A Military Affair

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Chapter three


“Morning ladies let’s get our full kit on and fed today is going to be a long day” after we completed our morning routines and got dressed we made our way to the dining room today we decided to follow the rules and we had our hairs all in low buns ready to teach our replacements. we were eating it was 0500hrs they were late “they have 5 more minutes then we will cold bucket them” I said before smirking. These Americans never kept to the time five minutes went by fast we were at the ready with our noise makers and buckets we entered there tent and spilled the water and blew the horn they weren’t prepared for the “ gentleman at what time were you expected to be at the training ground? You are all late so when you have your shit together I want you to do 10 laps!!!!” I commanded before leaving the tent and to my surprise there captain James was with his full kit on “nice work ladies it’s about time we teach them a lesson” he laughed “oh what you think your exempt captain James it appears that you are also late so begin your ten laps “ you can’t be serious I’m the captain ” he frowned “I’m always serious and I’m also the captain” he rolled his eyes and with that he began his jog around the grounds. It was 2hrs into our session. We had a team of 3 men all from the British army and they had a team of 4 me and James were assigned a joint training session whilst the rest of our team just completed there daily training and had the rest of the day off. Leaving me and James alone oh boy

“Right we are going to start of with a mile run” I stated “this is your warm up so get started” James finished off. The men took off for the warm up as me and James watched “ so.. are we going to talk about last night” James broke the ice. I could feel my cheeks heating up it’s a good thing he was stood behind me I composed myself before turning around to face him “look James what happened last night was a mistake it’s inappropriate.. we”

“ No Aliya it wasn’t a mistake I love you why do you have to always be so closed off we are both leaving soon oh yeah the told me that you are also retiring from active duty.. why.. why can’t we just allow ourselves to be true to our feelings” James stated

“We can’t ! My life is in the UK yours is in America this won’t work out I don’t want whatever this is to end badly.. look we are having fun let’s just keep it that way” I was so glad I wore my sunglasses because emotions were about to flood out of me I turned my back to him

“Aliya please don’t do this” James said “not again allow yourself to fall in love everything will fall into place” he said

“Look I think we need to stay away from one another to keep this whole thing professional and leave this tour in one peace” I said I hated myself for shutting him out again but I just couldn’t trust easily. My dad treated my mother badly cheating on her with severely different people making her so depressed that she tried to take her own life I was the one to pick up the pieces it all started when I was just 6 from then I promised I would never allow a man to do that to me my mother died when I was 18 which made me join the army as an escape from my father and his new family to be honest if it wasn’t for the girls there was nothing for me in the UK and a new life with James wouldn’t be such a bad thing I’m 28 years old and ready to settle down.

Me and James stayed away from each other for the last three weeks of our tour throwing everything we had into our training sessions. Tonight was the last night so we were having a last night party at camp “hey hunny how are you feeling” Nina entered the tent early on I had a stomach ache making me vomit about a million times after our training session I took my leave and slept for the rest of the evening “ I don’t know where that came from but I feel a lot better now” I said getting up to get ready for the evening “ do you think you could be pregnant?” Leanne said making us all laugh then I realised “oh fuck” I said “no....” Nina said “Leanne do the have any pregnancy tests in medical” I said 3 weeks ago when me and James had our reunion night we did it so many times that even I’m not sure if we used protection at all how could I be so reckless “don’t worry we are leaving tomorrow nobody needs to now... you might not even be pregnant the food here is hurrendous anyway” Nina said trying to reassure me but I knew I had a stomach of steel I’m never sick. “Here I got you a few do you want to take it now or” Leanne said “I’m going to take it because I want to get drunk tonight” I said to them before leaving the tent I took the first 3 and waited for 2 minutes it felt like hours but the time was up I didn’t look at the tests but put it straight in my pocket and back to camp I saw James on the way he tried to talk to me but the nervous made me act like a complete bitch and I walked faster and straight past him . “ I can’t look” I said to the girls “that’s okay hun is it in your pocket” Leanne said making her way towards me “ yes in my right pocket” she get them out and walked towards a nervous Nina her face said it all “ your 3 weeks pregnant hun” Leanne said with that I fell to my knees crying what was happening to me I’m not an emotional person I couldn’t understand it when I was about to cry talking with James the last but it all makes sense it’s because I’m pregnant “I don’t think I can face James tonight or the smell of food” I said to the girls it’s okay hun we will stay in tonight “ no way it’s our last night you girls have fun” I said to them giving them a hug “it’s fine we are going home tomorrow” with that the girls left the tent to party the night away I just laid in my bed crying myself to sleep I had made such a mess with James he won’t want me or anything to do with this I’m going to have to do this alone.

I was drifting off to sleep when I heard a familiar voice “hey” I got up so quick wiping my tears away that I felt light headed losing my balance “wow wow” James caught me and helped me back into bed “the girls said you weren’t feeling well but this is bad shall I call a doctor for you” I smirked I am a doctor I’ve just can’t keep anything down so I have low energy” I said lying through my teeth I’m carrying your child which is making me sick I screamed in my head “ I just wanted to clear the air” I cut him off “ look james I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch and well you don’t.. didn’t deserve it, I want you to be happy live your life” I said to him “no Aliya I can’t.. I can’t live my life if it doesn’t have you in it.. I love you I alway have and I always will” he said making me well up “I’m not the women for you” i said “yes! You are ... you are just the women for me” before I could even reply to his comment he kissed me “i love you and that won’t change” I didn’t know what came over me but I just blurted out “I’m pregnant” i wanted to see his reaction this was important as it would make or break our future together he kissed me again “you’ve just made me the happiest man alive” he said making me blush “ I love you James” I said which was a shock to me as well “and I love you so much more than you will ever know... but that won’t last long if you keep calling me James” he said making me laugh “ I love you carter” I said before we kissed again my last night at war was the best night my future was looking bright this baby inside me was already loved so much.

6 months later

“Morning baby mama” James said as he brought me breakfast in bed wearing only boxers his rock hard abs made me drool “eyes up here madam” he said “oh well it’s not my fault that my husband is irresistibly handsome” I said before kissing. Me and James said ‘ I do’ 4 months ago we wanted to do it before the baby was born to make our union more permanent James became the CEO of his families company in America so I moved to America with him but I FaceTimed and called Leanne and Nina everyday they were coming in a few weeks for my baby shower I was so big we going out two months ago that I was having triplets which we were so not ready for. I never thought that I would be happy I thought the world was going to be as toxic as it was for my mother I cut all ties with my father due to recent events.


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