A Military Affair

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Aliya is one of the best sniper handlers in the world. She is lead of an all female squad called the death squad. Currently fighting in a war zone in Baghdad they are joined by the American special forces. They have been assigned to work together and safely return home what happens when old feelings return MATURE CONTENT

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One- arriving in Baghdad

Captain James

“Captain James sir welcome to Baghdad” drew said to me him and his team where leaving and me and my boys were just arriving they told us last minute that our British team will be leaving because there was another team that are more skilled for this mission whatever that means. “ I guess our tour has been cut short but I’m sure you and the boys can handle yourselves” drew said smacking my shoulder and boarding the mini bus back to the airport. I placed my bags into my tent whilst all the boys did the same before we meet for our briefing.

“ all right alpha section” I shouted “ sir!!” They responded my team included 4 men who were picked out personally by myself as the best of the American army we didn’t need no help from the brits we had this well under control. “our first mission will be at the hospital we have had intel that the taliban are going to be targeting the central Baghdad hospital, we need to enter and leave undetected is that clear” I said “sir yes sir” they shouted and stood on my command “ let’s get some food and rest mission will begin at 0400 hours” I said before leaving “captain james ” Sargent Reynolds said “sir” I said whilst entering the dining room “ I have been liaising with the British forces they have a team that have been working within that particular hospital for the past few weeks they say that tomorrow is there biggest day so don’t mess it up for the American will ya” Sargent Reynolds said before standing up and leaving the dinning room I wonder what team that would be the last time I recalled the British best was the death squad but I haven’t heard anything about them in a while I mean what do you expect from an all female team would never have worked.


“Dr Ahmad... Salam how is everything today” Nina said “everything is well hopefully today will be another easy shift ladies” I responded to Nina whilst smirking at Leanne. We were all real life medical professionals before joining the army me and Nina were surgeons whilst Leanne was a nurse that’s how we did our missions within the hospital that’s were the best intel was we had our military packs dotted around the hospital so we were always prepared for an attack but today was the biggest day our intel points to a Taliban raid today. We are going to smoke these motherfuckers. I wore a hijab and my scrubs with a lab coat Nina and Leanne did the same so there weren’t any questions about where we are from and we all spoke pashto really well so we fit in really well. I had olive skin with light brown hair and green/hazel eyes Leanne was your basic white girl but we got her tanned and hid her blonde hair she had blue eyes Nina was born Arab she had light brown eyes and dark brown hair and slightly darker skin than me but that was due to being in the sun our last mission. We all kept our first names but changed our last names to less obvious once to fit in really well we were Aliya Ahmad, Nina Makhadoum and Leanne Al Saed

“Dr Ahmad” Leanne called for me we entered one of the surgery rooms “what is it Leanne?” We have had reports that there are 5 suspicious males entering the hospital. “Who knows of this?” I asked her “just me you and general Fadez” she said general fadez worked with us he was from the afghan army. “ I’ll go and check it out” I said to her “hey don’t forget your covering” she said to me. Seeing as we were within a Muslim country we had to make sure that we wore appropriate clothes so when leaving the ward we wore a full length dress and a face veil. This was helpful for us because we could get in and out undetected. I walked through the hospital and towards the area that the men were. By the way they were dressed they were no taliban there clothes were clean skin light they were military I scoffed gaining attention from one of the them who looked like the captain he looked at me but because of my face veil he couldn’t see I was looking directly at him. Well well I recognised him from another mission captain James the Americans are here I guess these clowns are supposed to be apart of our team then. I left the foyer to report back to Nina and Leanne before I could reach the stairs I was dragged into an empty surgery theatre by none other than captain James he came alone which wasn’t wise. “Who are you?” He asked whilst trying to remove my veil “ seriously? You are going to do this here you know what they do to men like you here” I said he scoffed recognising my voice “ aliya?” He got up before helping me up too I removed my veil and stared at him whilst smirking “you and your boys are way too obvious you are going to get us killed I said to him he cupped my face “my little tea cup don’t you worry about us we are fine I mean we are the best army in the world” I removed myself from his grip “ James sweetheart you wouldn’t last a day out here without us... make sure your men don’t screw this up” I said before taking my leave I had my veil back on I got back up to the ward when I heard gunshots I made my way to one of our equipment locations to get suited up Nina and Leanne would be doing the same right about now I guess it’s show time ladies.

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