Life Changer

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Chapter 5

The next two weeks Lucas and I spent almost all of our extra time together, which wasn’t a lot. I spent almost every day helping out with homework, or bedtime and every night I slept over waiting for Lucas to come home.

I had never felt so close to anyone and so full of love. I was there when Lucy took her first steps. I was there when Kayla lost her first tooth. It was such an incredible thing to witness.

Lucas and I didn’t talk about our relationship, but we had sex just about everyday. It was now Friday and I had just finished a crazy shift. It was the last day of school for the kids and it was Emily’s graduation from 8th grade,and Kayla’s graduation from pre k. The Pre-K graduation happened first, then the 8th grade graduation.

I drove over to Lucas’s house and as I walked through the door mass chaos was happening. Jamie was asking for help with his tie. Lucy was screaming and crying, Kayla was covered in apple juice on her graduation dress, and Lucas was trying to curl Emily’s hair and failing miserably.

“Hey guys! What is going on?” I asked, putting my purse down. Lucas looked relieved to see me.

“All hell broke loose ten minutes ago,” he said. I took the curling iron from him and started to fix Emily’s hair.

“Kayla has that other new dress in the closet she can wear, Jamie, Lucas will tie your tie in a few minutes, go and get Lucy her binkie, ” I bossed everyone around and surprisingly they listened.

I started to curl Emily’s brown hair and helped her pick out a beautiful light pink dress which was tight up top, but flared at the waist. Lucas helped Jamie tie his tie and had changed Kayla.

I put Kayla’s light brown hair into a pony tail, it was so long it ran down her back still. I also added a blue bow to match her dress.

“No juice,” I said to her, handing her water instead. I changed Lucy’s diaper and put her into a white dress with flowers and put her hair half up, because it wasn’t quite long enough to put it all up.

“Emily, we have to change, you are in charge!” Lucas said before grabbing my hand and bringing me to his room. I had moved alot of my clothing here after Lucas insisted, so I had outfits to choose from. Once Lucas closed the door he took a shaky breath.

“Thank you. Today has been really hard,” he said sitting down with his head in his hands. I sat next to him and wrapped him in a hug.

“I know. I am sorry,” I said kissing his cheek. I knew this was difficult not having his parents around for. He had told me stories of how much they loved their children and how they would make events like this an entire celebration.

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us,” he said, pulling me into his lap and giving me a hug.

“Let’s go on a date,” he said and I smiled up at him.

“When would we do that?” I asked him laughing.

“Tomorrow night,” he said and I looked up at him.

“Okay,” I said, giving him a smile.

“Okay. Let’s go get ready,” he said before giving me a kiss.

I let my curly hair down, and I left my makeup the way it was from work. I grabbed a maroon red dress white white polka dots. It was short sleeved and it was tight around the top and flowy to mid thigh. I threw on some nude heels and gold jewelry and I was ready to go.

Lucas had put on black dress pants, and a light blue dress shirt. He had styled his hair up and looked very attractive. He pulled me into a kiss and then he smiled at me.

“Are you ready?” He asked me. I nodded my head and we walked downstairs. We loaded everyone into my car and Lucas insisted on driving. We first dropped off Emily for her rehearsal, and then we drove to Kayla’s preschool and Lucas parked the car.

“I am going to drop her off at her class, the ceremony is in the back, can you find a spot on the lawn?” Lucas asked me, and I nodded my head yes. I grabbed my purse and gave Kayla a hug.

“Good luck and make sure to smile!” I said.

“Cheer extra loud for me,” she said before taking Lucas’s hand. I picked up Lucy and grabbed her diaper bag and I helped Jamie crawl out of the back.

“Did you bring it?” Jamie whispered in my ear. I opened up my purse showing his ipod. They both cheered in excitement and I locked my car, and I took Jamie’s hand. We all headed to the back and there were parents already here.

We found a good spot and took a seat where we could still see the chairs. I gave Jamie his ipod and he sat on the left of me playing it right away. I sat Lucy in my lap and she played with my hands.

