Behind Closed Doors

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At first glance most people would envy Grayson Richards rich and luxurious life, even at second glance and third glance most people wouldn't notice anything wrong with his life except nobody knows what happens behind closed doors. Incredibly rich, gorgeous, popular, has everything he's ever wanted except on thing, real people in his life. At first glance many people have no desire for Emilio Russo's life, a loner, not very many friends, the type of person you never knew was in your history class, except on person craves that life, and that one person is none other than Grayson Richards

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Chapter 1

Emilio’s pov.

Glass shattering, people screaming back and forth.

That was all I heard from my room, the endless fighting between my parents.

I bit my lip and decided to go somewhere else, not wanting to hear them fighting anymore. I grabbed a blanket and a few other essentials and stuffed it into my backpack before tossing it out my window. Swiftly i slipped out of my window and into my backyard, I picked up my backpack and started walking as far away from that house as quickly as possible. Why I didn’t use the front door or any door you may ask? Simply because I don’t want to get dragged in to their fight and end up with a glass bottle smashed over my head.

I grimaced at that thought and headed towards the pond, my only place where I could truly be alone with my thoughts, the only place where I didn’t have to keep looking behind my back waiting for something to be thrown at me by my parents. I stopped close to the edge of the pond and set my backpack down, I pulled my blanket out and spread it out, I flopped onto the blanket with a sigh and looked up at the sunset.

After many hours of being alone and watching the reds, oranges and pinks turn into a deep purple filled with endless stars. I sighed as I stuffed my blanket into my backpack and began the short walk home, half hoping my parents were asleep or anywhere but at home.

I slipped in a quietly as I could, mentally sighing out of relief when I saw my mother passed out on the floor and my father passed out on the couch. Scanning the floor for any glass shards in the way, as I made my way up to my room. Tossing my backpack into the corner of my room I flopped into bed not caring about the clothes I had on and drifted into a dreamless sleep.


I wake up with a groan hearing my father screaming, slowly I walked out of my bedroom towards the staircase to see my father standing at the base of the staircase glaring upwards at me, mostly likely drunk as well.


I winced at his screaming, which is reasonable because it was only 6 in the morning. I sighed and made my way down the stairs, ignoring my father I stepped into the kitchen, grimacing at the mess. Just then my father entered the kitchen look even more angry.


He grabbed me by me the collar of my shirt and slammed me backwards into the cabinets, and began punching every square inch of my body he could find. I groaned and slumped over, my whole body fill with a never ending pain. Once he was satisfied with the work he has done he began gathering all the bottles he could find, one by one be threw them in my direction. I groaned as I raised my arms to attempt to shield my face from the glass shards spraying all around me. Different sized cut littered my arms from all the glass being thrown at me. ” Clean all of this up or you’ll have much worse coming your way.” He spat and walked out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

Despite the pain ringing through out my body I began pulling myself upwards. I began slowly walking forward trying to avoid stepping on any glass. After I got rid of all the glass I trudged upstairs into the bathroom to clean the blood running down my arms, wincing as cool water ran across the cuts.

After I was finished I slipped on a hoodie and a pair of jeans, I picked up my backpack and ran out the door. Panting, I reached to bus stop just as the bus was about to leave, slipping in I scan my bus pass and push my way to a quiet corner of the bus.

I stared out the window, watching cars pass by as the bus continued the dreaded journey to school. Several minutes passed and the bus finally came to a stop at school, everyone began pushing and shoving to be the first one out, something I don’t understand, why would anyone want to be the first person to enter hell?

Once the bus was nearly empty I slipped out into the large court yard, when suddenly my best friend and only friend Danny appeared. ” LIO!!!!!!!” he squealed.

" Hi Danny.” I said tiredly

He took in my tired smile and the dark circles under my eyes, his smile immediately dropped into a frown ” They’re at it again?” He whispered quietly.

" Same as always.” I replied

" Well your always welcome at my house, I’m swear my mom loves you more than she loves me.” he said with a small smile

I chuckle ” I’ll keep that in mind.”

Together we entered the building we call school, when in reality it’s another dimension of hell. I mean like what is there to like about school, the teachers are basically demons, and anyone else here are spawns of Satan. After saying goodbye to Danny I made a quick stop at my locker to leave my backpack in there and grabbed my science books, preparing myself for an hour long class.

When I entered there was the usual class room setting, the jocks all hanging out around one desk, the popular girls all huddled around each other whispering, the cheerleader hanging themselves off the jocks. I sat down in my seat at the back as the teacher entered and began speaking, after explaining our new project she announced ” This project is going to be done in partners and I will be selecting you partners.”

With that the whole class groaned, the teacher was quick to glare back at her class before listing partners.

" Emilio Hill and Grayson Richards.”

My head shot up with surprise as my eyes met his forest green eyes, the rest of his friend snickering.

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