A Military Affair

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Chapter two

I ran down towards the secret stress room I noticed the door was closed which means the American pussys have decided to hide than help, my sniper and other equipment was in there along with a a changing room so I could get suited Leanne and Nina both had there own designated areas as well. I entered the room after plotting in the code to be met with 4 guns pointed at me “ Well hello to you too” I said realising I still had my veil on I lifted it “ I’m captain of the British special forces I needed to get my equipment do you mind?” I questioned whilst staring at James “yes be quick” he said “ well.. well look at your ‘amazing’ team hiding out here like a bunch of pussies” I said entering the changing room I wasn’t in there long I came out wearing my all black military outfit I had a band around my thigh holding my knives and I had a bullet belt across my chest I wore a black fleece I came out of the room whilst placing my snood over my face and picking my sniper up I made my way out of the room “ see you on the other side pussies” I said before leaving the room. “


“who the fuck was that bitch talking to like that sir I would smack her one” Stewart said he was my second in command “ that was aliya she’s captain of the death squad” I answered in shook at what just happened omg she looked sexy like that I wanted to see more. “ what the all female squad I heard they are ruthless killers” nic added “ fuck off boys let’s show these bitches whose boss what do you say captain?” Ben added “wait we haven’t heard from mike in a while” I asked the boys “ I spoke into my walkie talkie “ Mike do you copy?” There was no answer for a few seconds “sir.... I’ve been hit” Mike said whilst coughing “where are you we are coming to get you” I answered him “ don’t worry the brits to the rescue” a female voice sounded these girls really knew what they were doing my team looked stupid right now. The firing started to become lighter than there was a bang on the door and two people entered dragging mike in with them they were both veiled but one of them removed there veil she had blonde hair and blue eyes and the other one removed her veil she had dark hair they were both pretty this all girl team is going to become problematic for my team it was already for me just the sight of aliya turns me on. “He’s been shot in the leg he’ll survive under that desk there should be a first aid kit could one of you grab it” the blonde girl said she removed the rest of her veil to reveal a black army outfit she carried grenades and knives in her waist belt the other girl had a machine gun and a few pistols theses girls were heavily armed putting me and my guys to shame with just our rifles. Then entered aliya she was covered in blood “don’t worry it’s not mine” she said with a big smirk. “Stitch him up quickly ladies we need to move” she commanded to the other girls. “Is it only you three?” “Yep can you believe it between the three of us we took out a whole army of men whilst you 4 hid here” she laughed at us her sniper was strapped to her back that thing towered her “listen little lady we don’t appreciate you bad mouthing us we either work together to get out of here safely or go our separate ways?” I asked her “the way I see it we are the only chance of survival you and your friends have we are medical professionals you need us as we’ve already shown you that” she laughed whilst walking past me. Mike was all stitched up but was visibly weak “ boys get mike up we need to get out of here and back to camp” I said to my team “sir!!” They shouted I walked over to aliya “you need to turn it down a notch we are now a team let’s get our team out of here” I stuck my hand out for her to shake it. She looked at my hand and back to my eyes before grabbing her bag and putting her snood up the other girls did the same before they exited she said “ follow us” with that we left the hospital and went onto the trucks I sat opposite her and we stared at each other the whole journey I was raging with anger at her disrespect but she was finding this all amusing. We got off the truck as we were now back in base went to the meeting tent with everyone.


