Life Changer

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When 21-year-old Charlotte meets Lucas, a 25-year-old who is taking care of his four siblings who were left orphaned after their parents died she is in for the ride of a lifetime. Join her in Life Changer.

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Chapter 1

“Goodbye Charlotte, I hope you don’t find too much trouble for yourself while I am gone,” My oh so loving mother says loading her four suitcases into the car she would be taking to the airport.

“Goodbye Mother see you soon!” I said waving at her already shut tinted door. My mother was a multi-millionaire businesswoman who spent most of the summer traveling, this year she decided to go to Italy without me now that I was 21 and a college graduate.

You see I was her only child and my father had died when I was a baby leaving us with a growing company. My mother took it over right away and made it more successful than ever.

I was supposed to take over the company once I turned 18, however my mother decided to keep the company to herself allowing me to go to college for whatever I wanted. I was the disappointment to my mother, I never could quite get the 4.0 GPA that she wanted me to get or find the perfect boyfriend that she wanted me to date, or even be the cheerleader she wanted me to be.

Instead, I went to college to become a nurse and finally I finished at the age of 21 and I got a job at a pediatric firm. I loved working with children, and I loved helping people, both were things my mother hated.

She allowed me to stay in her mansion simply because she was never here. If she was, I knew I would be kicked out to find my own place, not that I would mind I was never one for the fancy lifestyle. I always preferred to be in a small house with a simple life. When my Father passed he left me with a small fortune just enough to get me through college. The rest of my money I have saved in my savings account I have been keeping from years of part-time and summer jobs. I never wanted to have to rely on my mother for money.

Now at the age of 21, I find that I spend my days working, and sitting at home, reading, or watching movies. I have only had two boyfriends in my entire life, both using me to get to what they believed to be was my inheritance. So since high school, I have stayed away from men and focused on becoming a nurse.

I looked at the time and realized that it was already 8 o’clock! I quickly put on my light pink scrubs and put my naturally long curly brown hair in a high ponytail. I put some mascara to highlight my light green eyes and then grabbed the keys to my car.

I had a black 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander. I needed an SUV to keep up with the changing Vermont weather. I made my way to the doctor's office and was greeted by everyone. I grabbed my charts and called my first patients. The day went by surprisingly quickly and I looked down at my last chart and called the name.

“Kayla Mccarthy?” I say looking down at my chart seeing the date of birth was a five-year-old girl. I look up and I see a boy who is around my age standing up holding a little girl, along with a teenage girl holding a toddler, and one little boy being dragging along.

The boy my age had dirty blonde almost brown hair. He was muscular but it looked like it came from hard labor not from working out, he also had the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. The little girl was a spitting image of him. I try not to let my expression show my thoughts.

“Right this way,” I say, leading the crowd into the small room. I direct the two teenagers to the two seats in the room. They sit down with the boy and the baby on their laps, and the man stands after putting the little girl, who I assume is Kayla, on the bed.

“So what brings you in here today Kayla?” I ask in a kind voice, taking out the head thermometer to take her temperature. This causes chaos to break out. They all start talking at the same time trying to explain the illness. and the symptoms, and when it started. I look at her temperature and see that it reads 103.

“Okay everyone calm down for a second!” I say causing everyone to be quiet.

“Are you her father? I want you to tell me what is going on..” I say just wanting one clear answer. I grab the cuff to take Kayla’s blood pressure.

“I am her brother, my name is Lucas but I am her legal guardian, our parents died a few months ago and Kayla had a cold and we didn’t notice it because we thought it was just a normal cold, but then she started to get this cough and last night she got a fever”. He explained while the other children looked sad.

“How high was her fever last night?” I said writing down how long the symptoms have been there.

“It was only 99.9 but this morning it went up to 100, we have been here all day because we won’t have insurance tomorrow so we wanted to get her in now,” Lucas said holding his little sister in his arms.

“Well it is a good thing you did, now the doctor should be in shortly but it will be a lot easier if there are only two of you in the room. I am done with my shift, what if I took you all back to the waiting room until the doctor is all done, is that okay?” I said asking Lucas.

“Thank you that would be really appreciated, you all be good please, and what is your name?” Lucas said being tired.

“Charlotte”, I said smiling.

“Charlotte” he repeated smiling to himself.

I walked out to the waiting room where I was introduced to them. Emily was the next oldest, she was 14 years old and she had blue eyes just like Lucas but had dark brown hair. Jamie was 6 years old and he had dark brown hair and blue eyes. Finally, I met Lucy who was 1 year old, she had brown hair and blue eyes too.

Emily was telling me all about how her dad was a Lawyer and her mom a stay at home mom and how their parents died in a car crash. They lived in a tiny house, all together and Lucas moved back home to take care of them. I can’t even imagine having to do that.

Finally, Lucas and Kayla came back and told us that Kayla just had bronchitis and needed antibiotics. Dr. Martinez told me I could leave, so I offered to help get them into the car.

“We took the bus,” Lucas said carrying a sleeping Kayla as I carried a sleeping Lucy.

“The bus doesn’t come for another hour! Do you have a car seat for Lucy?” I asked as we made our way to the exit.

“Right here,” Emily said, carrying a really used car seat.

“Then I can drive you to get the antibiotics and home. She should take them as soon as possible to fight the infection. She shouldn’t wait an hour” I said, feeling Kayla’s warm head. Lucas looked at me, his blue eyes gazing into my soul.

“I wouldn’t want to pull you away from anything you need to do” He said, feeling guilty.

“Trust me, after work, I usually go to an empty home. It would be nice to have some company,” I said walking to my car.

I unlocked it and Jamie climbed into the back seat. Lucas just laughed and put a sleeping Kayla into the seat and buckled her in. He then took the car seat from Emily and put it in position. Emily then got settled and I got Lucy fastened up in her car seat.

Lucas then got into the passenger seat and I got into the front and drove to the pharmacy. After we got the medicine it was already 7 o’clock. I drove them to their house and fell in love instantly. It wasn’t much but it looked like a home that a loving family lived in, not a cold lonely mansion.

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