Amanda triplet

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Amanda is a sister out of a family of 8 kids she is a triplet 2 brothers "can you move over your in my space" I grumbled at my triplet brother

Romance / Adventure
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Amanda triplet

“Can you move over your are in my space” I grumbled at my triplet Ethan “ok, ok you know Amanda we are in a van and not in a house” Ethan replied in sarcasm “kids calm down we are almost to a town and we will get a hotel” mom said from the passenger side up front “yea you two keep it down” my other triplet Liam added on the other side of Ethan (we are moving you have met me and the triplets we are 14 years old we have a older brother Adam 15 sitting in front of me with headphones on but I can still hear the rap music. After me and my brothers is 13 year old Jayden sitting next to Adam reading a comic book with a flashlight because it is dark and sitting to the right of him is Michael 11 years old asleep HOW IS HE ASLEEP and in the two front seats are the 9 year old twins Troy and Jessica watching Sophia the first on mom and dads headrest the twins both have headsets so they barely hear anything and mom is telling dad were the next town is and the Exits this is how we have been traveling with a trailer for two days) “Jayden wake Michael up he needs to sleep at the hotel we are almost at the hotel ok” mom asked from the front “yeah yeah I will” Jayden responded his gaze fixed on his book and then Liam aka my triplet brother who is sitting behind Michael started hitting Michael on the head with his pillow that Liam had taken with him Michael woke up not knowing what was going on and then Liam ripped Michaels pillow from under his head “Liam” Michael screamed man am I glad I had my headset on but sadly no music was on at the moment “Michael you made me deaf” Jayden snapped at him “please wait like two more minutes ok kids” mom called back at us. When everything settled down for a while I tapped Adam on the arm cuz I know he could never hear me with his headsets on I have tried it before trust me it did not go well when Adam turned down his volume and asked “what now” and I replied “you now you have the best snacks under your seat” “what kind do you want” is there another pack of gushers?” Adam started searching for them when he came up with a bag. I took it and started eating them and then I heard Michael “can I have a twizzler?” “Fine,” Adam said, giving him a twizzler “could you give us a bag of gummy worms back here?” Ethan asked “Amanda already has sweets” Adam replied “yeah and now they are all in my tummy and hungry for more” I said reaching out my hand to him “so I am guessing you all did not eat at the restaurant like two hours ago?” “just give us the gummies and you can go back to your music” Liam said “kids we are here everyone get everything you will need for this night” dad said getting out of the van and almost falling I took the bag that I had made ready at home and took a charger for my phone and went to wait for the rest ”where are we ”Ethan asked mom “we are in Saskatchewan almost in Alberta” mom told him “ok” “Where is my bag” Troy asked “it is supposed to be under your seats” Jessica his twin replied “ok I found it” when we were all carrying a water bottle we checked into two rooms one room my parents and Troy Michael and Jayden got one room and Me Jessica, Liam, Ethan, Adam got the other room next to my parents room the rooms were split five five our room had two beds Jessica and I got one my triplet brothers got the other and Adam slept on the couch witch was surprisingly comfy when I sat down on it and then Adam told me to get off we all took a shower the only people in our family with phones are Adam and the triplets I kept getting messages from my friends back in Ontario that they missed me I replied to them but blocked them because we would probably not see each other again. After we all took a shower we went to bed Adam and Liam started a pillow fight were Adam was going to sleep the space over there was a bit bigger and Jessica watched a movie on the tv I was just watching youtube video on my phone and Ethan was I guess doing the same because he is lying in the other bed with his phone then someone knocked on our door you know the rooms that have two rooms attached and the rest of our family was in the other room so I opened the door and dad came in and Adam sat down and Liam jumped into bed literally jumped. “Is everything ok in here?” he asked scanning the room “everything is fine dad there is nothing to worry about” I replied “we will be leaving this door unlocked but you can close it” dad continued “deal” Ethan said from his bed as dad walked out I closed the door and layed down “Jessica give me the remote” Adam grumbled from the couch “why do you want it?” Jassica shot back “it is time to go to sleep ok” Adam said in a bit of a better tone “no I want to watch this movie” Jessica replied “I will give you the last pack of mixed pack of gummies” I knew that we were going to stock up on snacks tomorrow morning at the store “ok deal” and Jessica turned off the tv and put the remote on the bedside table “you all ready for the lights to turn off” Ethan called standing by the light switch “yup” Liam answered “yeah” I said and Ethan turned off the light and I could hear him get in bed as you might know by now Liam is the troublemaker in the family and Adam doesn't pay a lot of attention to all of us Jayden loves to read Michael is a sleeper he sleeps a long time Ethan just goes with the flow he usually stays to himself and the twins umm they like to tell our parents if we do something we are not supposed to do and cry if they don't get what they wanted and it gets so annoying you just end up giving them what they wanted that is all of us) I fell asleep thinking of what our new place would be like. The next day I woke up by Jessica shaking me “wake up Adams alarm is going” “ok I am getting up move” and she left Ethan had just left the bathroom and Jessica ran towards it but Liam shoved her and Jessica fell and surprise she did not cry she looked up at Liam where she was still sitting on the floor and grabbed his leg and picked him up and as she stood up he lost his balance and fell on the floor and Jessica ran to the bathroom and then me Adam, and Ethan started laughing and then mom came in “what is going on in here” she said looking at us laughing and Liam lying on the floor rubbing his head “Jessica was done getting pushed around so she made Liam fall” Adam answered for all of us and when Jessica came out Liam went in and then when we got all our stuff together we left and got back in our van sat in our regular seats put out belongings some under our seat and the rest in the back “Amanda remember our deal it is my turn to sit on that side” Liam said oh yeah we switched seats in the back because the side sets are the best to fall asleep so today is my turn in the middle “well this is going to be a long