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"If I'm annoying... Why do you text me then?" "I want to see you smile again" "Okay..." "I'll block you" "Bye Creep" "Wait! Miji!" "Don't Block me" "Im not a creep!" "Then tell me your name" "I can't. It's a secret" ┊  ┊  ┊   ┊  ┊  ┊  ┊ started: 2020|04|01 released: 2020|07|20 finished: ///

Romance / Humor
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"If I'm annoying... Why do you text me then?"


"I want to see you smile again"



"I'll block you"

"Bye Creep"


"Wait! Miji!"

"Don't Block me"

"I'm not a creep!"


"Then tell me your name"


"I can't. It's a secret"


Hello beautiful person behind the screen💕 Thank you so much for reading the pre-chapter of Anonymous💕 Please imagine this srory as a texting story between Miji and the stranger💕 enjoy your stay💕

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