A Military Affair

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Chapter 4

Me and the girls got ready to fly back to England. Me and Carter spent the night together, both of us would have to fly to our military bases so mine was England and his was America. Him and his team left earlier on so it was just me and the girls waiting for our flight. The time is now 13:00pm our flight would be leaving at 17:00 so we had time.
“Hey girl, how you feeling” Nina said with Leanne following. “Hey, I feel much better today Thanks to this” I said waving some raw ginger. One of the nurses I worked with swore that ginger was the only thing that helped with morning sickness thank god for her.
“So what’s the plan when we get back” Leanne said with a face like a slapped ass. “Well I’m going to stay in England for a while, I have things I want to sort out, why the sad face” I answered. Leanne starting crying at that, “ this is all I know I can’t believe I’m going back to normal life, I spent so many years here this may sound crazy but... I... I love my job” she sobbed me and Nina both got up to hug her “ I know my love” I soothed her. “ we finished our mission if you want to truly return... you can” I said “I’m sorry Leanne, I won’t be returning thought” I quickly added. We both looked at Nina “DR Roberts, offered me a consultant surgeon role back in London... it’s my dream job...I...I” Nina stuttered “ it’s okay we always knew that we would eventually go our separate ways right?” Leanne added “yes but we are sisters forever nothing will change that” I said. We all hugged, before continuing our packing 1hr left before our flight.

“So you going to see your dad when we get back?” Nina asked “yes, I think it’s time I spoke my truths” I lied I was terrified of seeing my father again, I wanted to kill him the last time but I was too weak. Now I am a top class assassin he’s going to regret crossing me pregnant or not. We boarded our flight, I was flat out as soon as I took my seat whew being pregnant really takes the life out of ya.

“Wakey wakey!” Someone shouted “shit! How long was I asleep for?” I jumped up “the whole flight we are in London let’s goooo!” Leanne said Nina laughing in the background. We had our debrief and then it was back home for us. Families and friends would usually be waiting but for me that had never been the case Leannes mum and dad were always present and Ninas sister. “Hey, you are coming with us right?” Nina said they always felt bad so one of the girls would always offer me a ride. “ Aliya!” A familiar voice shouted, anger grew inside me. As I turned to see the one face I hated most “ Alan” I turned around “ it’s been a while how....” my words got stuck in my mouth as he pulled me into a hug. Then I seen her.. Rebecca my mums best friend and the women who my father cheated with “ what is she doing here?” I asked anger all over my face “ oi you little runt don’t you dare speak of me like that” she said I was about to swing her jaw but Nina beat me to it “ who you calling runt you whore” she shouted before trying to jump her I held her back and whispered “ i got this you go home to your family and tell Leanne to do the same, I’ll call you” she calmed down and left. “ shall we go I’m rather tired” I spoke handing Alan (my father) my bags him and his whore walked behind me. Alan flashed the lights to a Tesla which was shocking to me when did he get rich “ nice car” I said as he placed my bags into the boot. “ I gifted it to him” Anna answered or shall I say the whore. “Did you know” I said before hopping into the car. I called Alan before leaving I told him that I wanted to sort things out with him he said I could stay with him for a couple of days until Carter would fly down to see me. The drive was all too familiar, no fucking way the audacity my mother’s family home. No way did they live there, they pulled up to the drive. “You live here!” I shouted “that’s it I’m staying somewhere else I thought I could do this but I can’t I hate you both! I should’ve avenged my mother properly ages ago” I shouted flying out of the car I walked back down the street I knew they had a bus stop nearby. I can’t take this anymore. I got on the bus to take me to Victoria station I called Nina on the way and she said she would meet me there. “Hey, I’m so sorry” she said hugging me “ I fucking hate them, never again” I sobbed. “ you dont need this stress you are staying with me in Manchester” she said hugging me.

