Mafia Bride

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Aria's father died when she was young an arranged marriage was planned to ensure her safety. Her family had been part of the mafia since before her father was born, and she was left unprotected with him dead. She agrees to the marriage but a few months before she is to be married, she sneaks out and ends up getting knocked up by no one other than her future husband.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

It was the day of my 21 birthday which means that in three months I would be getting married. My mother had explained how the mafia works to me as best as she could, I understood what she was saying but was still in disbelief that my father was a mafia lord.

I had lived an isolated life after my father died, and my mom decided to homeschool me. She said it was for my own safety. I didn’t remember much about my father, only that on my fifth birthday we held his funeral.

I had desperately longed to live a normal life. Instead of birthday parties, I had funerals for my father’s past employees. Instead of college and going to school for nursing or teaching, I had mafia training. I never had a boyfriend, I never even had a close friend.

However, deciding to rebel I would go out this evening and celebrate turning 21.

These past few months had been spent making wedding plans for a wedding I didn’t even want. I understand the importance of this marriage for both mine and my mom's safety but it still didn’t mean that I wanted to get married.

This marriage not only signified that we were protected, but it also gave the Malfitano’s all of the power we once had, making them a target and extremely powerful.

I waited until my mother left to go to dinner with the mafia wives and I snuck downstairs and called a cab.

I finally made it to the club, and I went straight to the bar and asked for something that would make me drunk. I know that I sounded foolish, but I had never been allowed to drink and wouldn’t even know what to ask for.

I ended up being handed this iced tea with like five different liquors in it. I drank four of them quickly, then I was approached by a handsome man.

He was very tall and broad, I could see his muscles through his suit. His hair was dark and ruffled like he had been running his hands through it, and his eyes were dull yet a breathtaking blue. His jaw bone was sharp and his features strong. He looked at me and smirked.

“Can I buy you another drink?” He asked me. I noticed he had a slight accent and felt myself blush. I just smiled and said sure. I had never flirted with a man before, and it was making my heart pound in anticipation, and slight fear if my soon to be husband found out.

“Would you like to go to my hotel upstairs? It is quieter?” He asked me as I finished my fifth drink. My head was dizzy and I said yes. As we got into his room he pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. This was my first kiss, and it was so much better than expected, I never thought a kiss could have so much heat. That was the last thing I remembered.

When I woke up I was no longer drunk and I had a huge headache. I looked down and noticed that I was alone and naked. I went to stand up, and I realized I was sore down there.

“Crap!” I said to myself feeling dizzy, and my heart was pounding. My fiancé would kill me if he ever found out about this. As I got dressed I prayed I didn’t have to see the man from the night before ever again and rushed home before anyone noticed that I was gone.

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