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I thought she was the same as every other girl at this prestigious boarding school, nothing to her but rich and vanity. Her nose so far up in the sky that she could never even notice someone like me, a poor scholarship kid who got lucky to attend a school only for the rich and about to be famous, not that I was complaining. I rather spend the last 2 years of sixth form away from their petty dramas, get my grades and attend university if I could afford it and leave all of this behind me. But I don’t know whether was I lucky or unlucky. I accidently ran into her sneaking out of her dorm one night at a ridiculous hours to god knows where and coming back just before dawn, all scruffy and bruised. “I was just getting some water please don’t hurt me.” I said with my hands raised.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

“I welcome all of our lower sixth to a newly fresh page of your educational journey.” Headmaster Walters said into the mic attached to that gold plated bird on the podium in front of the sixth form student body. “I am sure you all did very well in your GCSEs to acquire a place here at King Henry school.” Or they just paid enough to. Unlike everyone here, I, Joshua Thomas Anderson did not come from a wealthy family like most of the kids here. I do not have a rich daddy or mummy to buy me anything, in fact I am an orphan. I know nothing of my past except for the name I was given by my parents as it was written on a piece of paper in the basket when Sam found me at the doorstep of her orphanage.

“Hi I am David,” the kid next to me whispered. “You’re a new kid aren’t you?”

“Yea, I am Josh.” I replied in a hush tone like his.

“Have they allocated you to a house yet?”

I shook my head, this pretentious school has houses? Jesus, if it wasn’t the constant nagging from Sam I would had never came here. “You’re a bright boy Josh, and this is an immaculate chance for you to get somewhere in life, you’re not going to throw away this chance are you? What would you know maybe the connection you make will help you in the future and get you a better job than you ever could in this shithole.” Her words haunting me. What is so bad about that area? Like yes, we have our fair share of crimes over that side of town, but it wasn’t that bad was it? Like there was always that 1 or 2 kids who left the orphanage that didn’t become criminals. They aren’t exactly comfortable with their minimum wage job because none of us was given a chance of a proper education that could enable better job opportunities, but they are happy I think.

“All new students who recently joined KHS please make your way to the library where the librarian Mrs Thompson will sort all the admin with you. And the rest of you please return to your house, I am sure you have lots to unpack and settle into your newly refurbished dormitories. Supper will be served at 6 pm sharp in the dinning hall. All are expected to sit in their respected houses tonight.”

“I just love induction day.” Said David rolling his eyes. “Like why do I have to be back a day early if lesson isn’t even going to start.”

“Shut up fam.” A boy with a thick north London accent who look like he just walked out of those magazine the girls at the orphanage religiously looked at said. “At least we get to see the girls. Like look at Charlotte Johnsons’ legs. OOFF” and he shot a wink at to a pale ginger head, I assume that was Charlotte. "Looking delicious girl" he hollered which is borderline sexual harassment.

“Ignore Greg.” David said. “Anyway, if you walk out that door and follow the path you will see the chapel. And that is when you know you went too far up. The library is on your left through the big massive wooden doors. Quite hard to miss. Good luck new kid. Hope your not in with the Bridewells.”

Before I could even say thanks or ask what bridewell was, he walked out the glass door out of the assembly hall with Greg.

I followed David’s description and found my way to the library. Just like every other new kids there too, I was in shocked of the library. It was a good mixture between modern and antique, you could clearly see the building that was centuries old with its holy stained glass with Jesus reaching for something in the sky or some shit, cobblestone arch and walls attached to a newer more well-lit building at the back with floor to ceiling windows. If I didn’t know any better I would had thought I stepped foot into Hogwarts or something. I followed all the students who seemingly know where they were going to the new part of the building and took a seat on one of the benches.

“This building was open in the name of the founder of our school King Henry the IV.” Said the blonde lady with bright red lipstick on her chapped lips. “I am Mrs Thompson, and here are your student ID cards. Simply just tap on the readers located at each doors to unlock it. Do not lend your cards to a friend or open doors for none school personal. And please alert a member of staff if you someone suspicious on school grounds.”

When mine was handed to me I couldn’t even recognise myself in the picture. It definitely wasn’t a bad picture of me, I look quite handsome actually with my jet black hair style into this ‘4/6 bang’ hair style revealing the right side of my forehead neatly, and my determine eyes gwaking back at me like he had always was one of them. Those who could spend a fortune at the hair dresser to make him look like he never worked a day in life and owns a fabulous wealth.

‘Joshua Thomas Anderson’ written in bold black letters next to the picture on top of the blue school crest water mark. It felt so surreal, I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. I am here, a member of the KHS student body, wearing their smart grey uniform.

“Those of you with the blue card please make your way to Mr Miller, him and his wife Mrs Miller are the house master and mister of the Tudor house. And those of you with Red coloured cards, please make your way to Mr and Mrs Jenkinson, you are in bridewell house.” Mrs Thompson announced.

I guess I am in the same house as David and Greg.

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