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Violet is a 18 year old girl that has specail abilities. She doesn't know how she got them but all she knows is that she has to keep it a secret or she will be a expieroment. She has no family. What happens when she meets Max?

Romance / Drama
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I sat on my bed reading my book as my bedroom door opened.

"Really. You can do anything on saterday and you read?!" My bestfriend Serra said. I rolled my eyes and set my book down.

"Come on we are going to have some fun." She said. I shook my head. "No thanks." I said.

She groand. She jumped on me with a smirk. She started to tickle me. "O-Ok." I laughed out. She smiled and walked out.

I got dressed into black leggings and a white crop top. I put on my shoes and threw my brown hair half up.

We walked up to the entrance of the club and walked in.

She grabbed my hand and led me to the bar. "Tonight we are going to get drunk af!" She screamed. I rolled my eyes thinking that I am not 21 but whatever.

I thought that Serra is right. So grabbed 4 shots and took them down.

We danced for a bit than I felt like I needed water. I went to the bar and got some..I took a sip as my eyes scanned the room. Then my eyes met another. They were green, the most beautiful green I have ever seen. I shook my head and finished my water.

I sat at the bar watching Serra making fun of me for being a loser. Than someone sat next to me. I looked over and saw that he was really drunk. Probably hammered.

"Hey pretty lady." He said. I scoffed.

"You want to get out of here?" He said. "No." I replied.

Than I felt a stabbing pain in my arm. I looked down and saw he was injecting me with something.

I got up and tried running to the other side of the room where Serra is but he grabbed me and dragged me out. He pushed me against the wall and smirked.

With little energy I had left I took out my hand and knocked him away without touching him. He hit his head and fell unconscious.

I felt tired but I tried walking back to the entrance but I couldn't. I fell on the ground.

I saw a figure walking to me. I hoped it was Serra but there were those green eyes again.


I scanned the room looking for I don't know what. There was a girl next to me trying to get my attention.

I than saw that girl that looked at me earlier being dragged out by some guy. I tried to ignore it for a while but I couldn't.

I got up and left the club. U walked out and turned the corner as I saw her laying there almost unconscious.

Than her eyes fully closed. I looked around and saw the guy unconscious.

I was confused on how she managed to knock him out but he was pretty drunk.

I picked her up bridal style not understanding why I am. I would usually just leave her there but I want to do this.

I set her in my car and drove off.

I carried her in my mansion and found a guest room. I set her in the bed and took off her shoes. I covered her up and left.

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