Stone Cold

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Ryder Williams; a cold alpha, loves his pack, and loved by the pack. But pushes everyone else but family and friends away. Dawn Huntsman; a small town girl that’s seen her fare share of bad events, but puts up a mask. They all describe her as the “girl in the bubble” innocent as they come. What will happen when to two come together? The realization of the fact there mates, will they Ryder learn to let go, or will he push her away? *** “Why?” My voice cracked, I wanted it to be strong, I wanted to be strong but at this point in time I didn’t care. “Because your not worth my time” the power in his voice made my knees shake, and my eyes water. He didn’t care, he didn’t care. Only because I wasn’t worth his time, if my broken heart wasn’t already shattered, then this did it.

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At a young age, I was innocent, happy, in my own world. I didn’t understand what it was like to be woman in a mans world.

That was until one night, walking home form grade 8, it was late and dark , 7:30 I think. The person I was doing the project with, their parents weren’t able to give me a ride home. At 13 I didn’t know much, but I knew enough. Enough to understand it want right to be touched by a man who could have been my father. I knew enough, to know that it wasn’t right when he didn’t stop when I asked him to.

I ran, and I ran, I didn’t know were I was going, but I knew it was in the opposite detection I was meant to. My was racing,pounding of my ribs, my pams were sweating, I ran faster then I even did before. It was called an adrenaline rush. I did find my way home, I lost my voice for a few days. When it came back I didn’t way a word about the event, or why it toke me almost 4 hours it get home. I acted like it was normal, like my life didn’t take a 360 in a matter of minutes.

My lose of words and not saying anything after I found it could only be told as denial.

Denial; the action of declaring something to be untrue. I was not in denial, I knew it was true, no I knew I should have said something. But I was scared, scarred for life. My home town has made me the “girl in the bubble” the good girl. I don’t like to hang around people I’m not comfortable with, and the people I am I never stay to long with eaither. Call it PTSD form an unfortunate event, or trust issues. It’s all the same, because one will distance them self, and wish to just disappear. And one day they may.


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