That night Carter rang me “ hello my love how are you and my son” he said “ hey babe.. son you mean daughter” I laughed “ I’m okay..” I added “ I know that sound. Come on what’s wrong?” He asked and just like that I was crying again “oh baby, what’s wrong tell me” he asked worriedly “ I...I seen Alan again and my new stepmom they moved into mums family home” I cried “ they did what that’s it I’m booking a flight I’m gonna kill him” he was fuming “ wait Alan just texted me”
Alan: Hey things did not go very well. I am having a retirement party at the Albert hall on Friday 6pm I would really like for you to come you are my daughter and it’s time we sort things out.

“That man has got a lot of nerve, I can fly to you on Wednesday, how that” Carter said. “Are you sure baby I thought you had stuff to sort” I answered “no my baby needs me most I love you” he said “I love you more, it’s 3am here I best get to bed night” I said “ goodnight babe” he answered hanging up the phone. Today was Tuesday, I left my stuff in my dads car so it meant that I would need to go shopping and my bump was sorta showing now. It is currently September so it’s not too cold out I wore some dark blue jeans brown heeled boots and a brown jacket that I borrowed from Nina i had my hair down. I had wavy light brown hair but it needed some serious TLC. The day went lovely I got a lot of maternity clothes and shoes and some sexy lingerie for Carter tomorrow. Being pregnant has made me want Carter so much more.

We spent the evening watching movies and chilling I told the girls that Carter would be coming back but we were going to stay at a hotel, although they were more than happy for us to stay with them I thought it would be nice for me and Carter to have some alone time.

“Oh god.... I’m coming... oh... faster” I panted. I think it’s obvious Carter is home. He jammed into me harder and harder until my legs gave out and I was a quivering mess. “Oh how I’ve missed you” he said before putting me on my back and kissing me with so much passion. “ I hope you don’t think I am done with you” I said quickly straddling him I began to ride him slowly to tease him he grabbed onto my now enlarged breasts and squeezed hard arousing me I moved my hips seductively until I felt his cock enlarging and all his veins and before I knew it he filled me up. He pulled me off of him and pulled me to his chest. “How did I get so lucky” he said in a haze. I looked up and met his lips one more time. We got up and showered together as we prepared for our day of touring Manchester and of course shopping. “So you thinking of going tomorrow” Carter asked “ absolutely not” I answered looking around a very expensive shop “this may be what you need to.. you know stress a little less, you know it’s not good for our baby” he said “yeah you’re right but these events are huge and he’s going to have the London elite there we have to look the part” she said “and we can do exactly that” he winked. I reached into his back pocket and yanked his wallet out. “Let go crazy” I smirked he rolled his eyes “anything for you babymama” he replied giving me a peck. They say went on with me trying in several dresses and Carter trying on several suits.

I picked out a off the shoulder right red dress that was Full length flaring at the end. Carter picked out an all black suit with a red handkerchief to match with me. We were ready to tear up the party. I also got a pair of black Loubs for the occasion why not I’m not paying.

It was Friday afternoon ninas sister brought round her team of stylists. Ninas sister owned a beauty company that did hair and makeup for celebs and tonight I was there client. The straightened my hair with half hanging off my shoulder they put on natural but glossy makeup on for me with a red lip I had on diamond earrings and a black clutch to Mach my heels. The dress was tight and this morning my bump finally popped although I’m still early on in the pregnancy being 3months this baby was sure as hell gonna be a large baby at this rate. I went to the hotel lobby to meet Carter as he’d been waiting hours the time was now 3pm and we had to be in London by 6pm. Making my way through the lobby I hear a wolf whistle I look around and see Carter looking as handsome as ever “who me” I asked cheekily he nodded before flashing me a smile people were now staring and Carter could sense my embarrassment as he grabbed my waist “ you my darling are going to be the death of me” he said in between kissing me. I pushed him away jokingly “ come on, you flirt we are going to be late” I said before leading the way *smack* I gasped he did not “ and that ass” he said as I grabbed hold of his hand pulling him to the exit “ come on we are going to miss the train” I said pulling him “train? Baby we are doing this in style” he said flashing a black Lamborghini “Carter what the hell!” I shouted “get in baby” he said opening the car door for me. We were now on our way to London in less time than I initially imagined.

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