Silent Cry

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Mitchell is the new kid at school. Everyone thinks he's a freak. Its true. Maybe. He wears only black. His hair is black. All his clothes are black. But he has the most beautiful blue eyes ever. He's quiet and doesn't seem to have any friends. He doesn't want any either. So he talks to no one. Ethan is a cool kid. He has a lot of friends and he's a very out going person. He's also really bright and is a straight A student. When he sees Mitchell for the first time, he, like everybody thinks Mitchell is a freak. But something about the boy with blue eyes keeps him wanting. He wants to know why he never talks. He wants to know why the blue eyed boy keeps to himself. Mitchell doesn't budge, but Ethan is determined. His determination got him something that he never ever thought he would have. Love.

Romance / Thriller
Bethie Simone
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Chapter One

Ethan has been bored all week. Nothing interesting was going on at school and he didn't like it. The only thing they were made to do was take tests and do homework. Not that he minded though, he loved to take his tests and do his homework. Those things keep him busy. He's also a really good student.

Ethan is the oldest of three children. He lives with his parents and two little sisters in the remote part of Angel Falls. They are not very wealthy, but they do have a lot of money. His parents are mostly out working. His dad is a computer engineer and his mom owns the restaurant in their town.

Its a really loving family and Ethan is thankful for that. He got his first car when he was 16 years old, as a birthday gift. He always liked to make his parents proud and also, he felt like a role model to his little sisters.

He's not a nerd, he actually plays football and he is really good at it. But, they had already played their last game so they were on a break. Without football practice, Angel Falls High was a dead place. Ethan sighed as he flipped the page in his book. Mr. Collins was in class teaching something about anatomy but Ethan wasn't paying attention. Its not like he didn't know what was being taught. He knew it already. He liked to be ahead of his class. But now, he was really bored.

When the bell for lunch came, he felt his shoulders slump as a sign of relief. Finally. He picked up his books and headed to his locker. He saw his friends, Shane and Dave who were also part of the football team, waiting for him. Unlike the rest of the football players, Ethan, Shane and Dave didn't like to bully the other students. They actually liked to help them. Ethan being a straight A student would have been one of the kids who got bullied if he wasn't in the team, so he preferred to help other people like him.

He never understood why nerds got bullied and he wasn't planning on finding out anyway. They all headed to lunch. Ethan and his friends didn't sit by the rest of the team during lunch. This was because, the cheer leaders always sat next to the football players. They annoyed him with their fake laughs, fake boobs and fake hair. Ethan thought everything about them was fake.

One thing about Ethan though was that he was gay. Yes. No one else knew though. He was afraid of being judged by the rest of the school, and possibly getting kicked out of the football team. That would ruin him for sure. What he was more scared of was that his family may disown him if they ever found out about him being gay. He wanted to come out though, but getting bullied and losing his friends and family over his sexuality wasn't something he was willing to risk. So coming out wasn't an option for him. And he decided to let things stay that way.

Lunch was boring. Shane and Dave had their girlfriends sit with them during lunch. Ethan could deal with Meghan and Tris. They seemed to be genuinely good people, unlike those cheer leaders. So they were the only female friends Ethan had in school. His friends had tried to set him up with some other girl, Liz, who was part of Meghan and Tris' trio. Ethan became friends with her for their sake, but when it got round to actually asking her out, he backed out. He knew that they would have had to kiss some time; kissing he could deal with, but all that other stuff, was a no no. He just didn't swing that way.

He never got to apologize to her even though he didn't know what he did wrong. She was angry with him just because he wasn't interested. But her friends spoke to her until she finally realized that if a guy isn't interested, he isn't interested. Ethan knew his friends would be suspicious of him because Liz was a gorgeous girl. He was quite worried about what their reactions would be if they ever found out his secret so he decided to give her a chance.

She didn't sit with them during lunch for the past week because Ethan hadn't asked her out or kissed her yet and Ethan didn't actually mind. He wanted things to stay that way. He could deal with kissing her but he didn't want things to go that far between them because he could never have sex with her. It just couldn't happen. But whenever he saw her with the rest of team, he got jealous. He may not like her enough to be sexually attracted to her, because let's face it, he is gay, but he did like her as a friend.

Apart from these three girls, he didn't really like the other girls in the school. He knew not to judge a book by its cover but most of them seemed like slobs and, as the saying goes, one bad nut, spoils the whole soup. Anytime he was with the rest of the football team, he pretended as if he liked them. Sometimes, it bored him but other times, he actually thought it was funny. To see those girls all over him. He was hot, like really hot. A guy with blonde hair, emerald green eyes, a well-defined jaw line and a crazy body with huge biceps was a rare specimen. He liked the attention they gave him, some even wanting to get into bed with him, but if only they knew.

He had pizza during lunch. Pizza was like his favorite food. Even the school's pizza was nice for him. He listened to his friends as the planned a sleep over that night. He said he would go, after all, he wanted to spice up his day. He went back to his food and minded his own business but that didn't last long.

"Ethan" Dave started and when Ethan looked at him, he nodded over to the football team's table.

"Aren't you bothered?" Shane asked.

He looked over and saw Liz sitting on Maxwell, the captain's lap. He did feel jealous because Liz was totally ignoring him. But he didn't care.


Shane and Dave shared knowing looks with the girls before turning back to him. "Whatever you say bro" Dave said. They both knew Ethan liked her, even if it was just as a friend and Liz was being quite irrational if they were being honest.

