The Taylor Boy's

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Addy has grown up surrounded by boys her entire life. She grew up with her brother and father and she grew up with the Taylor Boys. The Taylor Boys lived two houses down and they had done everything together. As they got older feelings started to grow. Join Addy as she tried to navigate the summer before her Freshman year of college.

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Chapter 1

When I was five, my parents got divorced, at first it was confusing, but as time went on I grew to understand it as best as a 5-year-old could. When I was 8 my dad had to move across the country, leaving my older brother Tyler and I to live with our Mom. I saw him for one week a year, and that was how it was. We weren’t old enough to complain and we looked forward to the little “vacation” that came along with visiting.

When I was ten my mother was hit by a drunk driver and was instantly killed. I thought the divorce was bad, but this was the worst moment of my life. One minute she was here, the next she was gone. Neither of my parents had any siblings or living parents, so the only option was to live with my dad.

Before I knew it, I was shipped across the country to go start a new life in California with my Dad raising us. That is where I met the Taylor boys, who lived two doors down.

There were three of them and they all couldn’t be more different from each other, their names were Kian, Lucas, and Reed.

Kian was the oldest, he was 14 at the time and the same age as my older brother. Kian had light brown hair and blue eyes. By the time he turned 18 he was already 6’4. He was very smart and very quiet.

Then there was Lucas who was 12. Lucas was the boy every parent dreamed of having. He got straight A’s and was extremely athletic. Lucas had brown hair, and bluish grey eyes. He was also tall being 6’2 by the time he was 18.

Finally there was Reed, who was the same age as me (older by two days if you ask Reed) he quickly became my best friend. He was the same height as Lucas now (even though Lucas swears he is an inch taller). If you looked at Reed and Lucas next to each other you would never guess they were related. In comparison to Lucas’s light brown hair and blue eyes, Reed had light brown almost blonde hair, and bright brown eyes. Reed also was too busy flirting with girls, or playing football to bother studying.

My brother and I were used to the Vermont cold winters and warmer summers, so it was a nice difference to have California’s all year warm weather. The first few years were a rough transition for me. I was growing up with all boys and the only woman I had to influence my life was Mrs. Taylor. I had no one to talk about boys too, or do girly things with. I ended up putting most of my effort into hanging out with Reed, and watching the older boys surf.

Once Reed and I turned 13, he decided to take up surfing too and I decided to take up drawing. It was the one thing that I could actually commit to. I had tried soccer, lacrosse, and surfing and I was not very good at any of them. I did run in my free time to keep in shape, but other than that I wasn’t very athletic. I was about 5’5 and I had wavy brown hair, and green eyes.

Mr. Taylor was a successful business owner. His company sold computers, and other electronics. Mrs.Taylor didn’t have to work, but she decided to take control of a beach which was right down the road from our houses. This was all of our summer jobs. There were two people in the snack shack, one person lifeguarding, and two people running a boat rental where you could rent boats for the day.

Reed and I had just turned 18 and graduated from high school. I had gotten a scholarship to a local state college for nursing, and Reed had gotten accepted to a school in Arizona to play lacrosse. Kian and my brother were 22 years old and both had graduated from NYU, and were coming back today. Lucas just finished his second year at none other than Stanford and came back yesterday. We were all scheduled to work tomorrow.

I was broken from my thoughts from a water balloon hitting the window.

“Addy!” I hear Reed scream. I open up my window and see Reed with his million dollar smile. I smile back and wave to him.

“Jerk! You scared me!” I said sticking my tongue out at him. He didn’t respond but instead threw a water balloon hitting me in my face.

“You are so dead!” I screamed running down the stairs and opening up the door. I ran towards Reed, and as we reached his house, I grabbed a hose and sprayed him straight in the face.

“Hey! Not fair!” He said holding his hands up trying to shield himself from the water. He finally reached and grabbed me, turning the hose towards me, soaking me in the process.

“Reed!!!” I said screaming from the cold water hitting my body. I finally dropped the hose, and put up my hands.

“White flag!” I said calling a truce.

“Want to help me wash my car?” Reed said, giving me his signature smirk that most girls fall for. I just rolled my eyes.

“Sure, might as well now that I am soaking wet” I said shrugging my shoulders, throwing a wet sponge at him.

We walked over to Reed’s old mustang. When he turned 16 his parents told him they would buy him any car that he wanted, so he got a mustang convertible. His brothers also had nice cars Kian a jeep, and Lucas a truck.

They were extremely lucky as my brother and I had to share an old pontiac. Not that I minded, because Reed ended up driving me most of the time anyway.

We started washing his car, and just as we were putting soap on it, a familiar red truck pulled into the driveway blasting country music. He parked and got out of the truck.

“Can you do mine next?” Lucas asked, giving his signature smile, which would have you falling at his feet agreeing to do anything he wants.

“In your dreams!” I said sticking my tongue out at Lucas.

Lucas and I had spent almost as much time as I did with Reed. I had the biggest crush on him for as long as I could remember. He was very charming and always knew just what to say to have me giggling like a schoolgirl. This past year without him here had been torture, but he had came back from school last week and I have seen him every day since. He gave us a short wave before heading inside.

When we had finished washing Reed’s car it was almost two. At four both our families were going to meet Kian, and Tyler at the airport. Every summer Tyler came back from school to visit, but the past four years Kian had spent almost all of his time in New York so I haven’t seen him in a long time.

I said goodbye to Reed and went inside to take a shower. After that I put product in my hair, and got dressed. I decided on high waisted shorts, with an off the shoulder white top and some brown sandals. I walked downstairs and saw my dad.

My dad and I have become closer over the years , but I could tell he never knew exactly what to say to me. He was much closer with Tyler because he had spent more time with him before he moved away. I also was a girl, which was a whole other problem he didn’t know how to deal with.

When I first got my period he frantically called Mrs Taylor asking her to buy me stuff to “fix it”, the same thing happened with ‘the talk’, and when I had to start buying bras, which luckily wasn’t needed until the end of seventh grade.

He gave me a smile and asked if I was ready to go, and I shook my head yes. Reed had walked over to ride with us, knowing the ride would be so much more enjoyable if we rode together. He was in khaki shorts, and a blue shirt. We hopped into my dad’s Pilot and we drove to the airport with the three of us making small chat.

Once we got there we instantly saw Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and Lucas. They waved at us and we gave small hugs. We then looked up and we saw Tyler coming through the gate, he had grown out his brown hair slightly and his green eyes which matched mine sparkle once he saw me. I ran up to him and gave him a hug, which he quickly returned. Everyone else greeted him giving hugs, and congratulations.

Then I looked and saw Kian walking through the gate, and boy had he become more attractive. He had already been ripped, spending most of his time surfboarding but now he had muscles you could see through his shirt. His light brown hair had become slightly darker from being in the cold, but his eyes were as blue as ever and his smile made him even more attractive. He also was taller than I had remembered.

“Yo! Dude!” I broke out of my day dream to see Reed and Lucas greeting their older brother.

“Hey!” I said giving him a wave laughing at their mini family reunion.

“Addy is that you? I could barely recognize you?” He said giving me a hug. It was true I blossomed quite nicely the past few years. I had finally gotten curves and boobs, no that it mattered to any of them since they all saw me as a little sister.

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