Life Changer

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Chapter 2

“Can Charlotte stay for dinner Lucas?” Emily asked.

“Yes please!!!” Jamie asked, getting all excited.

“I mean you can stay but I don’t have much to cook,” Lucas said rubbing his neck awkwardly.

“That is okay I would love to stay!” I said putting the car in park.

After we got all of the children out of the car and into the house, Lucas left me to put Kayla to bed. I looked around and the house was a mess. There were clothing and toys everywhere, and dirty dishes stacked in the kitchen. I look up to see Lucas coming down the stairs,

“I am sorry about the mess, my mom did all of our laundry so none of us learned how to do it, also I have been too busy to clean”. He said, his cheeks getting pink.

“It is okay. If you want I can teach you to do laundry,” I say, and after 30 seconds of arguing he goes to find a laundry basket. As we pick up the laundry I start a conversation.

“I am really sorry to hear about your parents that must have been hard,” I said as I picked up some dirty clothing.

“Thank you, I had a few weeks to grieve but haven’t fully grasped the fact that I am now a full-time parent,” He said looking at me.

“Did you have to leave college, or a job to take care of them? How old are you anyway?” I asked him.

“I am 25, I had actually just finished law school a year ago. I had a full ride thanks to football. I have a degree in Law just like my dad, and I was working as an intern at a big firm in New York City. I quit and got a job doing construction here at night, once my parents died. I do that so I don’t have to use the extra money for a babysitter during the day, plus it pays well.” He said as we finished picking up all the laundry and made our way to the washer.

“When do you sleep though?” I asked worried about his health.

“I go into work at 10pm and I get out at 4am and I usually get about three hours of sleep, and we take nap times here so that works out to get more sleep.” He says laughing.

“But what about being a lawyer?” I ask. He gets quiet for a minute.

“My dream was to be a lawyer, and make a lot of money so I would never have to worry about bills, or anything once I had a family. But I still have a family to worry about so I have to put that dream on hold until I figure out how to have it all.” He says.

“I am sure your parents had insurance money put away?” I said being hopeful.

“They made it clear in their will that we could only use that money towards our education, which was smart for my siblings but not good for me especially because they have four more months of $600 payments on the house, plus gas and electric bills,” he said separating white and colors.

“I am so sorry Lucas. Your siblings are so lucky to have you.” I said showing him how to turn on the washing machine.

“I am lucky to have them,” He said as he started the washing machine, giving me an excited grin.

After we started the laundry Lucas decided to make mac n cheese in the last clean pot they had, while I started to clean the dishes. By the time the mac n cheese was ready, I had finished cleaning the mountain of dirty dishes and I set the table for Lucas to put food in the bowls.

I also found a frozen bag of peas to add to the mac n cheese to make it somewhat more healthy. We poured six glasses of water and one sippy cup of milk and we called everyone down for dinner. They all sat down and we ate making small talk about our days.

After dinner, it was about 8:30 so we started getting everyone ready for bed. Lucas gave Jamie, and Lucy baths and I gave Kayla her medicine. This house had only three bedrooms and the boys shared one and the girls the other, and Lucas had moved into his parents.

I helped get Kayla into bed and rubbed some vapor rub on her chest to help her breathe. I also tucked Lucy in and made sure she wasn’t too warm knowing tonight was getting to be hot. I also helped braid Emily’s hair so it could be wavy tomorrow because it was Saturday and her friend was having a pool party. After the girls were all in bed I checked in Jamie’s room and saw Lucas saying goodnight to Jamie and turning off the light.

I decided to go downstairs and find bins to throw the toys into just to keep things organized, and it actually looked pretty presentable. Lucas came downstairs and he thanked me for cleaning up. He then sat down on the couch and I joined him.

“Tell me about your family,” He told me.

“I am an only child, and my dad passed when I was a baby. My mom runs Johnston Cosmetics, and is always traveling so I am home alone by myself a lot.” I said playing with my nails.

“Your mom is Katrina Johnston like the millionaire?” Lucas says eyes wide.

“The one and only,” I say my cheeks flushing up.

“And you work as a nurse?” He asks genuinely curious.

“I have always worked to get my own money. Everything in my savings is from my own jobs and my own work.” I say, trying to explain the situation.

“That is very honorable, I like that,” He said looking at me, pushing a strand of hair away from my face. I find myself leaning in closer, and just as our lips are about to touch we hear a whimper come from upstairs.

Lucas quickly snaps out of it and runs up the stairs, me not far behind and we see Kayla sitting up in bed. I feel her forehead and her fever is starting to break.

“Her fever is starting to go down,” I say quietly.

“Hey, baby how are you doing?” Lucas says carrying her into his room so he doesn’t wake up the other two sleeping girls.

“I feel a little better but I don’t want you to leave for work,” She says with tears running down her face.

“I know but I just have one more day until the weekend and then we can all sleep in my bed okay?” He says giving her a kiss on her forehead.

“Can Charlotte stay with me and cuddle until you come back?” She asks, giving him the cutest little blue puppy dog eyes.

“I don’t know Kayla. I am sure Charlotte has plans for tomorrow,” Lucas says, his eyes almost forming a question.

“I can stay and cuddle with Kayla if you want me to, just make sure her fever stays down.” I offered.

“You already have done so much today I couldn’t ask you to stay over and watch them too.,” Lucas said running his hand through his beautiful hair.

“It really is okay, I get lonely at night in my house all alone,” I said truly not wanting to go to my empty mansion right now.

“Okay, but Kayla you have to get some rest okay?” He said, tucking her into his bed.

“Got it,” she said, yawning and shutting her eyes. He looked at his watch and I looked at mine. It was 9:00.

“I am going to get changed for work, do you want some clothing to sleep in?” Lucas asked me looking down at my scrubs I forgot I was wearing. I said yes, and he handed me a t-shirt and sweatpants. I took them and got changed in the bathroom, folding my clothing, and putting it on his dresser.

I then made my way downstairs and went to the kitchen packing some snacks and water for Lucas. He made his way down the stairs and was surprised to see me in the kitchen. I handed him the food, my cheeks burning bright red.

“I am assuming you didn’t get a nap today so you need extra food to fuel your body,” I said handing him the food.

“Thank you for everything, it has been a rough two months and for once it ran smoothly tonight, so thank you,” Lucas said and kissed me on the cheek. He then checked his watch.

“I have to go, I will see you later!” He said leaving the house locking the door behind him.

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