me and my girls went back to camp with the Americans our Sargent was there so at least we had another Brit in charge to back us up if we needed. “Captain Nichols!!” Sargent Wolfe said walking towards me and the girls we all stood in our respectful form (my real surname was Nichols) “as you were ladies, it’s good to see you all again” Sargent Wolfe said “ it’s good to see you too sir” I replied I could see an angry captain James talking with his Sargent whilst staring at me “ I think I’ve upset the Americans sir” I said to Sargent Wolfe whilst laughing and nodding to an angry captain James captain Wolfe turned back to us and couldn’t resist smirking “you did us proud yet again ladies don’t worry about them why don’t you get cleaned up and get some food we will debrief af 2000 hours “ Sargent Wolfe said “ yes sir” we all said in unison. I looked once more at captain who was now absolutely livid and winked that will send him over the edge I’m sure of it. We got showered and dressed in our correct army gear without our weapons and made our way to the dining room. Me and my girls didn’t always play by the rules so I had my hair up in a ponytail whilst Leanne had hair her down and Nina had her fringe out. We really couldn’t give a shit at this point. We entered the dining room which went all quiet I looked back at Nina and Leanne smirking as we continued our way to join the long line. We were chatting amongst our selves when I noticed an angry American walking towards us “hello captain James how may we be of service to you” I said sarcastically “ can I have a chat with you aliya” he asked “ you may” I said before following him out of the dinning room he was more than a foot taller than me and had extremely long legs “ umm hello kind sir may you walk a little slower I only have short legs” I said sarcastically whilst jogging a little to catch up to him he then grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a little cabin which I believe was his as I spotted his name badge on the table. “Ooo at least by me a drink first before taking me to your room” I smirked at him “ what the fuck was that aliya?” He raises his voice whilst pacing in the room “I don’t understand what you mean” I said acting confused although I knew what he was talking about “it’s been 8 months and I’ve heard nothing from you?” He said “listen babes so we slept together on our last mission big deal” I said whilst taking a seat on the table. “ it was a big deal and we didn’t just sleep together we were practically partners I loved you aliya” he said he was now sad as he stared at me I started to feel bad for him “look James hun you loved me past tense I’m sure you can move on besides I told you I’m not a realationship kinda girl” I said to him I tried to climb off the table but he grabbed my waist and kept my in place “ I can’t move on I thought I could but I can’t I want you to be mine I want this to be our last tour let’s be together in the world” and with that he kissed me passionately he lifted me up off the table I straddled him he carried me to his bed whilst still kissing me he moved down to my neck oh my god I was absolutely loving this but I can’t do this I shouldn’t this was my last tour but I didn’t want to tell him that I was stubborn and wanted him to earn me. He removed his shirt and began kissing my lips I rubbed my hands down his abs rock hard oh this man was a dream. “ I’ve missed you” he moaned on my lips with that I straddled him and spun us over removing my top leaving me in my bra he grabbed a hold of my breast under my bra and squeezed making me moan “ I hope you Locked the door lover boy” I smirked on his lips before kissing him again he spun me around and began removing my bottoms in one move I was in my under wear “ ooo what do we have her” He said as his hands travelled down south to meet my wet womanhood I was so ready for him I’ve not been with anyone for the past 8 months because he fucked me so good the last time I never felt that I could be satisfied the same ever again he began kissing my womanhood over my panties he moved it to the side and began assaulting my clit he placed a finger inside me and began thrusting I arched my back and placed my fingers through his hair pushing him further into my womanhood “don’t stop” I moaned whilst he continued his assault I was so close I clenched my walls and found my release my legs were shaking as I came down from my high my eyes were closed but I could feel that James was on his feet removing his bottoms and before I knew it he was inside me thrusting hard oh he was so big “ oh my god James” I moaned it was painful the first few seconds but it was soon pleasurable very pleasurable he rested his head in the crook of my neck I bit down on his neck making him moan we were at it for what felt like hours in every position it was dark now and James has his hands wrapped around my waist my head was on his chest our legs were intertwined he was snoring lightly after all that i put his ass to sleep. I got myself out of his grip without waking him he turned away from me and continued to snore I got dressed and composed myself before leaving his room. I ran back to my tent with the girls and they both switched on there light “ you got the good good didn’t you” they both laughed I joined in before shushing them “ oh god I missed him” I said with that Nina threw her pillow at me “ that’s filthy girl” she laughed “we are going to stay her for the next three weeks but only for training purposes as this is our last tour before going back to our real careers” I frowned “Well it was fun while it lasted and anyway we’ll be working together as always back home” Leanne said ”Aww girls we have come a long way together” I said with a frown “sisters forever” Nina said before we all joined in for a group hug “eew aliya you smell like sex have a shower” Nina and Leanne said in unison making me laugh “ night ladies we have a long day ahead of us I said whilst hopping in the shower. I couldn’t believe it me and James were back on I guess oh wow that sex was magical I can’t wait to see him now. I got ready for our meeting with Sargent wolfe. We all went to the tent to meet with Sargent Wolfe the meeting was short they informed me that it was also James’s final tour here and that we were going to be training our replacements mine was a male I know can you believe it well he won’t be as good as me but he can try all I know is that he’s too kind and needs to be ‘manned up’ before taking over from me whatever that means.

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