The bell for the next period rung and he had study hall. He emptied his tray and headed on out with his friends. He had a few essays to write on History and English so that would keep him busy until the end of study hall. His friends had a math test during last period so they weren't going to bother him much, unless of course, they needed help with something. They began talking about getting snacks and then some alcohol for their sleep over. They were just 17 but his friends liked to get wasted on Friday nights. He didn't mind a beer or two once in a while though. He laughed at Shane's stupid idea of bribing the grocery shop sales girl with sex for a pack of beers, but his laughter was short lived when the front doors of the school opened with a loud bang.

A pale skinned boy with black hair walked through the doors. His bag hung on his right shoulder, he wore black clothes. A black T-shirt, a blacker jacket, black jeans and black boots. His hair was combed to the left and covered his left eye, Ethan noticed. He also noticed that he had two lip piercings. The boy froze in his steps because everyone in the hall way had stopped to look at him. The boy stood there looking at the students and the students were also looking at him.

There was enough tension in the hall that you could hear a pin, if it fell. Ethan looked at the boy and studied him. He looked dull but Ethan saw that he had the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen. He had an immediate attraction towards him.

The rest of the students asked questions like, who was he? Where did he come from? Some also said, what a freak? Oh look he's emo. His clothes look worn-out. Ethan asked himself those same questions but when he looked at the boy's eyes, the only thing he thought was wow.

"What do you think he's looking at?" He asked his friends when the boy kept looking around at all of the students.

"He's looking at you". Shane replied.

Ethan gulped. The last bell for the next period rang and it brought everyone out of their thoughts as they all hurried to class.

During study hall, Ethan couldn't focus on his essays. He kept thinking about the pale boy with black hair and blue eyes. He hoped to get him out of his mind by helping his friends with their maths but the image of the strange boy wouldn't leave his mind. Ethan thought he wasn't a freak but he definitely was strange. He had never seen someone wear so much black in his life. Well, aside from black skinny jeans of course. He and his friends wore black once in a while but it had a brighter colour always to complement it.

The boy though had a weird vibe to him and he couldn't put his finger on to what it was being that he had only just met him. They hadn't even talked, they had just shared a weird moment of making eye contact and Ethan wasn't even sure it was him that the boy was looking at until Shane told him. He still wasn't sure though.

He looked up from his books to look at his friends. They were busy with their work and didn't even seem quite bothered with the new kid at school, if that was what he was. Maybe he was just over thinking. He shrugged.

Soon enough, the bell for last period rung and Ethan packed his books and headed to his last class for the week. English. Sometimes he wondered why English was the last class. He walked quietly to his locker. He jumped when someone tapped him.

"What the hell was that for?" he asked when he realized it was Dave that tapped him.

"Woah, chill mate" Dave rose his hands up in surrender. "You look worried".

"I'm fine, just thinking" Ethan sighed.

"Well, okay then. We gotta go blow up this test" Shane said as they walked away.

Ethan tensed at the mention of test. He hadn't finished his essay yet, he hadn't even started yet. And they were supposed to turn it in today. Last period. He hurried to class and planned on writing at least two essays before Mrs. Twist came in. She was always late so it was a good thing for him, now that he thought about it.

He took his seat which was at the right corner in the back of the class as fast as he could and began his essay. He loved sitting at the back because he could focus on the teacher without raising his head too much, he didn't want pains in his neck. Also, he had very good eyesight anyway. The essay was about the kinds of things that one would like to change in the society if they were ever given the chance. Ethan had already thought about it and the only thing he wanted to write about was how society was stereotypical and prejudice about "homosexuality". He feared that no one would take his essay seriously and the teacher might call him out for being gay. So he decided to change it, and since he had about ten to fifteen minutes before Mrs. Twist came in, he started to write about racism.

Luck was not on his side though, because the minute he put the pen on his paper, she walked in and the class went dead silent. He sighed. Well, no credit for him then.

"As you all know, you're supposed to turn in your essay for your finals today" she began without even greeting the class. She pushed her glasses up the the bridge of her nose and continued. Ethan didn't hear the rest of what she said though because he was too busy trying to finish the paper he hadn't even started.

"Now you all listen up". Ethan's head shot up at the loudness of her voice.

"I've decided to let you have till the end of the semester to turn in those papers". Ethan smiled. That was the best news he had ever heard in that whole week.

"And you'll be presenting it as well".

Not so great news after all, Ethan frowned. If there was one thing he hated, it was talking in front of a whole lot of people, alone. He absolutely hated it. He didn't like to be in the lime light. Being in the football team didn't mean he was that confident, because he wasn't at all. But luckily, he had until the end of the semester to figure out how he would get out of the presentation.

The class went on fairly quickly and when the last bell rung, Ethan along with the rest of the class, gladly packed his books and headed out. He walked to his locker and took out the books he needed for the weekend whiles waiting for his friends. He was going to drive them since Shane's car was at the mechanic's. His phone buzzed in his pocket and he received a text from Dave saying they were waiting for him at the car pack.

He put his phone back in his pocket and walked there to meet them. He didn't see them by his car so he looked around to see if they were with Meghan or Tris. His eyes stopped circulating when they met a familiar pair of blue eyes staring at him. It was that boy from earlier. Ethan was sure the boy was glaring at him, he didn't know the reason for the glare but he wanted to speak to the "strange" boy. He started to walk towards him but as soon as he moved, the boy turned and walked away.

A hand fell on his shoulder and he turned around quickly to look at who it was. He sighed in relief when noticing it as Dave.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say he was looking at you".

Ethan shrugged. He turned round to see if he was still standing there but the boy was long gone. As they walked to his car, he saw Liz walking to them. Oh. But Ethan knew that that boy, who looked like a freak and dressed like an emo, was staring at him.

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