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( COMPLETED) -full story is already on wattpad- -Slow updates- " i was merged to him, stuck and addicted " In which Ayla Anderson joins her father on a business trip to Los angels and meets one of his handsome and rich business friend- Vince Melbourne, stays at his house for a few days and becomes very close with him. [ Contains mature themes *meaning sex* ]

Romance / Erotica
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Startled by the loud knock on the door, I close my English book with a sigh and fix my glasses that were perched at the end of my nose.

I stand up from the hard chair and stretch my muscles. I've been sitting in that one chair for over an hour studying for the upcoming english final.

And if I fail, I will be 6ft under. Literally.

It's my destination to pass this test and finally take over my fathers company. That's practically the only reason I was born. Naturally, my parents were aiming for a boy because that's how it's always been in the family. The male first born is the next hair to the company, but then a baby with a vagina pops out.

I can even imagine the face of despair on my fathers face and him thinking ' this could destroy the company!' ( please get the reference)

I zombie walk towards the door and open it, to my surprise ( not really) behind the door stands my father in his expensive suit that probably cost more than his SUV.

" father" I move to the side and wait for him to come like he usually does.

" I have no time. But I'm just here to let you know that you will be accompanying me on a business trip in a few days." I internally groan at his words.

If there's anything I hate, it's going on business trips with my dad. He makes me come to his meetings where I'm the only woman there in a room full of old men in the same colored suit.

" oh, where to?" If I could, I would say no along with ' I'm not in the mood' but I know he won't change his mind set.

" Los Angeles. So pack warm clothes" he gives me a forced smile and with that he turned on his heels and strutted away.

Dumbfounded, I stare at his retrieving figure before collecting my set of thought and slamming my door shut. With a sigh, I planted myself on my overly large bed and stare at the blank wall in front of me.

I just can't fucking wait!! ( note the sarcasm)


" Miss Anderson"

Upon hearing my name, I jump out of my chair and nervously walk up to my english teacher.

He stood there, holding to the paper that held my grade. Basically my ticket to life, and I know Very well it could be a B or a C or even an F.

I start to feel dizzy at the mere thought of that.

Finally but surely, I stop at his desk and look at him from under my lashes.

" well done Ms Anderson" he hands me the paper and for some reason it felt very heavy.

I unconsciously start to walk away with the paper held tightly against my chest. I was breathing heavily and I'm afraid that if I looked at my grade right now, I would completely stop breathing and die.

As on cue my phone starts ringing obnoxiously loud causing other students around me to look at me with dirty look. I give them an apologetic smile before pressing the answer button.

" father,what can I help you with" I already knew it would be him calling. He'd told me he would call me today because he wanted to know my grade.

" you know why I'm calling Ayla. Now what did you get?" He ushers. I bite my lip nervously and take a deep breath, it took me all of my strength to flip the paper but once I did, I almost started crying.

" I passed! I got an A!" I squealed blocking out the stares I was getting, this is a very precious moment that needed to be cherished.

I've been waiting for this practically my whole life!

I worked hard, studying, staying home everyday with my face planted on every business book my father could find. It was hell and I don't know what kept me motivated to do so, it's certainly not something I want to do with my life.

I guess my fear towards my father gave me encouragement, although it's not really encouragement. I sort of felt threatened to do good and that says a whole lot about my life.

" good to know. Goodbye" his voice failed to show any emotion as he hung up. He didn't even congratulate me on this big step to my career.

My mood was suddenly destroyed and now all I wanted to do was punch someone in the face- preferably my father- and then cry eating a massive bag of Reese's pieces.

With a sigh, I grabbed my purse and slipped out of the classroom that had become too much for me to handle.

I opened my phone and my best friends contacts were the first thing that popped up.

I sent them a short text calling for a group meet up and they responded shortly after informing me that they were on their way to our hang out spot.

At this point, they were the only ones that made me happy. If it weren't for them being the optimistic, fun people they were- I would probably be depressed and Emo. ( probably not because my father surely wouldn't allow me to " stoop to low" as he liked to call things that didn't meet his standards)

With heavy steps, I walk to my Mini Cooper I got as a birthday present from my father and start my journey to meet with gang.

—— -—- ——

I woke up to the loud shrinking of my alarm. I groaned and slammed my hand against my nightstand to shut it off.

My head pounded and I felt like I was being hit in the head with a hammer a million times over and over again.

I slammed my face on my pillow and brought up my duvet to cover up my face from the bright morning sun that was slipping through the cracks of my window.

I don't quite remember how I got home last night. I got so drunk I didn't even remember my name. And that's actually good cause that meant I didn't know who my father was.

Suddenly my bedroom door was slammed open and many foot steps were heard.

Confused and disturbed, I slowly lift my face from the pillow, squinting my eyes as I do so.

" what the hell" I mutter once I make eye contact with my fathers dull eyes. His face held a scowl and suddenly he was moving towards me.

Oh god

I thought, this possibly couldn't be good. My father NEVER enters my room unless he's here to complain about something.

" so this is what you've been doing? Sleeping past your alarm?" He states bluntly, I stay still afraid to do anything that will piss him off anymore.

" you were supposed to be down 15 minutes ago. And now we're going to be late to our flight!"

My eyes widen and I suddenly come to realize what day it was, Friday.

" what are you waiting for get up! You better be down in 15 minutes" And with that he stormed out leaving me awkwardly laying down on my bed.

Luckily I already packed my bags so now all I needed to do was brush my teeth and change into more appropriate clothes.

Just then, I noticed our maid Elaine, coming out of my closet carrying out my suit cases.

" oh I can do that" I began to get up but it was almost impossible because my head was killing me.

I groaned once I finally stood up. She looked me up and down skeptically, " you're fine Miss Anderson. It's my job, plus you don't look like you're in any shape to carry all of this" she motions Towards the stack of bags and suit cases. Some she was carrying and someone were placed on the floor.

I give an an apologetic smile before deciding that it was best if I got dressed before my father came up here once again.


I ascended down the stairs dressed in a yellow dress with white flowers on it. I put on heels because my father would kill me I wore converse.

My hair was down and after lots of brushing, I finally got it to look less wild.

I met my dad at the bottom of the stairs where he sat on a chair sipping on a cup of coffee.

He didn't even bother to look up once I had made my presence known.

" great you're here. Now let's get going" he stood up, straightened his suit of any wrinkles and walked ahead of me into our drive way- where our limo was parked awaiting.

He let me inside first before he liked to sit at a certain seat. Once I was seated and comfortable, I noticed the built up table and the plate of pancake, bacon, and eggs that awaited for me.

I thanked the angels because I didn't get to eat breakfast and I was extremely hungry. I started to nibble on the piece of bacon, i wanted to moan at the taste but I know my father wouldn't appreciate my horrible manners.

The ride to the airport was quiet and surprisingly comfortable. My father made small talk but he only talked about what's going to happen once we get there and how I'll need to be at all the meetings.

I nodded to let him know i was listening as he went on and on. I tried processed all the information as best as I could.

I can just tell this is going to be so fun- note the sarcasm.


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