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Grizella Farhat is a young, single mother in her early twenties, still trying to pave a way for her life to move on from all the setback she'd suffered. Things take a drastic turn in her life when a she is interwoven into a psychopathic murder mystery and a man from her past coincidentally shows up into her life again, heralding the genesis of all her problems. What would Grizella do, when she finds out that everything she believed in was a lie?.

Romance / Mystery
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A Long case clock ticked loudly in the distance, each of it’s “tick-tocks” accompanied by eerie sounding chirps of the birds which lodged on the maple tree outside the window.

Gri lay on the floor, crawling towards the bed. Her head was spinning, her knees were bleeding and she couldn’t recall a thing.

She saw a progressive torchlight beam through the window and heard footsteps approaching her door.

Her heart thumped wildly and her eyes darted around the room for any hiding place. On second thought, she decided she would run away instead but even the thought of running away scared her. She knew he would always find her.

The footsteps grew louder, closer.

Gri pulled herself up to her knees forcefully.

He must have figured out she wasn’t dead and now he was here to finish her off. Shaking as a leaf, she quietly pushed her bedroom door shut. She crawled furthermore into the darkness to avoid being spotted.

“Not tonight, Gri. “She muttered , strengthening herself. “Not tonight” She said in a sigh.

She managed to crawl to her bedside . Shakily and clumsily, she lifted a floorboard and brought out a gun. She cocked the gun and pointed it towards the door admist her shaky hands and the uncontrollable tears streaming down her face.

He would be here soon and when he comes, she would be ready for him.

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