Life Changer

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Chapter 6

The next day was when Lucas and I were supposed to go on our date. Emily had agreed to babysit the entire night. Today was also the day my period decided to show up. I looked down at my bloody underwear in the middle of the restaurant bathroom. I opened up my purse digging around for a tampon and I couldn’t find any.

Lucas and I had enjoyed a nice dinner and I felt like I had to pee before we left and this is what I was met with. I was wearing a black dress luckily. I wrapped some toilet paper on my underwear and hoped that we could stop to get a tampon.

I left the bathroom and Lucas was waiting for me at the door.

“Ready to go,” he said, opening up the door for me.

“Can we make a pit stop,” I said to him, my cheeks red.

“Sure where do you want to go?” He asked as we got into my car.

“I got my period,” I said my cheeks flaming red.

“Oh. Yeah we can stop at the store,” He said, his cheeks slightly pink.

“I am sorry, I know this puts a damper on things,” I said instantly feeling bad that I ruined the night.

“Don’t apologize for things you can’t control,” He said grabbing my hand and kissing it.

We stopped at CVS and we grabbed some tampons, a heating pad and lots of chocolate. Lucas said he was going to bring me to see a movie but we instead decided to do a movie night at home.

We got home got changed into comfortable clothing, and I got my heating pad for my cramps. We cuddled up and enjoyed each other’s company.

“Charlotte, would you officially be my girlfriend?” Lucas asked me while cuddling.

“Of Course,” I said, giving him a kiss. June 27th would be our anniversary and I loved it.

The weeks came and they went and things had gotten even more serious. We decided to send the kids to sleep away camp and weeks of begging. Emily had been offered a CIT position and Jamie and Kayla wanted to go with their friends.

Lucas was $600 short to send them, and I offered to pay for it. We had a slight argument about it, but I got him to agree because I made the point that all I paid for was groceries, and that the $600 was less than half of the price to send them for the entire month of August.

It was hard dropping them off but it was also nice to only have to worry about Lucy. The same day we dropped the children off Lucas got a call. He had gotten out of the car to take it and once he got back in he sounded very excited.

“I got a job,” he said and we celebrated together. He had been applying to a law firm which was a few minutes away from our house and he had gotten the job. It was $90,000 starting salary with full health benefits.

“This is so exciting!” I said, completely happy for him.

“The only problem is the hours. It would be for the first few months shifts from 7 to as late as 8pm. Just until I get promoted,” he said sounding stressed.

“Now is the perfect time while the kids are at summer camp,” I said trying to reassure him.

“How about Lucy?” He said and I looked back at her happily babbling.

“We can get her in daycare,” I said.

“I don’t know, my Mom didn’t have any of us in daycare. The only reason I enrolled Kayla was after our parents died so she could experience something normal,” Lucas said looking at Lucy.

“I could go part time and watch her,” I offered.

“I couldn’t ask you to do that,” He said looking at me.

“It could be me paying my dues for free rent. I could work 8-12 and then pick up Lucy from daycare,” I said.

“Okay, this could work,” he said excitedly. And we made it work. Right away Lucy was enrolled in daycare and I went to part time. It was exciting watching Lucy grow and she was starting to talk, and run.

Lucas was so busy that by the time he got home he fell asleep after eating dinner and showering. The only time we got together was the weekends which we enjoyed having sex, and watching movies.

A week before we were supposed to pick up the kids from camp Lucy got the stomach bug. It was a horrible 24 hours where we went through so much clothing that she ended up just wearing a diaper. Lucas couldn’t help because he had to work overtime and was in the office for almost 18 hours working on a case.

I thought everything was fine until Friday I got the stomach bug too. I was making Lucy dinner when I started to feel queasy. After I gave her her food I threw up. Once I threw up once everything started to come out of both ends.

I had to stop and pry myself off of the toilet to get her to bed and clean her up. I then needed to puke again so I ran back to the bathroom. That was where Lucas found me.

“Oh no, the stomach bug?” he asked me.

“The stomach bug,” I said, throwing up again. He ran over to rub my back but I shooed him away.

“I don’t want you to get sick or see this,” I said. He took off his tie and he unbuttoned his shirt.

“I don’t care if I get sick, you took care of my sister, now I want to take care of you,” he said rubbing my back.

“I am the nurse here,” I said before throwing up again. We stayed up all night together talking about his job, and him helping me when I felt really sick. In the morning I had finally run out of stuff to throw up and I decided to take a shower.

Lucas got in with me and helped me wash myself. We then got into bed and cuddled all day long. On Sunday I felt so much better and I had more energy. Lucas and I decided to watch a movie which led to us doing other naughty stuff.

A week flew by and we had picked up the kids from camp. They had so much fun but were excited to be home. Emily had cut her hair to her shoulders and had somehow gotten one of the counselors to give her highlights in her hair.

Jamie had gone to robotics camp and made a cool robotic dog which was connected to some app he designed. And Kayla had become a painter in her time away designing many different paintings, for a five year old.

School was starting in a week so we decided to go shopping for supplies. The kids were disappointed to not have Lucas around as much, but when they realized I was now part time they were more than happy.

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