I looked around and I could see parents staring at me, and glaring at me. The youngest parent I could see was someone who was in their early 30s probably, which was 10 years older than me. I ignored all of their stares and I saw Lucas walking towards me.

He was smiling and his blue eyes were shining in the sun. He looked over at us and waved at Lucy and she giggled and waved at him. He was stopped by one of the 30 year old Mom’s who had long dark brown hair and looked like she got a bad batch of botox.

A lady with short blonde hair and a tight black dress stood in front of me blocking my view. She looked to be in her early 40s and honestly she seemed like a bitch.

“I was wondering when we would meet the mother,” she said. I stood up still holding Lucy. I looked back to check on Jamie who was happily playing his game, and looked at her.

“I’m sorry?” I said brushing my hair behind my ear.

“We all just figured Lucas’s girlfriend had abandoned the baby once she was born. Now we can see there is actually a mother. And you have two other children,” she said, clearly judging me.

“I-” I tried to defend myself but she interrupted me.

“How old are you? You can’t be older than 25 so that made you a teen mom right?” she said, judging me as she looked me up and down.

“Actually she is 21 and we also have a 6 year old so you can do the math on that one,” Lucas said, wrapping an arm around me. She glared at me and walked away.

“Do you deal with this every day?” I asked him and he nodded his head.

“They either hit on me, or judge me. There is never anything in between,” He said taking Lucy from me when she raised her arms up to him.

We both sat down as we heard the music start and once we saw Kayla come out she waved to us excitedly and we cheered for her. The ceremony was cute, filled with five year olds singing songs, then getting their “diploma” after the ceremony was done Kayla came running over to us.

“I did it!” she said. Lucas was still holding Lucy so I picked her up and gave her a huge hug.

“You did awesome Kay,” I said as she hugged me tightly. I held her towards Lucas so she could hug him. I then put her down so she could hug Jamie.

“Okay we have to go for Emily’s graduation,” Lucas said looking at the time. I picked up Kayla and I grabbed Jamie’s hand. We headed towards the car when the lady who had stopped Lucas before stopped him again.

“Well, look at the happy family. I think this is the first time we have ever seen you all together,” she said glaring at me, making sure I knew she was talking about me.

“Rose, enjoy your night,” Lucas said as he tried to walk past her but she continued.

“I figured Lucas was a single father with the lack of... companionship during pickups,” She said looking me up and down.

“I work full time as a nurse. Lucas picks up the kids during the day, and I cook dinner and watch them at night,” I said, giving her a sickly sweet smile. I wanted to stand by Lucas and not let him be bullied by middle aged women.

“All I have to say is that I am so happy we started young, so we won’t be old and tired as our children grow,” Lucas said, giving me a quick kiss.

“Bye Rose. It was a pleasure to meet you,” I said before walking away with Lucas.

I put Kayla in her booster seat, and Lucas got Lucy in her carseat. We started to drive to middle school and I looked at Lucas.

“I am sorry that you had to deal with that all the time,” I said grabbing his hand and giving him a smile.

“It was more tolerable with you there,” he said, running his fingers over mine. We got to the ceremony and we were ushered to three seats. I sat down with Lucy on my lap, and Kayla got on Lucas’s lap. We waited through the hundreds of students who were graduating and finally it was Emily’s turn.

We cheered, took pictures and then after a half an hour it was over. We all hugged Emily and took loads of pictures. We all then went out for dinner and ice cream. We then had a movie night and we all decided to have a sleepover in the living room. We laid down sleeping bags and we all found a position.

Emily claimed the one side, and Kayla wanted to sleep with her. Jamie wanted to sleep next to Kayla and next to me, and Lucy had fallen asleep on the couch, which left Lucas next to me. Lucas and I laid on top of the sleeping bag and laid a blanket on top of us.

“Today ended up being a good day,” Lucas said as we faced each other.

“It was a good day,” I said smiling at him.

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