Money and Love

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Since Allie now always was around Oliver, others began to recognize her. Allie is a brilliant student. She topped in her class tenth examination and also got into one of the best PU College of the state. But, she hated that she was brilliant. She never had to study. She just knew the answer even without studying. She actually suffers from some neuron problem that made her like that. Since she always topped in her high school days she was pretty popular but got bullied a lot. And the reason was that she was exceptionally brilliant in studies and the other students hated that. She always loved pets. She would always get the stray animals home and give them shelter. But the school bullies went to an extent that they hurt her pets. Allie lost her cool and fought back. All those fights caused her hand to get a fracture. And she also hit her head. The doctor then diagnosed her that her brain had some unique features and that made her exceptionally brilliant but every gift comes with a flaw. She is unexceptionally frail and can’t do sports stuff. If she gets into such stuff it might cause some problem in her brain and hence she could faint anytime.

The errand work was tiring her too much. She took tablets too frequently to keep up with the work. The girls hated her. Her sad past was about to begin again. Allie couldn’t keep up with her reporting. She was late all the time. And when the girls and the guys came to know that she was just an errand girl for the CPL, they began bitching. They did all the odd and stupid pranks on her. The girls poured water on her when she went to the washroom. The guys usually tripped her on purpose to satisfy themselves. That’s when Allie came to know that there were so many sadists in her colleges. She had a really tough time. Meanwhile, the CPL enjoyed it.

Once there was a meeting at the college roof auditorium. CPL had a lot of work to take care of. He asked Allie for help too. Going up and down the stairs, again and again, tired her a lot. While taking care of stage decoration she couldn’t continue anymore. She was about to take her tablet, but suddenly the bully girls came and snatched her tablets away. They began to push her and made fun of her while she was breathing heavily. A shock kinda feeling passed through her nerves and she fainted. The girls still joked around thinking that she was pretending. But when she didn’t wake up even after a minute they began to panic and so did the people around. They crowded around her. One of the biology girls checked her pulse and her breathing. She wasn’t breathing and her pulse was not stable.

“She is dying”, she screamed. Everyone got panicked. Instead of taking her to the hospital, they were deciding the guilty. The girl who checked her ran to the head boy.

“Oliver… Oliver”


“Allie is dying and there is no one to help. Please come fast.”

“Call the ambulance”, said Oliver and ran to the auditorium. When he saw her on the floor he was shocked. He lifted her and said the other students, “You are going pay for this”, in anger, and ran to the ambulance. She was soon taken to the hospital. Fortunately, they went to the hospital where Allie used to get the treatment. So the doctors recognized her right away. No conversation. As soon as the doctors saw Allie they knew what could have happened. They took her to the OT immediately. After a small but long operation, the doctors came out. Oliver was waiting outside the OT for an hour. As soon as the doctors came he ran towards them.

“How is she? What happened? Why was she dying?”

“First of all who are you”, asked one of the doctors.

“I am Oliver, the college president of St. Joseph Pre University.”

“One of the doctors, go and call Allie’s dad”, said the doctor chief.

“Allie is our common patient. She has some unique brain disorder, whose medicine hasn’t been discovered yet. Was she working too much? She can’t do sport or too much physical work because the stress hormones weaken her body in the worst way and she almost died because of that. Didn’t she take her tablets?”

A man came running to the doctor.

“What happened to Allie? Is she alright, doctor?”

“Calm down, Mr. Lee. She is out of danger, but we almost lost her this time”

“Thank you so much for saving her doctor. Thank you so much.”

“This student brought her here”, said the Chief.

Allie’s dad looked at Oliver. “Thank you, son. Thank you so much. But can you explain what happened?”

Oliver almost cried.

“What happened”, asked Mr. Lee.

“I am so sorry Mr. Lee. I didn’t know Allie’s health condition. I made her work a lot. I am really sorry”

“Work is a different thing kid, but she had some bruises on her”, said a doctor.

“Bruises? I am so sorry again. I guess--”

“Did she get bullied again?”, asked Mr. Lee.

“I guess so, sir. I am extremely sorry for not looking after her as the college president. I am really apologetic. Please forgive me”, said Oliver and cried a few tears.

“It is not good. But it isn’t your fault. She doesn’t really tell anyone anything. She is a total introvert. She wasn’t like that earlier. But she always got bullied during her school days because she was a study prodigy. She can’t make friends easily so I hope you can help her out in college. Sometimes I feel it is my fault that she became like this. Because I am always busy with my acting career, I hope you won’t tell the other students about my occupation. She hates to get attention.”

“Sure sir.”

After a week Allie returned back to the college. Oliver visited her every day after classes while she was at the hospital. At first, Allie hated it but later she just got adjusted. Oliver and Allie went to college together that day. That was the day when Allie and Oliver became good friends.

They always hung out together during breaks. They had their lunch together and Oliver always reminded Allie to take tablets. Allie noticed that the girls who bullied her had disappeared. When she asked Oliver about it, he informed that they were under the juvenile law investigation. Allie was surprised seeing Oliver being so gentle to her. While having lunch, Oliver asked, “So your dad is Mr. Lee? The famous actor?”

Allie panicked and kept her hand on his lips to make him stop talking. “Don’t say that so loudly. What if someone hears?” And then she withdraws her hand.

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