day”. when we got to walmart mom asked “who all wants to come with me” “I do” I called “me to” Jayden said “ok let's go” me and Jayden got out dad had stopped right by the walmarts doors because he is going to fill up the gas tank as we walked in I took a shopping cart and followed mom Jayden looked around to see were the books were of course then he spotted them “mom-” “yes but only one ok” “yes thank you mom” Jayden said excitedly “Amanda do you have your phone with you” mom asked “yes I do and yes I will go with him and can I get a book if I see one that sounds interesting?” I asked “sure” mom replied giving mom the cart me and Jayden walked to the books and I made sure my wifi was connected so I did not have to use my data me and the triplets got ten gagabets and Adam has fifteen mom and dad have unlimited I looked around I have been reading the gone series and up to the book called light as I was watching Jayden a boy about my age ran into me he was carrying three books and they all scattered I bent down and saw that the boy only had a bit of money and it wouldn't be enough and plus he also read the gone series he was holding the third fourth and fifth books of the series “sorry, here” I said taking out my savings out of my pocket “here this should pay for them I said handing him the money but he would not take it “can't take that from you” the boy replied and I put the money on the stack of books “well I made you spill the books so this is the least I can do” “ok If I see you again I’ll find a way to pay you back” “i’m Matthew” He said extending his hand “i’m Amanda” I replied accepting his hand shake and then a man called gruffly from the other Aisle “Matthew are you coming I am waiting” and then he came around the corner and saw me he said in a much quieter voice “who is she” “dad this is Amanda, Amanda this is my dad” “hi” I replied” I am not going to lie he is scary he's tall yellow teeth Matthew and him both had the same tattered clothes “Amanda I found-” Jayden stopped mid sentence and stared at the man when I turned back to Matthew he was gone but I saw him a few aisles away Matthew turned around one more time and mouthed “thank you” and he turned around Matthew had green eyes and dark brown hair and when I thought about it he is cute “Amanda are you there mom is calling hello yes mom we will be right there Amanda mom wants us to help pick snacks” Jayden told me “ok lets go” I said and I saw the book I was looking for and took it with me. Jayden almost ran to the snack aisle mom was waiting and Jayden took a few small bags of chips I got a few trail mixes bags and of course gummies and chocolate and mom had gotten a few vegetables and fruits “mom your phone is ringing” I told her “oh thanks Amanda” my mom said “yes we are on our we to the check out counters” mom said on the phone while pointing to the checkout counter I pushed the cart to the exits with Jayden putting some pop and juice into the cart at the cashier we put everything on the belt and mom paid for them we left the store and went to our van witch is parked in the middle it is using up two parking spaces Troy got out of the van cuz he would be in the way Adam came out to “go in Amanda so that we can fill up the back and work our way to the front” I got in and Adam took all the snacks and gave most to Ethan, Liam and me to put under our seats and his favorites he kept by his seat soon everything was in the vehicle and mom put the cart away and got in “anyone hungary?” dad asked “ME” Troy, Jessica, Michael and Jayden said at the same time “ok timmy's it is all a sandwich and a coffee?” “yup” Adam said and we went and parked and mom and dad left to get the food “did does anyone have the trail mixes Michael who also had to trade seats with Jayden looked under his row and the twins checked “found one pack” Troy said from up front “I found two more” Michael said from in front of me “that is aloof them I have the rest” said “Liam where did you find the gum? we did not get any today” I said looking horrified at him “it is from yesterday I saved it don't worry it was still in the wrapper” Liam replied ''Adam we need another movie we finished Sofia the first” Jessica told him “which one do you want next?” Adam asked “Frozen” Troy replied Adam got there movie going and sat down again “maybe someone should go see if mom and dad need help carrying the drinks” Ethan suggested “you suggested it you can go” Adam told him “ok” and Ethan crawled over the seat to the front and got out after a while they all came out and brought the food we eat while driving Adam had his own coffee me, Ethan and Liam shared a coffee and Jayden, Michael, Troy, and Jessica shared a coffee after a while of driving we found a roadside dumpster and collected all the garbage and left it in the dumpster about an hour later I started getting hungry so I opened a trails mix and ate it “we are in Alberta” mom called to us yeah hoo finally” Liam yelled well this time I was lucky one more day in love was blaring in my ear buds “now about two hours after a while we got to our destination the house is two stories and the outside is white two roman columns in front of the door holding up a balcony “I dibs the biggest room” Adam called we all jumped out and ran to explore when you stepped in through the front double doors there is a big front room on both sides of me are two sets of double doors in front of me are two sets of starways going up stars and between the stairs is a regular single door I went through the doors to my right three couches and a tv and I went to the other door in the living room in there is a big mat and a few toys and tv I ran back to the front room and went into the other double doors a big dining room and another pair of double doors I went in a big kitchen and another door I went through five doors one went outside and another to the front room and ond the washing room one office and one a bathroom “great everyone is picking rooms I better got one to” I mumbled to myself I ran up the stairs the biggest room was claimed by my parents all the boys got a room my triplet brothers share one each their own bed Michael, Troy and Jayden ended up together and Adam got his own they all have a bathroom connected Jessica got a room and there is one room left for me next to my triplet brothers and Jessica the movers had taken all our furnisher before us my bed is in the middle with a tv across from my bed and a writing table and three doors all next to each other one lead into a bathroom the next one was a wardrobe all my clothes are already hung up and the last door lead onto a mini living room a couch a tv and glass doors to go onto a balcony I ran down stairs to the trailer and dad handed me the box labeled Amanda and gave it to me and I walked up because the box is heavy and is valuable I got to my room and opened the box took my laptop out and put it on the writing table and took out all my belongings and put them in place.

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