Money and Love

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In between the class, CPL entered informing the lecturer that he had some college work to take care of along with Allie. That was too public. Allie always had an idea to stay low and stay remote but it was getting completely ruined.

As soon as Allie left the classroom, Oliver grabbed her hand and pulled her to the college canteen. He was starving. She tried to escape but he gave her no chance.

“I am sorry, please let me go”, said Allie. And still, Oliver stayed cool and kept her there until the lunch bell rang.

“Please let me go”

“Nope, not at all”, said Oliver.

“Okay! I agree that I work for the principal. Please don’t tell the others.

“So you finally accepted.”


“I will keep your secret. But you will be my errand girl until… we complete our first year. Okay?”

Bell rang and students were coming out. Allie didn’t want others to notice her and said, “OKAY! Let me go now!”

“I never stopped you”, said Oliver smiling and letting her go.

“Aish”, she screamed and escaped from there.

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