Money and Love

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Even though Allie’s parents accepted Oliver, but his dad still hated Allie. After Allie’s studies completed she went to Oliver’s home to get his parent's acceptance. And both his parents said a clear no. Oliver’s dad only cared about wealth. He even humiliated Allie’s job of veterinary. She got mad and left the house.

“Oliver, wait for me. I will come back and prove your dad wrong”

“Allie you don’t need to”

“No, I have decided and I will prove that man that I deserve you.”

She opened her clinic. There weren’t many patients. But one day the paparazzi shot the photo of Mr. Lee and Mrs. Lara going to Allie’s shop. The scandal broke out. Dating rumors started. To avoid trouble they held a press conference.

“My greetings to everyone. I am Jake Lee and I am an actor”

“My greetings to all. I am Lara Lee and I am a supermodel”

“We don’t agree with the media’s news that we are dating”, said Jake.

“Because we are a married couple”, said Lara. Both show their engagement rings. “We are a married couple for twenty-five and a half year”

The media was super shocked. Lara and Jake locked their hands and showed their love to the media. One of the media people asked, “Can you please tell us about why you go to the vet? The video clearly showed that you had no pet with you.”

Lara and Jake saw each other’s faces. They didn’t know if they could say about Allie. But this was the right time for her career to get some attention.

“Yes, we don’t have any pets. We went there to see our daughter, Dr. Allie Lee. She is a veterinary doctor.”

The media was shocked again. Allie became super famous. More and more people came along with their pets. Soon the clinic turned into a big vet hospital.

Dr. Allie Lee, Actor Jake Lee and Lara Lee's family became a hot topic. Allie returned to Oliver. Oliver was super happy to see Allie. He hugged her and kissed and didn’t let go of her the entire time. Then they went to visit his dad.

“Good Evening, sir”, said Allie to Oliver’s dad.

“Good Evening”, said Mr. Polo smiling brightly.

“Dad, are you still against our relationship?”

“When shall we fix marriage date”, said Mr. Polo. That was too fast for him to accept them. After all, that mattered to him was money and Allie was richer than Mr. Polo and Oliver.

“Dad, I know the reason for you to accept our relationship. It is money again. Isn’t it? But dad, you need to know that Allie always deserved me. She is super amazing and extraordinary. In fact, I didn’t deserve her. But I love her only. Only Allie”, said Oliver holding Allie’s hands. And Mr. Polo was speechless.

Soon Oliver and Allie went to meet Flora. She had become a big Civil engineer now. As soon as Allie and Flora’s eyes met they ran towards each other and hugged.

“How is my pet doctor doing”, asked Flora laughing.

“She is doing fine. How is my engineer doing?”, asked Allie.

“All well”, said Flora and then hugged Oliver. They were all meeting after a long time. They went on a small mountain trip on a Sunday.

“So when are you leaving”, asked Flora sadly.

“Soon but I am going to be around”, said Allie.

“HOW”, asked both Flora and Oliver.

“First of all, The Gwen Hospital is opening a new hospital for the pets. And I am the head of that department. And that is the building that you are working on. And one more thing, I and Oliver are getting married soon.”

“WOW”, screamed Flora and hugged Allie. They were all happy. During trekking, Oliver kept reminding Allie to take her tablets. No one had discovered medicine for her brain disorder yet.

Everything went as planned. Oliver and Allie both got married soon. But there was a new problem, their chid suffered the same brain disorder. After many years the medicine was discovered. Allie volunteered to get tested first. She could have died but she survived. And her child also got cured.

And that is how the story ends in a happily ever after manner. Money and Love

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