Money and Love

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After three years, Oliver’s studies ended. And he started living in his personal hotel. Allie had to study three more years. Their meeting decreased even though Oliver’s hotel was nearby because of many reasons. Hostel curfew, Oliver was busy attending business works and college work. Allie couldn’t hold anymore and moved in with Oliver. Oliver was happy that he could live with Allie from then forth. They would wake up looking at each other’s faces. Oliver always dropped Allie to college and reminded her to take her tablets. In between all this Flora fought with her parents. Her parents were doctors and wanted her to become one too but she loved buildings and wanted to build them in the future. She was interested in civil and architecture.

One day Mr. Lee came to Allie’s college wearing a disguise. But she was out. The hostel madden said that she has moved out a long time ago. Mr. Lee got shocked. He called Allie.

“Allie, where are you?”

“At hostel dad”

“I am in front of your hostel kid”

Oliver had gone to the bath and had forgotten his towel. “Allie, get me my towel. I forgot”

“Is that Oliver”, asked Mr. Lee. Allie didn’t speak anything. She didn’t know what to say.

“Allie, please get me na. Or else I will come out naked”

“NO”, screamed Mr. Lee and Allie.

“Dad, can you wait at the college cafeteria? I will explain everything”

“Okay, get Oliver too”

Allie went to her room and gave Oliver his towel and explained to him about Mr. Lee. She went first and Oliver came after some time. When she went to the café her dad was waiting for her and looked a bit angry. She got a Choco milkshake and an espresso shot for her dad and sat next to him. She explained everything.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Sorry dad”

“It’s okay. Don’t you ever hide any kinds of stuff from me? Okay?”

“Okay, dad. I will move out soon”

“No need. Stay with Oliver as long as you want. You have my blessings.”

“Thank you so much daddy”, said Allie and hugged him. “How is mum?”

“She returned back with a new haircut. She is too busy lately. You see your mum is pretty popular. Everyone wants to have her for their photoshoots. Oh ya, does Oliver know that your mom is a model?”

“No, I didn’t say him that yet.”

Soon Oliver came. He came and hugged Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee hugged him back and hit his abs.

“Don’t ever hide things from me again. Got it?”

“Yes sir”, said Oliver whining.

“Oliver, I don’t think I ever said you about my mom did I”, asked Allie.


“She is a supermodel. Mrs. Lara lee”

“What the… My god, that’s your mom?”


“I am so sorry that I assumed that you didn’t have your mom”

“What”, asked Mr. Lee.

“Ya, because Allie never spoke about her mom and she was never with her so I assumed so. I am so sorry though.”

“It’s okay. It’s my fault I never said you about her. She is one hella cool lady”

“I would like to meet her someday”


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