Life Changer

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Chapter 9

We spent the next few weeks trying to plan everything out. Lucas had been working hard and it finally paid off. He had been promoted to an actual lawyer and he would not only be working 40 hours a week, a typical 9-5 job.

He had also gotten a 20,000 bonus pay raise, which was a huge help. Lucas added me under his insurance because his was better than mine, and I decided to keep working until I was 8 months pregnant then I would go on maternity leave.

We had also started to find ways to fit everyone in the house. It wasn’t looking very good. I had tried to think of every possible solution, but the only one I could think of was splitting Jamie’s room with a divider and giving Emily the other half. Then Kayla and Lucy would share the other room and the baby would stay with us.

This was an awful plan and it wasn’t going to work out long term but for now, it was all we could think of. So we bought a toddler bed for Lucy and then we put the crib in the basement for the baby later.

Lucas had bought a divider and set it up in Lucas’s room and then it was time to move furniture around. We decided to move to Emily’s bed. I went to pick up the twin mattress when Lucas stopped me.

“What do you think you are doing?” he asked me, taking the mattress from my arms.

“I am helping,” I said. He brought me to Kayla’s bed and sat me down.

“I don’t want you to hurt the baby,” he said.

“Light lifting won’t hurt the baby,” I said standing up.

“Okay so go lift the new sheets we got for all of the beds,” he said, giving me a look. I groaned but I went downstairs to get the bags. I carried them up and put them on the new beds.

I started to feel really exhausted so I decided to take a nap. I was woken up by two little beings jumping on the bed. I looked up and Kayla and Jamie were collapsing next to me.

“Lucas wanted us to wake you,” Jamie said, giving me a cute smile.

“Oh really?” I said, starting to tickle them as they laughed. Lucas walked in carrying Lucy and he smiled at all of us.

“I told you two to wake her up!” he said laughing.

“We did!” Kayla said looking up at me. Lucas put Lucy on the bed and she started to crawl around while giggling. Lucas then started to tickle them too as they squealed. We all finally relaxed and we sat together.

“So we have to tell you something important,” Lucas said looking at Kayla and Jamie.

“What is it?” Kayla asked, shrugging her shoulders.

“Charlotte and I are having a baby,” Lucas said.

“Like Lucy?” Jamie said excitedly.

“Yes, like Lucy,” I said smiling down at them.

“Then where is the baby?” Kayla asked me.

“It is in Charlotte’s belly,” Lucas said.

“Is she keeping the baby safe?” Jamie asked, looking at my belly.

“Yes, I am keeping the baby safe while the baby grows,” I said to them.

“Can we hear it?” Kayla asked me.

“Sure,” I said knowing they wouldn’t be able to hear the baby. They both put their little heads to my stomach and talked to the baby.

“So is the baby going to be our new baby brother or sister?” Kayla asked. Lucas and I looked at each other.

“Well because I am your brother and I will be the baby’s father it would be your niece or nephew,” Lucas said and Kayla and Jamie frowned.

“How come the baby gets a father and we don’t?” Jamie asked.

“You had a father,” Lucas said, trying to calm them down.

“I don’t anymore. Why can’t I get another one?” Jamie asked.

“You know I will always be a father figure to you,” Lucas said to Jamie.

“Can you be our father too?” Kayla asked, and Lucas looked up at me.

“If that is what you want, then I can,” Lucas said to them.

“It is,” Jamie said, jumping up and down.

“So we can call you Dad?” Kayla asked looking up at us.

“Yes you can,” Lucas said smiling down at them.

“Do we get to call Charlie Mom?” Jamie asked sitting in my lap. I looked up at Lucas and he smiled at me.

“Yes, you can. If you want to,” he said, looking at them and they both nodded their heads. Emily poked her head in and jumped on the bed.

“You are having family time without me?” She asked laughing.

“We had a second Mom and Dad aren’t we lucky!” Jamie said to Emily. Emily looked sad but Lucas gave her a side hug.

“We truly are lucky,” she said smiling at us all.

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