Forsaking the River

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Another death in the Nile, another life going to the gods, Atta is one of the embalmer's daughter. As an embalmer's daughter, Atta is used to the dead and the scent that lingers around them. The scent of the rotting corpse, the scent of the frankincense and myrrh they used to cover it. It stuck to her family never letting them go. Atta was always fascinated with death, and would not fear her impending doom. After all, her people believed the waking world is just a temporary residence for the afterlife that awaits them. What would happen when Atta meet face-to-face with the God of the dead himself? Surely not what she expected. *** This is my take on an Ancient Egyptian romance with the God of the dead. Inspired on the myth of Hades and Persephone. It may or may not be historically accurate, as this is a fantasy book. ***

Romance / Fantasy
Claire Minette
Age Rating:

O - Beacon

This book is the writer’s take on an Ancient Egyptian romance with the God of the dead, Anubis. Inspired on the myth of Hades and Persephone. Please understand that this book is nowhere educational, as the writer is also learning the ways of the Ancient Egyptians. So, this will not follow any real occurring history that has taken place. However, there are some notes on this to clarify things up.

The Gods are not part animal, as that is just how the humans perceive them. They may have some certain shape-shifting powers that enables them to turn into the forms perceived by humans.

No, this is not a werewolf book, but it will have similar properties as our main male lead will have Jackal/Wolf/Canine form. And, so does the other gods (with their respective animals and/or form.


Words that might need explaining:

> Passing One - is the word for the person who has recently died and has not received any funeral ritual. It's passing because they are trying to cross to the afterlife, and will be considered 'Passed One', when they have been properly buried.

> Passed One - is the word for the person who has been properly buried and given a funeral, and thought to have passed on to the afterlife.


Enjoy the story! 😊

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