was said to do contemporary. It was a hard job. They thought she would dance like a joker but she danced amazingly. She was also shocked by her performance along with the others. And so she was ignored.

Snow got the dare to talk to PE sir something stupidly. Alex got the dare to go to the teacher’s room and ask for directions. And so the stupid game continued. After 6 pm they left college. Vish was on her way home but got a call about the upcoming dance competition. She was excited and went to her headquarters. It is a place where Vish and her dancing team practice. Her team was unique with different types of dancer and the group consisted of 3 girls and 13 boys. You might be thinking that it is too dangerous but boys were too friendly with Vish. They don’t see her as a woman and if they had seen her in such a way they would have been beaten up by the Great Vishaka. There was only one month left for the competition.

It was around 9 when Vish reached home. Her mom, Katy Everly, and her dad, Hermes Everly were standing at the door, steaming with anger.

“Where were you!!!!!” said Katy.

“Umm …. That I …. I was…” said Vish.

“Where were you dear? We were so worried”, said Hermes.

“Umm, that? Dad and mom sorry. Please don’t be worried I was out for practice. There is a competition coming up. So I happened to come home late.”

“Ohhh…. Dear!!!!!! Why don’t you just go in your car?”

“I think that is good. How about appointing a driver?”

“That would be great honey”, said Katy, and that is how the couples ended up having romance at the entrance.

“Mom and dad get a room! Please don’t do such things in front of your child (laughs). No car! How about a motorbike?”

“Sure!!!” said Mr. and Mrs. Everly together. Hearing the commotion the youngest daughter of the family came out of her room. She is Dana Everly.

“Stop caring for this adopted witch. All you two care about is about her. You don’t love me like before! (Cries)”

“Oh my god! Dear don’t say such things!” said Katy.

“Why shouldn’t I? You don’t love it because I bought all the darkness and she bought all the brightness to the family. Isn’t it?” said Dana.

“Dana! Stop it! Go to your room. You are grounded!” said Hermes.

“Dad please don’t do it---- ‘’, I said

“Fine, I will go. And you (turns towards Vishaka)! Stop your sympathy. If it wasn’t for that priest you would have been in that orphanage forever. You smelled gutters before and you still----” Mrs. Every slapped her face.

“Go to your ROOM! Don’t make me curse on you.” said her dad. And this is how the romantic mood turned into a horrifying mood.

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