Money and Love

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Once, when Allie was walking in the park, she met Oliver. He was jogging around the fountain. He smiled at her when he saw her and continued jogging. That made Allie’s heart flutter. After two more rounds, Oliver came running very fast and looked scared. A dog was chasing him. Allie started laughing loudly.

“Help! Stop laughing and help”, yelled Oliver.

Oliver ran behind Allie and hid. Just three seconds and the dog calmed down.

“What the fuck was that?” screamed Oliver breathlessly.

“When the dog saw you running it got excited and ran along with you.”

“Are you serious?”

“Of course”, said Allie rubbing the dog’s jaws.

“You really get along with pets. Don’t you?”

“Yes. They are the only ones whom I don’t need to care about when I talk. But now I have you. I feel protected and comfortable around you.”

“Thank you. But wait, does that make me an animal?”

“Of course not”, said Allie laughing.

Both could feel that special feeling that they had for each other. Soon Allie became an insider in the college. The bio student who helped her that day, she became Allie’s close friend. Her name was Flora.

Allie shared her exiting feeling about Oliver to Flora. She too had a crush on a senior. She also shared her stuff with Allie.

One day, Allie forgot her medicine. She suddenly started breathing heavily during a chemistry lab. She couldn’t find her tablet or her inhaler. The teacher soon took her to the nurse. The Commerce students had a break at that time. At that time someone saw Allie being taken to the nurse and informed Oliver. Oliver ran to the nurse’s room. He always kept a spare of Allie tablets just in case if she forgets. He gave her the tablets. And she began breathing normally after a few minutes. Oliver hugged her tightly. “You scared the hell out of me, you IDIOT”, said Oliver.

Allie smiled and hugged him back. “I am sorry. I forgot to get my tablets”

“What should have I done if something happened to you? If I had lost you? I can’t live without you”

“I am sorry Oliver”, said Allie and slowly withdraws herself from Oliver. Flora sees this scene.

After Oliver left, Flora comes to Allie and said, “CPL likes you, Allie”

“Really? Why do you think so?”

“It is so obvious”

“Oh my god. That is so amazing, but what should I do?”

“Propose him”


“Yes! That too in front of the crowd. In front of all. It will be amazing”

“But how do I do it?”

“Can you dance?”

“A little”

“You have the answer. It’s your decision, Allie. Don’t lose Oliver”, said Flora and walked out of the room. Allie began to think. She thought of dancing on ‘ME!’ by Taylor Swift. That song has some really deep meaning.

So readers guess what? She danced. In front of a big crowd. In the end she screamed, “Oliver I love you! And I promise that nobody is gonna love you like me!”

Oliver was supper stunned and wanted to say that he loves her too but at that time Flora comes and kisses Oliver and Oliver kisses her back. Allie was shocked. She ran off the stage crying. The principal came there.

“Everyone I have something to say, Oliver is my son and Flora is going to be his fiancée.”

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