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I sat at my cubicle mentally keeping note of things I might have missed or forgot to pack. My box was on the table top and I occasionally threw stuff one by one from the drawers in to the box. I rolled my engangment ring absent mindedly . It was a little big for me and the diamond keeps rolling the other way around . I looked inside the box and saw my mug, my small cactus, books, framed photos of my parents.. I hope I won't leave any personal items behind. Today is my last day at Northons after my two weeks notice. Those two weeks flew by and here I am packing and finilizing any unfinished work. The day I came to office from the reatrat, everything changed, I changed! I worked for about a month untill I figured out what to do, once I made my decesion, I walked straight to the manager's office and handed my resignation and thanked him for giving me the opportunity to work for them. Once everyone found out that I was quitting, the whole office erupted in a massive gossip . Most say that I'm resigning because of Sam. Rumors kept spreading around, as for me I couldn't care less. I'm at the start of a new chapter in my life and deeply and madly in love. My cubicle knocked and I jerked back from my deep thought. Jess was standing over my cubicle and looking at me, smiling.

"hey Jess, what's up!"

"hey, I just want properly say good bye and.... I just wish we could have spent more time together, now that you will be gone.. I realized that i should have got to know you better. For what's worth you were a great colleague and it will be awful without you around. "

I smiled and teased " are you done! "

" nope, one more thing.. Take me with you " she said and clasp her hand begging.

I smiled" I promise we will keep intouch, besides you got Cathy, she would be lost without you. " she rolled her eyes and we both giggled. Right then the door opened and Sam appeared looking casual with his black v neck sweater rolled up and faded blue jeans. I could feel my heart warm up with the sight of him and I can't help but smile.He smiled when he notice i was staring as always. He was now standing over me, we were both smiling and staring at each other. Jess cleared her throat and we both looked at her.

"you guys are so cute! It's like you're made for each other. I'm gonna get back to work now." she said and gave me a small waive. I waived back and mouthed bye, smiling. I promised my self to call her and get together sometimes.

"so are you all done with the packing?" he said and lift the box up

"yap, that's all I have" I got up from my seat and we walked to the exit. I could feel Cathy's and Lena's watching as we walked out. We reached at his car and he placed the box in the car while I stood and waited. He turn to face me and said

"how was your last day? Did you have fun?"

I nodded and slid my hand under his arm and hold him. He smiled and place a kiss on my forehead. I looked up and saw Ilene and lena looking at us through the office window.

I raised my eyebrow and said

"looks like we have an audience" and rolled my eyes to the window. He stood closer and said

"then let's give them a show to remember." and wrapped his arms around my waist and start to kiss me. A slow and sensual kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. He pulled away and said

"how is that for a show?"

"hmm.. it will do!" I teased. We both smiled, got inside the car and drove off.

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