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'My Name', tells the story of KAI CHUN and KAI CHUN HUA who know each other since their childhood. The two main leads are entangled by their name KAI. Initially, both had the name as KAI only with no second name. this caused a lot of problems between them. Students always made fun of them whenever they got confused by their names. To complete their higher secondary education both decide to go far from each other but once again they end up in the same place.

Romance / Drama
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Hey! I am Kai Chunhua. Actually, my name is just Kai. I lived in Navodaya town, BVR, Ace City, Ace country. Today I am going to narrate my story. My story is not less than a story that you get in a romance novel. I was always pampered since my childhood. I hate to admit but my childhood wasn’t that pleasant. I was originally born in Agrahara country but my parents moved to Navodaya when I was two years old. Navodaya doesn’t really have a big population. I guess it had a population of about 103 but after my family came the population increased to 106. I thought I was going to get a lot of attention as no one could possibly be younger than me. But the 103rd person was a two-year-old boy. We both didn’t just have the same birthday but also the same birth timing. It was 11:09 am, 24 September 1994. He also was a new sense of attraction to the natives. And it wasn’t all. Birthdays or the time of birth don’t really matter much but the name. We had the same name. His name was also Kai. People in Navodaya were old fashioned. They had a keen interest in a male child than the female. I hated to live there.

I still remembered that day at kindergarten. On the first day, when we were asked to introduce ourselves.

“Hi, I am Kai”, said I. but later when Kai’s turn came and everyone started to laugh because that guy was a devil since childhood. He had already talked with the other boys in the school.

He said laughing, “Hi, I am Kai. I am not the same Kai as that tall girl. She basically stole my name”

The rest of the students began calling me a thief. And the reason? That I fucking stole his name. But I hadn’t. I tried to explain to the students that I was named Kai even before coming to Navodaya. But the explanation never matters. Because in Navodaya, only a native’s words are enough. I felt so sick. My mother and his mother were BFFs. Because of their relationship, I could never get rid of him. We went to the same kindergarten, primary, higher primary, high school, and secondary education. I was sure that I couldn’t get rid of that jerk until I end my secondary education. So I thought it was smart of me if I could be friends with him but jerks are always jerks. He humiliated me. So let’s just forget that I thought of becoming friends with someone like him. Things worsened we got hit by puberty. OH MY GOD! How can I ever forget my time in higher school? In high school, if a guy and a girl walk together meant that they were dating. But what am I supposed to do? Kai and I had to go home together or else over moms would gang upon us. Even though we hated walking together we always walked home with each other. If anyone of us was on leave, the one on leave must go to the school to get the other from school. So our behavior obviously made it look as if we had a thing. Our assignment marks always got mixed up. I guess that was the only good thing that would happen to have the same name. He got fewer marks because of me. Hahaha!! But the worst was yet to come. Kai always hanged out with the bullies. I always warned him. But boys at that age just don’t listen especially if it is a girl. One day, during science class, our homeroom teacher announced through the speakers, “Kai, you are requested to come to the teacher’s room immediately. The tall girl.” It seemed like my height had become my tread mark. It was the way teachers differentiated us, not even gender. Yes, my life sucks. So after I went to the teacher’s room I saw an injured kid. The teacher accused me to have bullied him. Well, I was one of the kindest souls in the entire school. But no one knows it. I was so pissed to be accused of bullying.

“I am sorry to interrupt you sir, but I don’t know this kid. I don’t even know his name”

“He is your classmate, Jackson! You better stop this act.”

When I heard the teacher saying Jackson, I remembered that he was one of the silent kid in the class. I remember seeing him getting bullied. But I don’t understand why I was getting accused.

“Hey Jackson. I am sorry for not recognizing you but you need to tell the teacher the truth.”

“I am telling the truth”, screamed Jackson with a scarred face. I have never seen him talk. It’s true that when silence speaks, it speaks out loud. “You bullied me!”`

“I never did that. And how can I even hurt you so much?”

“You got men from our campus!”
“I did not. Teacher, please believe me”, said I looking at the teacher. “He is lying”, said I and broke into tears.

“You are lying”, yelled the teacher.

“But I am not!”

“Do you have any proof?”

“Proof? Proof…”, I suddenly remembered. I always took a photo whenever I saw someone getting bullied. “I have it!” I looked at my mobile phone. I got a photo. But, Kai was standing still in the side. I couldn’t put him a danger to save myself.

“What? You can’t find the proof”, asked the teacher mockingly. “If you don’t have any evidence to prove your innocence you might get restigated.”

That time I thought. I can’t leave this school. If I get kicked out of the school for bullying then I won’t get accepted by any of the school. I had to save myself so I showed the photo of Jackson getting bullied. The teacher was shocked. He let me go and called the other boys from our class and also Kai. All of them got a scolding. Kai escaped saying that he just happened to be there at that time. And the teacher believed him and let go of him. Any teacher would blindly believe him as he is the topper in the school. During the break, the bullies ganged up against me. Their leader pulled me to the stairs. The one good thing that the girls in our class did was to inform Kai that I was taken away by the bullies. He came looking for me. The bully leader cornered me he held my hand and he raised his hand to hit me. Then Kai came and he held his hand. “Don’t you dare hurt her”, screamed Kai. I have never seen him in that form. He bate the bullies and turned towards me. “

Are you alright”, asked Kai worrying. I should have been great full towards him for saving me. But at that time all I could think was that I was in danger because of him.

“No, I am not”, I screamed.

“Why? Did you get hurt”, asked Kai worrying and looked for a wound on me.

“I don’t have any physical wound but I am hurt from inside. I can’t bare your presence anymore. You are the worst. Because of you, my childhood is destroyed. I hate you. Please go away!”

After saying those harsh words I felt bad for him. He didn’t say anything. He said sorry and walked away.

Then I was never made fun of my name. I didn’t know why but no one laughed at me anymore. Kai stopped talking to me. After the end of high school, Kai disappeared. When I asked my mom she said that he got accepted by the school in the district by a scholarship program. He didn’t even say goodbye. I guess it didn’t matter. I could finally receive my secondary education happily. But for some reason, I felt lonely when I walked home alone. Soon my secondary education ended. I wanted to study arts and literature so I applied to an arts university in the district and the capital. I got a mail saying I got accepted in the district arts college. Everyone in the house was happy. Mom went to Kai’s Mom’s place to party. We all took some shots and enjoyed it. But that night I got another mail saying that the acceptance mail was sent mistakenly to me. I was supposed to be sent to Kai Ari and not me. Sad story. But soon I got the letter saying that I actually go accepted by the capital. I didn’t tell my parents until it was confirmed. And I did get accepted to the Arts University in the Capital. But I met my worst but the best nightmare in the university.

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