Money and Love

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Allie went crazy. She was burning with anger and sadness. Her best friend betrayed her and so did her first love. Between this turmoil, there were the finals (exams) coming up. During lunch hour everyone was laughing at her and she kept herself strong. She was torn when she saw Flora and Oliver having their lunch together. The bitchy girls played their roles.

“Hey! Allie look! Your love is making out with your best friend.”


“Come fast! Guys, check out new CC (campus couple)”

“CC cream”, screamed Allie. “Which brand? How much does it cost? After all, it’s all about money! Isn’t it”, said Allie getting two cups of water in hand and walked towards Flora and Oliver.

“Allie, it isn’t the way it looks. Let me explain”, said Oliver. While Flora held Oliver’s hand warning him not to talk. They talked through their eyes. Allie got supper irritated and splashed the water on their face.


“FUCK OFF”, said Allie and walked away.

“Allie stop”, said Flora standing. Allie turned back and showed the middle finger and gave a scary look and walked away. The people were shocked.

During the evening, the principal calls Allie to report at his office. There was a paper at his desk. It was the scholarship form.

“Take your scholarship and leave my son alone”, said the principal. Allie was super stunned. She took the form in her hand and said, “Mr principal, I don’t need you son nor this free gift of yours” and then she tore the form and threw it to the dustbin. “I don’t want to trouble the cleaners.” That is what she said and was about to walk out, when the principal said, “Don’t regret this, kid”

“No, I won’t!”

Allie was on her way home when Oliver stopped her.

“Go away, Oliver.”

“Please listen to me”

“No! Get lost!”

At that time Mr. Lee came.

“Allie”, said Mr. Lee.


“Aw my darling daughter”, said Mr. Lee and hugged Allie. He noticed Oliver standing behind. “Oliver?”

“You remember me, sir?”

“Of course. You saved my daughter’s life”, said Mr. Lee smiling.

“Dad lets go”

“Why? What happened? Did you guys fight?”

“Yes, sir”, said Oliver.

“It’s late why don’t you have dinner and go?”


“Sure sir”

And they somehow ended up at the dining table. They had their dinner.

“You must leave now. Right? It’s late”, said Allie. Oliver got up to go out.

“I will do the dishes, Allie walk him out”, said Mr. Lee

“He knows the way, dad!”

“Walk him OUT!”


“Thanks for your hospitality sir.”

Mr. Lee smiled and glared at Allie and said her to go out again. Allie and Oliver were walking out.

“Are you poor? Why would you eat at others' houses?”

“Allie, please. Listen to me.”

“Listen to what? Go to Flora. Stop wasting time over here”

“I and Flora are just acting to be in a relationship. My dad and her dad are business friends. And our relationship is also business”

“So, its money again?”

“Yes! You know how materialistic my dad is. If we don’t act well, we will get into trouble”

“Oh… so that is the story? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!”

“You didn’t listen!”

“Sorry”, said Allie smiling. “So it’s all fake, right?”


They were walking and suddenly Allie asked, “So what do you think of me?”

“Think about what?”

“My proposal. Do you like me?”

“Nope. I love you idiot”, said Oliver and hugged her.


“Yeah. I can’t believe that you actually proposed to me. When did you become so confident?”

“It’s because of our love”

“Must be true. So does that mean that we are dating?”


“Finals are coming right?”

“Oh ya! This time I will top the charts. You know I just tore the scholarship form that your dad gave me to stay away from you.”

“WOW! That’s a hell lot of confidence and boldness. Allie~~ so how did my dad’s face look?”

“Burnt eggplant (Brinjal).”

They began to laugh.

“But will you be okay? Don’t stress yourself while reading”

“Okay, honey. I just need to flip the textbooks a bit. You know brain disorder right?”

Oliver blushed.

“Bye Allie”

“Bye Oliver”

So Allie and Oliver started dating secretly. Flora made up with Allie. Now everything was at ease. The board exams ended. The rank list was put on the college notice board. And the rank list showed:


Allie Lee. 1- Allie Lee

Flora Gwen 2- Flora Gwen

…… ……

Commerce CET Business study

Oliver Len 1- Allie Lee 1- Oliver Len

…. 2- Flora Gwen 2- ….

The college was shocked by seeing the results. No one thought Allie was a smart student. But only a few knew her secret.

Allie got her scholarship and continued her second year. The second-year went better than everything. Allie became the country’s 1st rank topper in NEET, Oliver and Flora topped at the state level. All three got into the same university. Allie took Veterinary medicine, Flora ditched her parents and took civil engineering and Oliver continued Business studies.

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